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WE GO THE EXTRA MILE Get in touch with the complete NETHERLANDS TRAVEL TRADE INDUSTRY! MISSION “ To combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality sales and services, at competitive prices that enables our customers to excel. ”

VISION Travel GSA has been founded in response to market demands within the travel industry in the Netherlands. Furthermore, Travel GSA is a partner company of the two Dutch travel trade media: TravelPro & TRAVel Media. Both media approach the travel trade industry with a weekly magazine, a website for Dutch tourism, e-learning, newsletters and many other channels. This cooperation gives you tons of benefits. The founders of Travel GSA have extensive experience in the Dutch travel industry and therefore have a huge network within the work field. Building upon these connections and core qualities, Travel GSA can guide the implementation of your product within the Dutch travel industry. In doing so Travel GSA avoids lengthy, complex advice and opts for speed, convenience and clarity for its customers. Travel GSA distinguishes itself from her competitors whilst it not only helps with the formulation and planning of your goals, moreover Travel GSA also executes these plans. We go the extra mile!

TOOLS Travel GSA uses a number of tools to help its customers to achieve their ultimate goals. First of all, Travel GSA conducts a thorough market analysis to examine how your product or service can best be promoted and implemented in the Dutch travel industry. After this analysis, a marketing and sales plan will be developed. Finally, your product or service will

beimplemented within the Dutch travel industry. Through years of experience, the founders of Travel GSA can provide you with excellent communication advice.

SALES In addition to offering a number of tools, Travel GSA will also delve into the future sale of your product or service. With Travel GSA, personal contact between the various parties is very important and therefore we choose for Senior Level Contact in combination with a personal sales representative for your product or service. This makes our proposition unique from the competition and we give you all the attention that is needed. In addition to personal contact, Travel GSA also introduces your product or service in the travel industry so the travel agent can start selling your product or service right away. Where everyone stops, we shift gear!


OUR USP’S Just to make sure you get the full picture about Travel GSA and the unique proposition that we offer, here’s an overview of the services and products that we offer: - Management level advise with 20+ years experience in travel and tourism - Extensive knowledge of the travel industry in the Netherlands, for over 25 years - Large network within the Netherlands travel trade industry, high-end as well as retail level - Part of the two Dutch travel trade publishers in the Netherlands: TravelPro & TRAVel Media (guaranteed publications towards the travel trade industry!) - Designing and promoting B2B e-learning programs - PR-promotions with Dutch consumer press, both print and TV - Arranging online visibility through your own Dutch website, newsletter and full Social Media-support - Advanced translation skills

OUR PACKAGES Looking at our products and services, we can make a unique combination of these elements for every client. This way, none of our clients get the exact same service. To give you an idea of our packages, we have the following pre-designed packages available:

Diamond representation - € ?: You name it, we do it. The Diamond representation is completely tailor-made and based upon your product(s), service(s) and wishes. Want us to organize an event for both consumers and travel agents? Or you want to have more then one sales person on the road? You name it, we do it. Anything is possible!

Travel GSA has a wide network within the Dutch travel trade industry: - all employees and owners of travel agencies - all the Dutch independent travel agents - Online travel agents (OTA’s) - management of touroperators

- airlines - cruise & shipping companies - hotels - tourist boards

LET’S TALK! If you are interested in our services, let’s talk about your wishes and demands and how we can provide you with the best promotion possible for your product!

Soft representation - € 800,- per month: - Management level advise - Advanced translation skills - Your personal account manager - PR and advertising services in B2B media, both print and online Medium representation - € 1.300,- per month: - Soft representation items, plus… - Monthly progress report - PR-promotions with Dutch consumer press, in print, online and TV - Your own Dutch office including phone, e-mail, address and spokesperson Full representation - € 7.000,- per month: - Medium representation items, plus… - Your own full time sales rep on the road, visiting travel agents, attending events (workshops, fairs) and giving presentations - Management level sales visits

Tom van Apeldoorn CEO

T.J. van Apeldoorn Sales Director

A selection of our partners in Dutch tourism:

Dennis de Groot Account Manager

Travel GSA is a partner-company of the leading Dutch travel trade media: TravelPro & TRAVel Media.

Travel GSA B.V. Sint Agnetenweg 56 6545 AW, Nijmegen, the Neherlands +31 24 8200 982

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TravelGSA media-kit  

TravelGSA media-kit

TravelGSA media-kit  

TravelGSA media-kit