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Alibre Design

Alibre Design is a mechanical engineering and design CAD tool capable of creating complex 3D models, assemblies, and 2D drawings.

General benefits: •Fully Parametric Design •Make mechanical parts quickly and easily •Assembly Design •2D drafting is almost automatic •Sheet Metal Design

Where Alibre Design fits well Alibre Design is a general purpose 3D parametric cad solution intended for common mechanical design, engineering and manufacturing applications.

Where Alibre Design doesn’t fit Jewelry design

Industrial design

organic figures

Large or Massive Assembly Design

auto design

Part Design Alibre Design allows you to make mechanical parts of any complexity quickly and easily. With workflows designed for quick changes and easy updating, iterating the design is an efficient process. Quickly make parts, tools, fixtures, molds, and any other surrounding manufacturing designs.

Assembly Design

2D Drafting 2D drafting in Alibre Design is almost automatic. You create your designs in 3D, and then use those designs to automatically create as many views as necessary in the 2D workspace. When you change the design in 3D, the changes are reflected for you in 2D.

Sheet metal design Alibre Design is integrated Sheet Metal module provides specific tools for sheet components. Instantly create flat patterns to review the design or to use in 2D drawings. A dedicated work area for sheet metal means only the tools you need are visible, providing a clean and simple workflow for efficient designing.

A powerful toolset lets you create sheet metal parts using the same concepts you use to manufacture them.

Easily turn your sheet metal part into a flat pattern for further verification or for use in 2D drawings.

Alibre Design  

Alibre Design