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1. Read Here you will see that instead of multiple screens inside the “Read” page, I created carousels that allow you to navigate through your news without as many taps. On this page I added one thing, “For You.” Currently, the VICE app gives you the news they want to give. On the “Account” page, users can now customize what news they want to see in the “For You” section and choose from VICE channels. I also changed the tab bar on the bottom. I edited the icons, took away the text, and allowed for a pleasant animation to occur when a user clicks on a different page. When someone clicks on an icon, the black line will slide over to that page, showing what page one is on. Other than that, I have kept all information that is displayed on the current VICE app intact.

2. Watch On the “Watch” page, I only adjusted the content to fit the design guidelines I set on the first page. Folllowing the change of the tab bar on the bottom of the screen, I changed the nav bar on the top of the screen as well, displaying “Featured,” “Recent,” and “Shows.”

3. Explore The “Explore� page mostly stayed the same. I adjusted the design, but all the rest remained.

4. Account Currently, the “Account” page is mostly links to other VICE products. In the redesigned version, the “Account” page allows the user to customize their VICE experience. Linking back to the “Read” page, the user can add their interests to have a bespoke “For You” section of their day. Other than this, the functionality of the “Account” page stays the same, albeit moved down a little on the page.

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