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Call to Arms The elements that consider us to be a nationstate are sovereignty, territory, people and government. Currently, our people and government are slowly tearing apart our society with irrational corruption and with aggressive protests that may lead to the slow disintegration of our national unity. Now, only we, the Filipinos, can do something about the grave wherein greed and corruption have buried us with a seemingly inescapable layer of earth.

To Help the Nation in This Crisis as a Filipino:

We, the people of our nation, have the responsibility to take care of the Philippines and assist in the development of our country. Currently, one of our top agendas is the abolition of pork barrel: the so called "mother of all scams".

As Filipinos caught within the crossfire of activists and politicians, we have a call to be educated about the on going events occurring within our country. News, websites, blogs and television can be used to learn about the issue and hear other people's opinions. We in turn, must stand for whatever we believe is morally correct. Participation in rallies, online debates, forums and any other medium of expressing yourself as a citizen of the Philippines is a great way of sharing your heart-felt opinions to inspire people who will also take action against the crime set opposed to them.

realizing the countless morals that you would be disrespecting would help with the resistance of corruption.

It all comes down to a question of morality when speaking of corruption. The only way to avoid this is to look deep into the consequences of your actions and ask yourself if the pain or suffering that you can cause by doing this worth it in the end?

As a Student:

As the youth of the Philippines, we have the duty to uphold our morals and values that have been taught to us throughout out childhood. Our families, and education have given us countless ideals for a better nation, but we have failed to accomplish it. A unified nation can only be achieved through respecting the principles that time has taught us.

As the future of the nation, we must keep our sense of righteousness in check. We must ask ourselves the right questions and the give the better answer and bring along these attitudes with us as we grow old. Morality is the real thing in question. With a strong sense of morality, Napoles would have known better than to rob billions from the national funds and the lawmakers would have known better than to help aid the growth of corruption.

As a Government Official:

In our political system, the government has the most influential power within the community. They control the DOs and the DON'Ts in the nation as well as the consequences to certain actions. As members of the government, it must be difficult to stray away from the wealth that is accompanied by corruption, but

Written by: Trent Uy 9H 30

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