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June 28 - July 4, 2012

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This Tidbits examines grasses around the world. There are many varieties of grasses found from the freezing North and South Poles to many deserts and the lands along the sultry hot equator.


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• Grasses belong in the plant family botanists call Poaceae. Grasses are considered flowering plants, but the flowers are not showy as they are on, for example, roses and sunflowers. This lack of showiness is due to the fact that grasses are wind pollinated and not pollinated by insects. The colorful blooms of most flowering plants are needed to attract pollinating insects. • The grass family is very large, containing an estimated 10,000 species worldwide. Over 1,000 species occur in North America. • Grasses range widely in shape and size, ranging from golf course turf and lawn grass to wheat, corn, rice, sugarcane and bamboo.

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• Grasses can be as short as the greens on a golf course and as tall as bamboo that can reach heights of 120 feet (40 m). Golfers around the world are thankful for the manicured greens that allow putts to roll precisely as intended. Pandas are thankful for the large bamboo forests they depend on for their sustenance. Talk about picky

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June 28 - July 4, 2012

NOT JUST FOR MOWING (continued):

eaters: Bamboo is all they will eat!

• All of our cereal grains belong to the grass family, including wheat, rice, wild rice, corn, oats, barley, millet and rye. • On July 14, 1798, Congress passes the Sedition Act, which permitted the prosecution of individuals who voiced or printed what the government deemed to be malicious remarks about the president or government of the United States. • On July 11, 1804, Vice President Aaron Burr fatally shoots his long-time political antagonist, Alexander Hamilton, in a duel. Burr shot Hamilton in the stomach, and the bullet lodged next to his spine. Hamilton, a Founding Father and first U.S. treasury secretary, died the next day. • On July 9, 1877, the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club begins its first lawn tennis tournament at Wimbledon, then an outer suburb of London. Twenty-one amateurs showed up to compete in the Gentlemen’s Singles tournament, the only event. • On July 10, 1925, in Dayton, Tenn., the so-called Monkey Trial begins with John Thomas Scopes, a young high-school science teacher, accused of teaching evolution in violation of a Tennessee state law. The law made it a misdemeanor to teach any theory that denied the story of the Divine Creation of man. • On July 12, 1933, the first three-wheeled, multi-directional Dymaxion car is manufactured in Bridgeport, Conn. Part aircraft, part automobile, it had wings that inflated and a tail fin. It had a steel chassis, a body made of ash wood, an aluminum skin and a painted canvas roof. The Dymaxion was designed to reach a speed of 120 mph and average 28 mpg. • On July 15, 1941, master spy Juan Pujol Garcia, nicknamed “Garbo,” sends his first communique to Germany from Britain. The disinformation the double agent transmitted to Germany was fabricated by the British. In June 1944, he managed to convince Hitler that the D-Day invasion of Normandy was just a “diversionary maneuver.” • On July 13, 1955, model and nightclub manger Ruth Ellis is executed by hanging in London for the murder of boyfriend David Blakely. She was the last woman to be executed in the United Kingdom. Ellis, 29, did not help her case when during her trial she stated, “It was obvious that when I shot him I intended to kill him.” (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

• Some grasses can survive in very inhospitable places, from the tundra in the extreme north to the shifting sands in the harshest deserts and even where salt water is present. • Grasses were prevalent across the Great Plains of North America and proved instrumental in making the region a great cattle-grazing area. Since about 1880, much of the native grasslands have been dissected by agriculture. One of the last remnants of this vast grassland area untainted by agriculture is the Flint Hills region in eastern Kansas. Ecologists refer to this ecosystem as tallgrass prairie, and preservation of a piece of it is assured in the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near Strong City, Kansas. • Grains are one of the four primary food groups identified in the nutritional guidelines posted by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. The recommended daily grain intake for adults is 5-8 ounces (141.7-226.8 g) with at least half of this intake being whole and not refined grain. The USDA website,, has good information on this subject. • The connection between grains, carbohydrates and obesity is a hot topic of discussion among nutrition experts in the United States. The Grains Food Foundation (GFF) notes that whole grains are important sources of iron, a nutrient critical to production and release of energy in the body. The GFF further notes that the three nutrients selenium, potassium and magnesium found in whole grain foods collectively may help boost immunity, lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease and some forms of cancer. • Exotic grasses introduced into an area where they are not native can sometimes set the stage for an ecological disaster. Cheatgrass that is native to the Mediterranean region of Europe was first observed in North America near Denver, Colorado, in the late 1800s. Allegedly, it entered as a contaminant of agricultural seed. This grass is now a troublesome pest across much of arid western North America and rated by the USDA as a highly invasive species. • Not only is bamboo food for pandas, it is a versatile construction material. Its uses include flooring, fencing, decking, support poles, paneling, edging and conduits (piping) to transport water.

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• Native peoples in North America and Africa used grasses and other plants as the fibrous material for weaving baskets. In the low country of South Carolina, descendants of West African slaves continue the traditions of basket weaving using sweet grass that is common to coastal South Carolina. Native Americans in California are believed to have managed vegetation using periodic land fires to remove unwanted plant litter, trees and shrubs from stands of deergrass, a grass prized in basket weaving. • If you own or spend time around dogs you have probably observed them eating grass. Why do dogs eat grass? It’s a question that has plagued veterinarians for years, and there is no universally accepted answer. Some possible answers are that dogs simply like the taste of grass or that grass serves as a laxative by adding fiber to the dog’s diet. Veterinarians are generally unified in the belief that grass, untainted by pesticides, is not harmful to dogs. • Two of the most important services rendered by grasses are those of a soil builder and a soil conservation agent. Oats, rye and ryegrass are often used as green manure and cover crops. A green manure crop is one that is grown and subsequently plowed under to build the soil. A cover crop is grown and left in place to flourish and prevent or reduce soil erosion. • Grasses have been researched and used as agents to clean up former industrial sites with contaminated soil. Specialists working with and refining this technology refer to it as phytoremediation. Generally, soil pollutants are either taken up by plants and the plants harvested and treated to render the pollutant-laden plant material harmless, or the pollutants are degraded to something harmless in the plants’ root zone. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes this technology as viable in some environmental cleanup situations. • Citronella is a fragrant grass found in southeastern Asia. It is the source of citronella oil used in soaps, medicines and perfumes. • Now that you know more about grasses and the important roles they play in our lives, maybe you won’t grumble so much when it comes time to mow the lawn! F


• Bamboo is also becoming known in the bicycle world as a raw material for bicycle frames. Bamboosero is a company dedicated to using bamboo to construct bicycle frames in developing countries. Bamboo is an excellent choice for frames due to its strength and flexibility. Also, bamboo is plentiful in many developing countries, and building bicycles provides needed employment to produce a useful product. Visit to learn more.

June 28 - July 4, 2012

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CLOSET DOOR STICKS, SCRAPES THE FLOOR Q: I’ve got a closet door that scrapes the floor when I swing it open or shut, and it sticks when it’s closed. Is there an easy way to fix this, or is something seriously wrong? -- Harriet C., Denver A: Chances are the door just needs a bit of adjustment. Over time, as houses settle and temperature or humidity changes warp the wood of a door or its frame, the door doesn’t open or shut just right. Grab a helper and a prybar or hammer, and prepare to fix this door. First, check the overall condition of the door, its frame and the surrounding hardware (the doorknob and latch, hinges and the hinge plates where they’re screwed into the door frame). Make sure all of the hardware is screwed in properly and not loose or tearing away from the frame. Make sure there is no visible damage or warping of the door or frame -- usually there isn’t, unless the door suffered a serious calamity such as flood damage. If the overall condition checks out as good, adjusting the hinges or shimming the door so it swings freely again is the likely course of action. Shimming is a way of very slightly changing the angle at which a door is hung. You do this by adding a shim behind a door’s hinge to lift it slightly -- and then adjusting that angle up or down. Shim kits also are available at home-improvement stores.

Since the door’s angle has shifted slightly downward, first try adjusting the top hinge on the door-frame side by simply screwing all the hinge screws in a half-turn or so. This alone may lift the door just enough to even it out. If that doesn’t work, you can either unscrew the top hinge and carefully shave away a paperthin amount of the wooden frame in order to set the hinge slight back. Or, if you don’t want to damage the frame, shim the lower hinge in order to lift the door upward. Unscrew the frame side of the bottom hinge, as your helper holds the door steady. Insert a very thin shim piece (the kits are usually cut to size, or you can use a wafer-thin piece of plywood or even a playing card to shim, and trim yourself) and place the hinge over the shim, using a power drill to drive the hinge screws through the shim into their usual place. Shimming or adjusting the angle can take time and a few attempts. Be patient, and you’ll soon have your door swinging freely. HOME TIP: For doors that slightly scrape the floor as they open, place a rough piece of sandpaper underneath the sticky area and open and close the door several times -- this might smooth out the bottom of the door just enough to end the scraping. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.


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June 28 - July 4, 2012

MOTORCYCLES Motorcycles are not for hauling families like cars but provide individual riders with transportaion that is both economical and fun. • Most motorcycle riders have dusted off their bikes and ridden many miles by the time June rolls around. Not great for winters, especially in cold climates, motorcycles are a vehicle of choice for riders in summer. • The predecessors to motorcycles and motor scooters were called “safety” bicycles. Safety bicycles were so named because they came about to replace the high-wheeled bikes that were so dangerous in the 1800s. The newer bikes had tires of the same or close to the same size so they were easier to mount and dismount. • Inventor Sylvestor H. Roper built a steam velocipede in 1867. (Velocipede was the name given to early bicycles and tricycles.) His invention was the earliest known motorcycle, with an ability to carry enough coal to ride 25 miles. While he didn’t find commercial success or fame, his invention inspired others in developing motorcycles. • According to a biography of Roper, he died of a heart attack while demonstrating his steam bicycle’s speed and endurance during a trial run in Worcester County, Massachusetts. • In Europe, it wasn’t long after the safety bicycle was invented that someone decided to attach a motor. Gottleib Daimler is credited with building the first motorized bicycle, soon called a motorcycle, in 1885. Daimler’s bikes were made of wood and came to be known as “boneshakers,” because of the roughness of the ride. • In 1892, Alex Millet came up with a safety bicycle design that was a smoother ride with pneumatic tires and a five-cylinder rotary engine that was built into the rear wheel. • The first powered two-wheeled vehicles that were patented and produced successfully in numbers were built by Hildebrand & Wolfmueller in Munich, Germany, in 1894. Hildebrand & Wolfmueller made more than 200 vehicles that used a twin cylinder water-cooled engine and a step-through frame. • In 1895, the French company DeDion-Buton revolutionized the motorcycle industry with its four-stroke engine that was capable of generating half a horsepower. The engine drew attention from motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. The company was able to mass produce the engines. • Two American motorcycle companies that copied and used the design of the DeDion-Buton engine for their machines were Harley-Davidson and Indian.

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• With the help of a German co-worker, Arthur and Walter Davidson and William Harley started one of the most recognizable motorcycle companies in the world today. In 1905, the “Silent Gray Fellow,” was the first Harley-Davidson sold in significant numbers. To slow or stop, the rider had to peddle backwards! Today, over 100 years later, Harley-Davidsons remain popular. • Indian Motorcycles started off as the Hendee Manufacturing Company in 1901. The founder, George Hendee, named the “motocycles,” (notice there is no “r”), Indian to signify they were American products. The Indian company closed in 1954, and after many years and complicated legal problems, a new company began selling the brand again in 1999. • The two companies continue to compete for owners and awards. Both are very much alive and well with dedicated riders. F

June 28- July 4, 2012

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June 28 - July 4, 2012 FAMOUS LANDMARKS:

MOUNT RUSHMORE By Samantha Weaver

• It was ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius who made the following sage observation: “It is only the very wisest and the very stupidest who cannot change.” • The 1,000 most common words in English make up approximately 90 percent of all writing in the language. • If you’re planning a trip Down Under, be sure you save some time for the Australian state of Tasmania. In the capital, Derwent, is the critically acclaimed Museum of Old and New Art, or MONA. One of the unusual -- I would even venture to say unique in the world -- offerings is the after-hours “naturist tour.” Yes, that means naked. A naked tour guide leads naked tourists through the museum. Even the security guards are naked. • You may be surprised to learn that hot and cold running water has been around for thousands of years. Members of the upper class in ancient Egypt used copper tubing to pipe it into their homes.

Top 10 Pop Singles This Week Last Week 1. Carly Rae Jepsen No. 2 “Call Me Maybe” 2. Gotye feat. Kimbra No. 1 “Somebody That I Used to Know” 3. Maroon 3 feat. Wiz Khalifa No. 3 “Payphone” 4. fun feat. Janelle Monae No. 4 “We Are Young” 5. One Direction No. 6 “What Makes You Beautiful” 6. Nicki Minaj No. 5 “Starships” 7. Flo Rida feat. Sia No. 7 “Wild Ones” 8. Rihanna No. 9 “Where Have You Been” 9. Katy Perry No. 19 “Wide Awake” 10. Justin Bieber No. 8 “Boyfriend”

Top 10 Albums 1. Adele No. 2 “21” 2. Alan Jackson new entry “Thirty Miles West” 3. The Beach Boys new entry “That’s Why God Made the Radio” 4. Neil Young with Crazy Horse new entry “Americana” 5. Big K.R.I.T. new entry “Live From the Underground” 6. One Direction No. 4 “Up All Night” 7. John Mayer No. 1 “Born and Raised” 8. Curren$Y new entry “The Stoned Immaculate” 9. Carrie Underwood No. 6 “Blown Away” 10. Brandi Carlile new entry “Bear Creek”



Hot Country Singles

1. Eric Church No. 2 “Springsteen” 2. Luke Bryan No. 5 “Drunk On You” 3. Brantley Gilbert No. 7 “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” 4. Carrie Underwood No. 1 “Good Girl” 5. Eli Young Band No. 8 “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” 6. Tim McGraw No. 6 “Better Than I Used to Be 7. Zac Brown Band No. 3 “No Hurry” 8. Kip Moore No. 4 “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” 9. Toby Keith No. 10 “Beers Ago” 10. Dierks Bentley No. 11 “5-1-5-0”

(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

• The oldest goldfish on record lived 41 years. His name was Fred. • According to the U.S. Census, the Pacific states (including Hawaii) are home to the men with the longest life expectancy, while women tend to live longer in the South. • If one or both of your parents were sleepwalkers, you’re more prone to nocturnal wanderings yourself. • In the late 1960s, J.I. Rodale, creator of Prevention magazine, was invited to be a guest on the “Dick Cavett Show.” After talking confidently about his good health and predicting that he would live to be 100, he seemed to doze off. The host and another guest chuckled a bit about the apparent nap, until they realized that Rodale had died. Needless to say, the show never aired.

Thought for the Day: “I would have made a good Pope.” -- Richard Nixon (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Many monuments exist that honor early leaders of the United States. Most of those are on the East Coast where significant political and historical events took place. Mount Rushmore is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. • Doane Robinson, state historian for South Dakota, came up with the idea for a tourist attraction to bring people to his state. He imagined a memorial to famous Americans in the western United States. He is known as the “Father of Mount Rushmore.” • Robinson contacted Gutzon Borglum, a master sculptor, and shared his idea for carving large figures in the Black Hills. Borglum was, at the time, working as the first sculptor on Stone Mountain near Atlanta, Georgia. His original work on Stone Mountain was actually totally blasted from the mountain, and that project was finished by others. (He left Stone Mountain because of funding disputes.) He took his talents to Mount Rushmore and became a part of history with the famous work. • Borglum, originally from Idaho, began his art studies at the age of 17. He studied art in California and France. The first American sculpture ever bought for New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art was Borglum’s Mares of Diomedes. His most famous artwork became the famous heads on the side of the mountains in South Dakota. • When Borglum and Robinson discussed the sculpture work for the Black Hills, Robinson wanted to memorialize America’s Western heroes like Buffalo Bill Cody. Borglum convinced him to make the memorial for all of the country. They chose four presidents who stood for freedom and democracy. • The presidents chosen for Mount Rushmore represent the first 150 years of American history. The presidents and their completion dates are: George Washington, 1934; Thomas Jefferson, 1936; Abraham Lincoln, 1937; and Theodore Roosevelt, 1939. • Mount Rushmore was worked on by 400 men and women from October 1927 to October 1941. Of the workers, about 140 worked on the mountain; the others built roads, cared for tools and helped in other ways. • Dynamite was used for 90 percent of the carving; about 450,000 tons (408 million kg) of rock was blasted away to create the artistic renderings. • Workers had to sit on “swing” seats hanging from cables to drill into the stone. Many had to climb over 500 steps daily to reach the top. Even with all of the dangerous possibilities, few were hurt and none died on the project. • Borglum died in 1941 before Mount Rushmore was finished. His son, Lincoln, took over the work. Work stopped on the sculptures on October 31, 1941. When the United States entered World War II, there was no more money for the monument. • Mount Rushmore stands the same today as it did in 1941. It was cleaned in 2005, the first time in its history. According to the National Park Service, “Geologists estimate that the granite at Mount Rushmore National Memorial will erode only 1 inch (2.5 cm) every 10,000 years.” • For years, Scout Troops have been invited to participate in flag-folding ceremonies at Mount Rushmore. For 2012, military personnel and veterans from the audience are being invited to participate. The area receives approximately 3 million visitors annually. F

June 28 - July 4, 2012

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more”), Adrian Pasdar (“Heroes”) and “Judging Bruckheimer will have to find more money Amy’s” Dan Futterman. The mini-series will presomewhere. And wait until you see Depp as Tonto

HOLLYWOOD -- NBC has added “Mockingbird Lane,” the reboot of “The Munsters,” to its fall schedule, and cast Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster, originally played by Fred Gwynne. Jerry, whose last series was “The Defenders,” lived across the street from me before he married Rebecca Romijn (Mystique in the “X-Men” films) and moved into a house. He and his brother Charlie O’Connell, who was “The Bachelor” in 2005, are two of the nicest guys around. Portia De Rossi will play his wife, Lily, originally played Yvonne De Carlo, while Mason Cook of “Spy Kids 4” and “The Lone Ranger” will play Eddie, their wolf-boy son. Eddie Izzard, who starred in the series “The Riches” with Minnie Driver, will play Grandpa, originally played by Al Lewis. NBC is sure to have a hard time turning a handsome guy like Jerry O’Connell into a Frankenstein monster ... even for laughs! The USA Network has lined up an all-star cast for its six-episode series “Political Animals.” It has signed Sigourney Weaver of “Aliens” fame, Carla Gugino (“Night at the Museum” and “American Gangster”), Roger Bart (“Desperate Housewives”), Oscar-winner Ellen Burstyn (for “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Any-

miere Sunday, July 15. Oscar-winner Vanessa Redgrave (for “Julia”) will be featured in a rare guest appearance as fictitious lesbian Supreme Court justice Diane Nash. She’s the only British actress to win an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Cannes Film Fest, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award. In l967, I watched as she shot “Camelot,” as Guinevere, walking amongst knights and thousands of dollars of synthetic snow ... until it snowed for the first time in 10 years in Burbank, gumming up the fake snow and forcing filming to shut down. Talk about men in armor and irony!

Not long ago, Paramount Pictures closed down “The Lone Ranger” with Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp because of a $250 million budget. Depp, director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer agreed to cut their upfront salaries, costly action locations and sequences. They trimmed the budget to $215 million, which was more acceptable to the studio, and filming resumed. Why should a Western cost $250 million? Maybe because they’re trying to do for Westerns what “The Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise did for pirates. After all, “True Grit” cost only $38 million and received 10 Oscar nominations. Now “The Lone Ranger”, which shoots through August, already has passed the $250 million mark.

-- he looks more like a witch doctor than an American Indian. If costs keep ballooning, they’ll have to call this film “The Loan Ranger”! (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

June 28 - July 4, 2012

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With some products they’re not ‘fessing up with excuses, they’re changing the shape of the package just enough so that it fools the eye into believing we’re getting the same amount as before: slimmer packages that are the same height as before, boxes that are just as wide but not as deep, caved-in bottoms on jars, or bright splashes on the front that say “improved flavor” or “easy pour” to distract us. No matter the excuse, the bottom line is that we’re getting less in the packages of food while, of course, the prices aren’t dropping. Price isn’t the only implication. If you’re on a special diet (say if you have diabetes) and know that in the past you could eat onequarter of a box of pasta, and the box is now smaller, you won’t be getting the nutrition you used to get. That could have an impact on your insulin dosage. Recipes can take a hit, especially ones you’ve made for years. If you’re used to using a one-pound package of rice, that package may no longer contain what you expect it to. Food that used to feed a family doesn’t go far enough now. It’s more important than ever to read the packaging and know what you’re getting. Read the price label on the shelf and do the per-unit math: the largest size might not be a bargain anymore, with two packages being cheaper. Compare brands. Try something new. Make notes on the staples you buy for future comparison.

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If your family has been going through jar after jar of peanut butter, it might not be that they’re eating more. Peanut butter jars, as with so many other products, have shrunk in size. Tuna used to come in 6-ounce cans. Now it’s 5 ounces. Juice used to be 64 ounces. Now the cartons contain 59 ounces. Ketchup, canned vegetables, ice cream, cereal, boxed pasta, coffee -- they all have less in the package. Some manufacturers are trying to put a positive spin on it. With crackers, for instance, one manufacturer is trying to tell us that the product will stay fresher longer with less in the box. Or the package is better for the environment. Or it’s healthier.


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1) Neither 2) Ararat 3) Father-in-law 4) Israelites 5) Jerusalem 6) Wicked

1. Is the book of Ishbosheth in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. From Genesis 8, what was the mountain upon which Noah’s Ark rested? Sinai, Zion, Ararat, Ebal 3. Laban, who tried to swindle Jacob, had what relationship with him? Brother, Father-in-law, Friend, Father 4. From Matthew 10, Jesus instructed the apostles to go among the whom? Heathen, Gentiles, Blind, Israelites 5. In Acts 22, where does it say that Paul was brought up? Jerusalem, Shiloh, Samaria, Hebron 6. From Job 20, what sort of men suck the poison of snakes? Wicked, Aged, Tribal, Leper (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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