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Luis Angeles 9H-2

Individual Action Plan

As Filipinos, the people should continue to protest against the Philippine House of Representatives and the Philippine Senate regarding the pork barrel scam to stop them from using this fund that is supposed to be allocated for development projects for their personal gain. The congressmen and senators could have used the money of the people for important matters that would improve the lives of many Filipinos. The people can help in rebuilding the nation by expressing their disagreements by joining protests to stop corruption. If we continue to show that we are against the current process, then the President is more likely going to remove the pork barrel or PDAF.

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The government should support the people's right to protest against the pork barrel because the taxes paid by the citizens are not for these congressmen's and senators' personal use, but for development programs such as housing for the poor, fertilizer for farmers, or better education for the less privileged. The money that the people pay the government must be used for structures such as buildings, roads, bridges or houses and not for buying luxury cars, property in plush villages, high-end condominium units or for personal travel.

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As a student, I can contribute to rebuilding the nation by protesting as well. By protesting, I do not mean shouting and saying what should be done. Instead, I can perhaps prepare flyers or make a website that would state why I do not support the current process wherein the citizens pay taxes, but it is only being used by legislators for their own personal gain.


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Action plan (2)