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Media pack Jan 2011

Our story .

A passion for what we do with a social cause and environmental mission at the heart of our operation

Our story began in 2006 when we set up a collaboration with owners of idyllic holiday destinations across Italy. As part of our affiliation we requested from our partner properties ‘FREE’ weeks of accommodation. These free weeks were then offered to families affected by cancer. Everyone needs a particularly from cancer.


What we learnt :


We added value to our partner properties: - They built brand equity and awareness through being involved in a cause related campaign - They attracted new guests - Owners and staff gained a greater sense of purpose and value for their work through providing the holidays.

A holiday for a family effected by cancer can bring real healing benefits

“We visit Italy every year, we

shall now always choose one o f your partner destinations. What a wonderful idea ” Mike Williams, Canada

Our programme inspired others to start their own cause related projects. “ T his

trip was beyond words for me. For the first time in months life has been about something else, other than cancer. I feel I can breathe again. Everyone has been so kind, the staff at Hotel Vannucci were wonderful ” Jan Mandico, Angel holiday guest.

Who are we?

T Junction

We are a dedicated marketing team focused on taking forward ecological business, natural health and social responsibility. T junction organic have many years of experience in marketing within these sectors plus, multi- media advertising, web and creative design.

We have a passion for putting campaigns together that empower and change lives.

We see opportunity then we go to work to find the right partners to make things happen.


When we step extraordinary things can happen.

Making business sense, supporting social and environmental needs 48% of consumers showed an actual change in behaviour, saying that they switched brands, increased usage or tried new products or services, as a result of Cause-Related Marketing. 46% of consumers said that it improved their perceptions by making them feel better about using a product, company or service.

68% of consumers would like more organisations to be involved in Cause Related Marketing. Brand Benefits (supported by Research International, Lightspeed Research and Dunnhumby/ The International ecotourism society.

In a U.K. survey, 87% of travellers said their holiday should not damage the environment; 39% said they were prepared to pay 5% extra for ethical guarantees.

A survey of U.S., British, and Australian travellers revealed that 70% would pay up to ₏115.00 more for a two-week stay in a hotel with a ‚responsible environmental attitude‛.

An exciting new chapter to our programme in 2011- What’s happening? Expansion of our range of partner properties across Italy plus other destinations including United Kingdom, France, Spain, Greece and Israel. Our brand magazine – Il business di BIO, a B2B digital publication focusing on business and marketing within the organic and ecological sectors. Supporting all aspects of the market including sustainable tourism.

Re- branding, a new website, advertising and marketing campaigns. We extend our marketing reach with a partner destinations digital brochure. Green sourcing directory for hospitality – Providing a useful resource of organic/green suppliers in Europe.

Leader campaign 2011

Sponsors of Muriel’s story are stepping up to engage in an idea that not only produces positive business results but also enables partners to tap into the greater purpose of business: To do good.

Click on cover to read

A story that reaches into the hearts of everyone touched by cancer.

Muriel’s story cont…

First published in 2007 on the website of our media partners, Italy magazine, this wonderful story produced an emotive response from property owners, tourists to Italy, holisitic therapists offering free treatments plus a British GP living in Tuscany who offered free support, advice and even to change beds!

Now fully illustrated by award winning cartoonist Alvalenti, Muriel’s story is ready to bring a smile and possibly a tear to the millions of people that we shall reach in our new targeted 2011 campaigns.

“How come we are going to Italy?, you said we were broke, you said when I wanted new skates that I would have to sell a kidney”

Muriel’s story cont… Working closely with our social media partners, ‘Why communicate’ our campaigns are targeted through all the new digital media channels.

Video and page-flip formats provide easy share options for viewers , engaging them in the development of a viral campaign that can span the globe in a fast and effortless manner.

Formats for 2011 campaigns – Video – Muriel’s story Digital In digital page flip animated. An opportunity format Muriel’s story not for key sponsors to enjoy only has engaging content high visibility and broaden but appeals to readers in customer touch points this interactive style. via one of the most widely used marketing platforms of today. Youtube.

…something that has become synonomous with social media marketing with similar thought provoking digital content.

Consumers today connect with brands in fundamentally new ways, often through media channels that are beyond manufacturers’ and retailers’ control. That means traditional marketing strategies must be redesigned to accord with how brand relationships have changed. Source: Harvard Business Review

Digital brochure A digital brochure allows greater flexibility than a static website. Allowing readers easy ability to share content and for sponsors and advertisers to benefit from the many advantages of digital media.

Holidays for your


Eco Kosher destinations

Italy France Spain Israel Greece United Kingdom

With digital publications readers don’t just receive information, they experience it with video, live links and flash animation.

Holidays for your soul digital brochure contains all our partner destinations, (approx 500 across 6 countries) articles on local culture, places of interest, a calendar of festas and important dates, green travel tips, video and interactive links, PLUS great incentives and prizes for readers who display and share our brochure on their facebook page.

Displayed internationally on:Partner destination websites Digital magazine platformsTravel sites blogs Facebook

The benefits of digital publications: 44% of readers find digital advertisments more appealing. 37% said they would be more likely to engage digitally.

Immediate delivery.

80% look at the publication within the first week of receiving notice that it is ready.

The ability to archive.

53% email an article to a friend.

The capacity to read anytime, anywhere, on

50% recommend or purchase a product or service.

and offline. Easy to extend your target audience.

72% go to an advertisers website.

 Produced with a ZERO CARBON IMPACT.

56% read the table of contents to choose articles of interest.

Highly targeted ad placement based on

analytic data .

58% read articles of interest and looked through the remaining pages.

Sustainability Our relationship with our partner properties is close, we seek out the best properties for our guests to ensure the perfect holiday plus we are also dedicated to providing a value added service to our partners. As well as our ongoing marketing campaigns, we work closely with our partner properties introducing the latest initiatives that encourage and support sustainable tourism. Through our magazine, Il business di BIO we report on various aspects of

Our story wouldn’t be complete without some information about how we work with both our partner properties and guests regarding issues of sustainable tourism. the industry giving practical advice and case studies. This Spring we will also be able to offer our Green sourcing directory. With specific reference to artisan producers.

Our guests are encouraged to not only choose destinations that are acknowledging green practices but also how they can minimise their environmental impact when they travel. Choosing rail over air travel, carbon offsetting and using eco products are among our recommendations.

We seek journeymen: The right partners for us are those that can see our vision and share in similar values to build campaigns, projects and organisations that bring value on all levels.

We seek journeymen that can travel with us, taking us to the next level of our project whilst we provide key opportunities for our sponsors to arrive at a destination of new possibilities, brought about from the benefits of an innovative cause related project.

We seek co-creators that can engage in an idea and can help turn those ideas into a new reality.

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Holidays for your soul, Media pack  

Media pack 2011

Holidays for your soul, Media pack  

Media pack 2011