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E-Learning TravelNext The most successful e-learning platform for reaching your target at once; the (independent) travel professional Wide variety of information about destinations, products, vacancies, news and promotions for travel agents Page views per month: 100.000 Registered users: 5.200 The ultimate medium to reach the whole Dutch travel industry Special section for independent and business travel agents

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TravEcademy newsletter 3 times a week 5.421 subscribed members Open rate: 24% Click rate: 7,6%

Banner Rates Advertorial €850 Leaderboard (728x90) €450 Dedicated newsletter €1.850

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E-Learning - Courses Full Course: 15 - 25 pages incl. Videos and photos, hyperlinks to your website and an exam at the en from multiple choice questions Average duration: 12 minutes Certificate for participant 1 year online € 4.200 Includes costs for creation, standard marketing and hosting

Game Course (Shortened course, possibly with time limit) 5-6 pages with short texts, hyperlinks to your website and 5-6 multiple choice questions The goal is to answer all questions as quickly as possible Certificate for participant 3 months online € 2.100 Includes costs for creation, standard marketing and hosting

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Within TravEcademy we offer you the opportunity to create your very own section in which you can communicate your content to all users of TravEcademy. We call this an Ecademy (mini website). Consider it your own classroom in which you can also include courses.* For an Ecademy, we offer two options; Self-Service - € 2.000,- per year 100% control over your own Ecademy Post whatever your want, whenever you want Perfect for companies with a medium to large sales team Price includes the initial design of an Ecademy, hosting for one year and 4 hours training of your sales team Any support requests will be offered to you based upon an hourly rate of €79,50 per hour excl. VAT Full-Service - € 3.750,- per year The best choice for companies with a small sales team Our team does all the work for you Simply send us the content you wish to publish and we get it done for you This option also includes 5 hours of suppert per month!

* Courses are developed by the TravEcademy-team


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TravelPro media-kit 2018  

TravelPro media-kit 2018

TravelPro media-kit 2018  

TravelPro media-kit 2018