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Question 6 – What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? In the beginning of our academic year, I didn't know the words such as "Premiere Elements" or "BlogSpot". I was new to the technologies used in this subject and it took a while to adjust because I had to learn to use these new technologies as quickly as possible. "BlogSpot" has helped me present my work in a neater and different way through the use of screenshots, video and audio and other visual aids such as Prezi's and SlideShare. With the use of Blogger I was able to post all aspects of my work for the world to see and to also get quick feedback from my Media teachers and fellow classmates. Using Blogspot to post some work, to show to examiners and my teacher what I have been doing throughout the academic year.

Using Prezi as an alternative method of visual aid, instead of using PowerPoint or pictures on my posts. Research & Planning plays a very important part in my work as it helped me understand a little bit more about the Thriller Genre and Planning has also helped me put into use the research that I have found. One piece of technology that has helped me is the Internet, as it is the biggest technology invented for the past century. There are websites that has helped me with my research and planning and these are the following:

One website that has helped me is the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). This website has helped to give me a bit more knowledge about audiences and, what their opinions are on films and television series of all genres. It has helped me seen what type of audiences would be interested to see my film, as I’ve seen what type of audiences would want to see films that are similar to mines such as The third Man.

Another website that has helped me with my Planning is . This website was able to help me provide copy-right free music with no cost whatsoever, as this is the requirement for my film. This website had a range of soundtracks and have helped me narrowed it down to two suitable choices, to go along with my Thriller Opening. One of the other technologies I have used with this subject is the use of still cameras. One of the reasons why still cameras have helped me is when I practise shooting different types of camera angles. Still cameras have also helped me take still photographs of the places in which I planned on shooting my Thriller Film and also creating photographic storyboards for my planning.

Another type of technology that has helped me with my media work is the use of Video cameras.

Using a camcorder has helped me with my media work by helping me creating my Preliminary Task and my Thriller Opening. With the use of Camcorder, I have been able to do some practise shots for both my preliminary task and thriller opening, it has also helped me assess the mise-en scene of the location, with my thriller opening.

I have also learnt to edit by using Adobe Premiere Elements, I then knew how to capture film (as I was used to using Camcorder's that use SD cards) also edit the film (to cut out unwanted footage filmed) and also use effects such as Dip to Black, which helps illustrate a major change within a scene and Cross Dissolve to illustrate a much smoother change rather than a jump cut between scenes. I have used Windows Movie Maker before but I would prefer to use Premiere Elements because it is easy to use and it has more features than Windows Movie Maker. The use of Premiere Elements has helped me increased my knowledge in editing films, which would help me in A2 when I would be creating a music video.

The first time I have used Adobe Premiere Elements for my Preliminary Task.

The final edit of my Thriller Opening, with the use of sound, titles, and effects.

One of the things I have mastered doing during the production of my Thriller Opening is adding titles in the sequence. I learned to add them within the bottom left or right of the shot, so the titles don’t affect the action on the sequence. Since I have learned how to do this technology, I have been able to teach my fellow Media Students how to add titles on their film.

Two more technologies I have learned during editing my Thriller Opening is adding effects such as the Cross Dissolve or Dip To Black. The other technology I have mastered is integrating Diagetic and Non-Diagetic Sound on my Thriller Opening. The purpose of the soundtrack was to intensify the mood of the sequence as well as having non-diagetic sound to make it look like its real.

YouTube is another technology that has helped me in constructing my Thriller Opening. YouTube has helped me present my raw footage of my Thriller Opening and my Thriller research as it helped me illustrate my point better because without the use of video nor screenshot then people reading my blog would be confused as to what they are reading about. Youtube has also helped me porttray my progression since the start of the academic year, by adding videos of my group repeatedly doing the Preliminary task and the changes I have made in my Thriller Opening right up to the Final Cut.

One piece of my research with the use of YouTube and the screenshots from the particular scene.

The final cut of my Thriller Opening uploaded on to YouTube for everyone to see.

I have a variety of editing techniques that I must stick to, while filming and editing my Thriller Opening. Here are the following.


The 180 Degree Rule – It is when the characters in a shot must have the same left-right relationship in a scene in order to avoid confusion. But the rule can be broken, if the scene is supposed to show confusion and disorientation.

During our Preliminary Task, We have broken the 180 degree rule a few times, because it was the first time we knew about the rule.

The rule can be broken easily Tim – left Frances - Left Frances – Right

Tim - Right

Continuinity – The shot must always have the same mise-en-scene throughout the scene. This includes the lighting, costume etc. If it isn’t the same then it would confuse the audience easily.

One minute he’s wearing a green shirt and red trousers

In the next one he is wearing different clothing.

Question 6