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Tobi Kehinde (corrected by Arturo) HS Technology 01/09/2012 One on One I enjoyed most of my winter holiday, but one event sticks out the most. Before it happened, I slacked off in my house for a week, so I was out of shape. One day, I decided to go to the basketball court and practice in order to work out, so I grabbed a bottle of water and a ball then headed off. My walk there was very quiet, going by the occasional car or person. When I got there, I saw two little girls on a swing, a boy skateboarding, and a person playing basketball. To warm up, I ran back and forth across the court and took some jump shots. After the others left, the person playing basketball offered me a game. I noticed we had the same height and he had a full beard. Immediately I accepted. After we set the rules (out of bounds on the sides, up to 10 points, each basket was 1 point) and received the ball to start. Game on! I made a quick crossover and took a shot, but I missed it, then he got the rebound and drove right at me scoring easily. “Wow, this guy’s got some moves”, I thought. For a few minutes neither of us made a basket. The guy also played tough D; I was rejected three times! After he scored another basket, I decided it was time to step up. Jab step, stepback, score; the ball game was now 2-1. I intensified my D, and he started missing some of his shots. I played some smart basketball. I did a few fakes to get him in the air, and then I made some difficult floaters. After he blocked me one more time, it was 5-4 in my favor. We continued going back and forth until I led 9-8. I got the ball and thought about what I should do. After I was sure of it in my mind, I quickly faked to the left, and he fell for it. My right side was now open, so I dribbled right past

my defender for a layup. “Finish this off, it’s an easy layup!” I thought. After three dribbles I was near the basket. I picked up my dribble, took two large steps, and hit the ball against the backboard. Swish. That wasn’t the sound I heard. The ball clanked off the rim and went right to my defender. Oh crap. I tried to get back in position, but that’s when he went past me. He went right for an easy layup; the score was now tied 9-9. Game point. “I can’t I’m better!” I shouted in my mind. I was now angry, so when he got the ball, I forced him to an ill-advised jumper. It was nowhere near going in, and I ran as fast as I could to get the rebound. You should have seen me; I took that ball with force! When I had the ball in my hands, I decided it was time to finish this. So I faked and drove down the lane. My defender was still keeping up, so I dribbled left and faked. At last he was up in the air! I pivoted to my right and nailed the game-winning bank shot! “Game over man. I’m just too good for ya!” But of course I only said that in my head.

One on One  

a reflection for tech class i did on a one-on-one basketball game against an older guy.

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