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Coming Together After a Horrible Flood

Coming Together After a Horrible Flood

A group of students gather around all of the supplies that the START classes brought for flood victims 
Photo by: Stephanie Ryan
Kayleigh Cooper Reporter

On March 14th all of Central and Western Iowa was in a flood warning due to all the snow that was being melted and the rain the was coming down on top of that.

This caused quite the effect on Council Bluffs with one problem being the park underneath the Pedestrian Bridge, which flooded along with the Harrah’s Casino parking lot. The flooding in those areas was caused by all the water rushing into the Mississippi River

due to the overflowing. The flood didn’t just affect Council Bluffs alone, it affected many other places in Iowa as well. Some of affected areas in Iowa were Missouri Valley and Logan Magnolia. In fact, the flooding had caused Missouri Valley to evacuate which means that no one could leave or go into the town.

There was also many evacuations that were brought upon other towns due to the amount of

water going into people’s houses. here in Council Bluffs there was an apartment complex that had to evacuate.

In some parts of Glenwood, people had to evacuate from their houses. 80 out of the 200 resource center people were caused to leave. This situation even caused their water plant to shut down which left up to two days worth of water.

In contribute to all the flooding happening, TJ has started

a flood drive to help out the victims involved in the flooding for some that may have lost all of their belongings.

TJ did this flood drive with their START classes to make things more interesting and fun for the students, Student Council and the Freshman Mentors turned it into a competition between START’s.

Each item is worth a certain amount of points and the START class that wins overall got pizza.

The one hall with the most points got cookies.

Students are allowed to bring things such as kids toy, canned/ boxed food, water bottle, water gallons and etc. Almost anything that is going to help ease the situation.

We are trying to make it so that people don’t bring in clothes anymore due to Glenwood has already received enough of them. Feel free to help join in on helping others it’s a great thing to do.