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Tobi Kehinde HS Tech 03/06/2012 Reflection on Venezuela and their language I speak English. It is my first and only language and I love to write and speak in it at all times. Being Nigerian, our family’s language is English, so we speak it at home. Luckily for me as well, I attend an English school, so basically I speak it all the time. I feel like my writing skills are just as good as my speaking skills, because I read things every day, like books, newspaper articles, and more. Even though my English is well, I still face a huge problem communicating with most others, due to the fact that I live in Venezuela, which is a Spanish-speaking country. I’ve been living here three years and have not made any great progress whatsoever! When I’m out of my house, I face dilemmas in buying groceries, talking to people I just met, and the list goes on. Don’t you just hate it when you have something in your head but you don’t know how to say it right? THAT’S HOW I FEEL EVERY TIME!!!! For example, there are many times in Spanish class in which the teacher asks me a question, and it’s either: a) I don’t know what it means or b) I don’t know how to say my answer. Of course b) is solved by speaking my language, but then the teacher always annoyingly interrupts, “Espanol, Tobi, Espanol!” Don’t get me wrong, I love living in this country, and I love the quality of life here, but some things like communication are bringing my experiences here down! Sometimes I’m even made fun of! I mean I don’t know at first, but then later I learn later from like one of my friends that people were talking behind my back. Man, some things just suck about not being able to speak the language, but I’m able to keep myself in check and move on.

Reflection on Venezuela and the spanish language