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ANTIQUE CLOCKS and clock repairs!

by Blue Sullivan

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• Three different mechanical sharks were employed during the filming of “Jaws.” All were nicknamed “Bruce” after Steven Spielberg’s attorney, Bruce Ramer.

1350 Parkway Dr., Blackfoot

(208) 785-2626 1795 W. Broadway, Idaho Falls

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939 South 25th East Suite 105, Ammon (Located next to Ammon Walmart)

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• After completing the filming of “Jaws,” the studio had so little confidence in the film that the three Bruces were dumped on the Universal back lot. No efforts were made to preserve them, and none of the three original sharks remain.

Sales & Repairs

expires June 15, 2012


350 College Street, Idaho Falls, ID

• In Steven Spielberg’s terrifying 1975 classic, “Jaws,” you don’t see much of the actual shark until very late in the film. That wasn’t just an aesthetic choice. It was due to all of the problems Spielberg and the crew had with the mechanical sharks that were used during filming.

• All three mechanical versions of “Bruce” proved unreliable from the beginning of the shoot. The animatronics stalled the first time one was put in the water, and the sharks sank to the seafloor several times, leaving divers scrambling to recover them.

Bikini waxing Microderm abrasions facials · eyebrow/eyelash tinting

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Cinema in America has entertained us with over a century of movie magic. Yet, during the making of some movies, equally unbelievable stories unfolded before the films ever hit the big screen.

2125 W. Broadway


• A fourth “Bruce” was made from the same mold as those used in the film. Although it never had a place in the filming of “Jaws,” it was employed at the Universal Theme Park from 1975 to 1990. • In Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 horror classic “The Birds,” people in a California beach town are suddenly terrorized by swarms of birds. As outlandish as the premise sounds, it was inspired by an incident only two years before where birds in Monterey Bay suddenly began crashing into local houses.

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• Many years later, the strange real-life occurrence that inspired “The Birds” was explained as the

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May 24 - May 30, 2012

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May 24 - May 30, 2012

Tidbits of Eastern Idaho - For Advertising Call (208) 525-5151 BEHIND THE MAGIC (continued):

result of toxic algae in the birds’ water supply.

• On June 8, 632, in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad, founder of Islam, dies in the arms of Aishah, his third wife. In 610, in a cave north of Mecca, Muhammad had a vision in which he heard God command him to become the Arab prophet of the “true religion.â€? He began having religious revelations, which he collected as the Qur’an. • On June 5, 1933, the United States goes off the gold standard, a monetary system in which currency is backed by gold. The Great Depression of the 1930s had frightened the public into hoarding gold. Roosevelt ordered all gold coins and gold certificates in denominations of more than $100 turned in for other money. • On June 4, 1942, the Battle of Midway -- one of the most decisive U.S. victories against Japan during World War II -- begins. During the four-day sea-and-air battle, the U.S. Pacific Fleet succeeded in destroying four Japanese aircraft carriers while losing only one of its own. • On June 9, 1956, one of the world’s topselling crime novelists, Patricia Cornwell, best known for her forensic pathologist character Dr. Kay Scarpetta, is born in Miami. Cornwell’s first novel, “Postmortem,â€? was released in 1990. • On June 7, 1962, the banking institution Credit Suisse opens the first drive-through bank in Zurich, Switzerland. The drivethrough featured eight glass pavilions and a sensor on the ground that activated a light trail that directed drivers to the next available bay. • On June 6, 1981, more than 500 passengers are killed when their train plunges into the Baghmati River in India. The rail accident was caused by an engineer who braked too hard to keep from hitting a cow that was crossing the tracks over a bridge. Seven cars derailed into the river. • On June 10, 1979, actor Paul Newman roars into second place in the 47th 24 Hours of Le Mans, the famous sports-car endurance race held annually in Le Mans, France. In 1969, Newman starred as a race-car driver in the movie “Winning,â€? performing many of the high-speed scenes himself without a stunt double.

• In the 1976 suspense blockbuster “The Omen,â€? a couple (played by Gregory Peck and Lee Remick) takes on the care of an orphan who may literally be the devil’s spawn. The filming of this movie was so crazy it inspired the documentary “The Curse of the Omen.â€? • Not one, not two, but three planes associated with “The Omenâ€? were hit by lightning during the shoot. Among those onboard during these three separate incidents were star Gregory Peck, screenwriter David Seltzer and executive producer Mace Neufeld. • Speaking of Mace Neufeld, his hotel during the “The Omenâ€? shoot was the object of an IRA bombing. A restaurant frequented by the cast and crew was also bombed. Luckily, no one was hurt in either incident. • The special effects coordinator of the film had the spookiest scrape. On Friday the 13th, 1976, he crashed his car in Holland. When he got out, he noticed the road sign. It read “Ommen, 66.6 km.â€? • In terms of sheer danger, the film shoot for the 1925 epic “Ben-Hurâ€? (the second of three cinematic adaptations of the novel of the same name) takes the cake. The chariot race in the film is still renowned for its realism, because the race was completely real. • “Ben-Hur’sâ€? director Fred Niblo wasn’t happy with the initial footage of the race, so he staged it again. The second time, he told the stunt drivers that the winner of the race would be given the equivalent of around $1,000. Drivers took the race so seriously that there was a huge pile-up of men and horses before the finish line. • Another scene in “Ben-Hur,â€? a huge sea battle between two ships, proved equally dangerous. Italian extras were recruited and separated by political affiliation (pro- or anti-fascist), then put on

(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.




(208) 525-5151

the two boats, to give the on-boat clashes more “realism.â€? • After separating the two sets of extras according to their violently opposed political affiliations, “Ben-Hur’sâ€? director gave all the men prop swords that had actually been sharpened, again for “realism.â€? • In Howard Hughes’ misbegotten 1956 epic “The Conqueror,â€? John Wayne played Genghis Khan. Filming was disastrous from the very start, when a flash flood nearly claimed the entire crew of the film. • Later, “The Conqueror’sâ€? lead actress, Susan Hayward, was attacked by a panther. Fortunately, she survived the attack and was able to carry on filming. • Most of the filming of “The Conquerorâ€? took place in St. George, Utah. Heat during filming regularly topped 120 degrees, and, unbeknownst to the performers, not far away in Yucca Flats, Nevada, were the military testing grounds for the atomic bomb. • Eleven atomic bombs were tested in Yucca Flats during filming of “The Conqueror.â€? Not only were the actors and crew exposed to dusts blown over from the nuclear test site, filmmakers unknowingly shipped 60 tons of the radioactive dirt back to Los Angeles for reshoots. • There aren’t many films more beloved than 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz,â€? starring Judy Garland. A little known fact is that she wasn’t the child actor the screenwriters had in mind for the part. Their choice for the part wasn’t a child actor at all: W.C. Fields! • In “The Wizard of Oz,â€? actress Margaret Hamilton offered one of the best villains in film history — The Wicked Witch of the West. Her performance was so good, in fact, that many of her scenes were trimmed down or even removed because they were too frightening. F

May 24 - May 30, 2012

Tidbits of Eastern Idaho - For Advertising Call (208) 525-5151

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Plan Now for Emergencies Q: I wanted to write and remind your readers to have a plan in place in case of natural disasters. I live in a hurricaneprone area, so I keep what I call a “hurricane kit� ready at all times. It’s stocked with first-aid supplies, food, water and other items that I can grab and throw into the car in case my family needs to evacuate. I also know the location of important papers so I can grab those, too. And I reserved a corner of my garage to store post-hurricane supplies like tarps, a generator and basic tools. I learned to do all this several years ago when a Category 3 hurricane passed through my town, but not until after the storm. Now I’m prepared before the storm. -- Curtis F., Orlando A: Thanks for reminding us all, Curtis! Organization is key to surviving during and after a natural disaster, fire or other calamity. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: --Prepare your family for the most likely scenario depending on your geographic location: hurricane, tornado, blizzard, wildfire, flood or other event. --Learn about and prepare for household emergencies, including fire, a gas leak, carbon monoxide leak, etc.

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--Create an escape plan and rehearse it with your family.

265 Northgate Mile Idaho Falls, ID 83401

--Create an evacuation kit that includes important papers, food, water, first aid, blankets and other essential items.

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--If you must shelter in place during a disaster, designate your home’s safe spot (basement, central room, closet or bathtub, for example), and make sure everyone knows to get there quickly.


--Create a post-disaster supply stash that includes several tarps (to cover damaged roof areas or create temporary shelter), a generator, canned foods, water and first aid, and store in a reinforced area if possible. Store gasoline away from the house at all times.

Lasik is a surgical treatment that will eliminate or reduce your need for glasses or contacts. Do you know the lifestyle benefits of Lasik?

HOME TIP: The University of Missouri offers a free disaster plan template. Download it here: EMW1011

No more blurry alarm clocks in the morning. After Lasik you have complete freedom to splash, swim, frolic, canoe, dive and ski in the water. No more hassle of glasses or solution, contact case and contacts everywhere you go. But most important, did you know that Lasik will pay for itself in just a few years?

(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. !"#$%&"$'&()")*$($"+,-)./&"!$0)&)#(1"12+%)31/"& ! !4&"5678&)9:46;6<&)=:<>964>?&

Affleck Eye Care provides free Lasik screening. Call to set up your free appointment, then do the math and see how much you will save!

/=64&@8<&A996BA:>6&9876CA4,&)DA6<>8&=:<:&95B:4E:&A496BA:>:& "##!$%!&'()'*!+,-'.)/!0+!12342! â&#x20AC;˘

! â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Apartment sizes available ! 2 bedroom, 1 bath ! 3 bedroom, 1 ! bath ! 4 bedroom, 2 bath 56*7!.)!-8)69!'*!.*:';6%! &<.'<.7=!.)!>.?6*!7'!@',)6@'(9! 6;A('=69!.*!B8<;!(8-'<%! C8,*9<=!<'';!'*!><',*9)! D@.(9<6*E)!A(8=><',*9


â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

(208) 523-4465 Tires Wheels Brakes Shocks Struts Alignment

--Include pets in your plans! Add pet food and medicines to your evacuation kit, along with a copy of their vaccination record and license. And keep their carry crate accessible.


3193 E. 17th (K-Mart Plaza) Ammon, ID 83404

Apartamentos disponibles de: ! 2 recamaras, 1 baĂąo ! 3 recamaras, 1 ! baĂąo ! 4 recamaras, 2 baĂąos 56*78!)6!-8)8!6*!),)!.*><6)')%!! F6!(6)!98!&<.'<.989!8!B8;.(.8)!G,6! 7<8-8H8*!6*!(8!8><.:,(7,<8%!! C8?8*96<I8!9.)A'*.-(6%! D8;A'!96!H,6>'!A8<8!(')!*.J')%!


523-6868 Idaho Falls






FR!STUCT!RF&TVWC "#$$%&'()!"#%&*'+!#,!-./0#!'1!/&!23%/+!4#%1'&5!677#8(%&'()!98#:'.;8!


! !

One Tree Counseling Child and Teen Counseling Divorce Mediation Registered Supervision


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May 24 - May 30, 2012

Tidbits of Eastern Idaho - For Advertising Call (208) 525-5151

THE PATH OF A STAR Among the countless actors and actresses that have graced our TVs or movie screens, there are an untold number of fascinating stories about how those men and women got there in the first place. Here are a few of the most interesting ones. • Although Elvis wasn’t primarily an actor (though he did appear in 31 movies between 1956 and 1969), his eighth grade teacher certainly encouraged acting over his eventual day job. She told him that he had no “aptitude for singing.” Fortunately, he politely disagreed with her appraisal and became the best-selling recording artist of all time. • Emmy-nominated actress Jane Lynch of the hit Fox show “Glee” got her first break from doing commercials for Frosted Flakes. She struck up a friendship with the commercials’ director, Christopher Guest. Later he would cast her for big spotlight roles in his films “Best in Show” and “A Mighty Wind.” • People strongly associate John Travolta with his starring role as Danny Zuko in the smash movie version of “Grease.” Yet five years earlier another future star played the same role in a theater production of “Grease.” He was a then little-known actor named Richard Gere. • Before he became the blockbuster superstar we know from such movies as “Rain Man” and “Mission: Impossible,” Tom Cruise considered a far different calling: priesthood. In fact, he told Parade magazine: “I looked at the priesthood and said, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’” Fortunately for Hollywood, he ultimately decided not to become “Father Cruise.” • Before becoming the world-famous director of the two highest-grossing movies of all time, “Titanic” and “Avatar,” James Cameron drove a bus for a living. • Long before winning an Oscar in 1997 for Best Supporting Actor in “Jerry Maguire,” Cuba Gooding worked as a back-up dancer for Lionel Richie. When Richie played the Olympics in 1984, Gooding was with him. • Mick Jagger once considered a more stable calling than “internationally famous rock star.” He originally studied to be an accountant at the London School of Economics. • Legendary actor Christopher Lee — who has appeared in over 275 movies and shows in his long, illustrious career — was once a heroic figure in another life, too. He was a Special Operations Executive during World War II, serving as part of an elite unit commissioned directly by Winston Churchill. • Also serving in the unit with Christopher Lee was Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. Many of Bond’s adventures were actually modeled after Fleming’s own experiences with the elite commando unit.

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• Kurt Russell has been on our TVs and movie screens since the 1970s, but did you know he was also a champion athlete? Before injury, Russell played minor league baseball. His batting average when he retired was .586! He was a pretty good race car driver also, winning six national championships before he was 21. F

Tidbits Classifieds

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May 24 - May 30, 2012

BATTLESHIP (PG-13)  Fri. - Sat.(1200 120 340) 420 650 730 955 1035 WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOUR EXPECTING (PG-13) Fri. - Sat.(115) 415 710 1005 THE DICTATOR (R) - ID REQ'D Fri. - Sat.(1250) 545 755 1020 DARK SHADOWS (PG-13) Fri. - Sat.(1255) 455 740 1025 MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS (DIGITAL) (PG-13) Fri. - Sat.(1230 110 345) 445 700 800 1015 MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS IN REAL D 3D EVENT PRICING (PG-13)  Fri. - Sat.(1145 300) 630 945 THE LUCKY ONE (PG-13) Fri. - Sat.(1225 PM) 1010 PM MIRROR MIRROR (PG) Fri. - Sat.(1130 AM) THE HUNGER GAMES (PG-13) Fri. - Sat.(330 PM) 705 PM MEN IN BLACK IN REAL D 3D - EVENT PRICING (PG-13)  Fri. - Sat.(100 200) 400 500 645 745 930 1030 MEN IN BLACK 3 (PG-13)  Fri. - Sat.(1150 130 230 315) 430 530 715 815 1000 1045 CHERNOBYL DIARIES (R) - ID REQ'D Fri.(1155 220) 450 725 950 Sat.(1155 220 450) 725 950 Times For 5/25 - 5/26

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Tidbits of Eastern Idaho - For Advertising Call (208) 525-5151




AMERICAN Dixie’s Diner ......... 2150 Channing Way ....... 542-1950

Advertise Here For as little as

By Samantha Weaver

Breakfast Buy 1 entree & get Lunch Dinner Served 2nd entree of equal or lesser value All Day (1 coupon per table)

$25 per mo.

• It was, unsurprisingly, comedian and writer W.C. Fields who said, “I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally.”

2150 Channing Way Idaho Falls

$70 per mo. (coupon)

• Even if you haven’t heard the They Might Be Giants song “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” you are probably aware that the Turkish metropolis has undergone name changes throughout its long history. It seems that when the name was Constantinople, it was common for residents of the area to refer to things “in the city,” which in the Aegean dialect of Greek is pronounced “is tan polin.” Eventually the name stuck, and in 1930 Turkish authorities formally adopted the name Istanbul.

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• The giant squid has the distinction of possessing the largest eyes of any animal -they’re as big as pie plates. • For a queen bee, laying 3,000 eggs is all in a day’s work. • Evidencing a drastic change in the nature of the United States since its agrarian beginnings, today only a quarter of Americans live in rural areas. • The next time you’re in the jungle observing gorillas, be sure to notice if one sticks out its tongue. That means it’s angry.


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May 24 - May 30, 2012

• In the filming of the original “Star Trek” television series, the ship’s transporter was used simply to cut costs. With it, characters could move from one set to another without having to shoot costly landing scenes. As a side note, the sparkling effect that could be seen when characters were transported was created by aluminum dust. • If you’re like the average American, you’ll eat nine pounds of peanuts this year. • Those who study such things say you’re more likely to be bitten by a mosquito if you’ve just eaten a banana. ***

The colossal Vulcan statue overlooking the Birmingham, Alabama, skyline has a rich history over a century long. • Vulcan, the ancient Roman god of the forge (a furnace shop that heats and molds metal), was first associated with Birmingham in 1885 when his image was used as advertisement for the hardware and home furnishings store George C. Kelley Company. • He was one of the rare ugly gods of ancient literature, and before the Vulcan statue was erected, Birmingham residents clashed over whether to create a statue of Vulcan or Mercury, the handsome god of commerce and travel, as a symbol for their city. • In the early 1900s, Alabama State Fair Manager James A. MacKnight elected that a statue of Vulcan would best represent the city’s growing industrial capabilities to be presented at the fair. • Built in 1904 from the design of Italian artist Giuseppe Moretti, the Vulcan statue is the largest cast iron statue in the world and the largest metal statue to ever be made in the United States. • Vulcan is 56 feet tall and made from 100,000 pounds of iron. Its pedestal is 124 feet, making Vulcan a combined 180 feet. • The statue was originally planned to be 50 feet tall; however, when residents learned that a 52foot statue of Buddha stood in Tokyo, they opted to increase Vulcan’s height. • After receiving the commission, Giuseppe Moretti was only given six months to complete the project. • Moretti constructed the full-size Vulcan plaster cast with 16 assistants in an abandoned church in New Jersey before it was transported to Birmingham. • When Vulcan arrived in Birmingham, he was not assembled correctly, with his left hand turned the wrong way and his right hand backward. As a result, he could not hold his hammer and spear.

Thought for the Day: “Eminent posts make great men greater, and little men less.” -- Jean de la Bruyere

• Vulcan’s hammer represents the tool he used in his forge, and the spear is a depiction of his completed work.

(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

• Since Vulcan originally couldn’t hold his spear, he was used as a marketing ruse. At different times, he held a giant ice cream cone, a soda bottle and a jar of pickles. • When Vulcan was first assembled, the Commercial Club’s Vulcan Committee charged 10 cents to see him. • Between 1896-1900, Vulcan became part of Birmingham’s Mardi Gras, with the king of the celebration parading around as King Vulcan. • In 1946, Vulcan’s spear hand was given a lighted torch to encourage safe driving. On days no one was killed in a car accident, it glowed green. If a fatality had occurred, it glowed red.



• Harsh weather conditions caused Vulcan to crack and be removed from his pedestal in 1999. He was restored and returned to his place atop Red Mountain in 2003.

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• After repairs were made to the 50-ton statue, and he was put back in his place, city leaders also created a corresponding revitalized historical park, now called Vulcan Park and Museum.

For more information go online to:

• Today, Vulcan Park and Museum is available to book for events, and has hosted corporate parties, cocktail parties, luncheons and wedding ceremonies and receptions. F

Tidbits of Eastern Idaho - For Advertising Call (208) 525-5151

May 24 - May 30, 2012

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Tidbits of Eastern Idaho is a great way to advertise your classifieds! Read by over 22,000 readers throughout Eastern Idaho including Shelley, Idaho Falls, Ammon, Ririe, Rigby, Rexburg, and Swan Valley. Just $9 for up to 20 words! While Tidbits of Eastern Idaho attempts to screen advertisers, we advise readers to use good judgement in responding to ad claims. Beware of “too good to be true” claims. Contact the appropriate consumer agency before sending payment. If a “company” offers you a loan for an advance fee, never, never send a payment, give credit card, bank account or personal information. For information on such loans, write FTS: Washington, DC, 20580. Phone numbers beginning with the “900” prefix are toll calls and you will be charged for calling such numbers.


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Arco. One Large Unit, One Smaller 2 Bdrm Unit. Much Restoration Done. Live In, Rent, Use For Recreation. Nice Cheap Housing. Make Reasonable Offer. 406-6600702


1998 Class C Winnebago Itasca Spirit 30’ Motor Home, Ford Triton 10 Cylinder Gas(65,000 miles), New Tires with warranty, Two upgraded LCD HD TV s/VCR/ DVD, 4.0 Onan Generator(98 hours). 208-745-6976


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sometime in 2013.

HOLLYWOOD -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, “The Gubernator,” is returning to action movies now that he’s no longer governor of California. For his comeback, he’s chosen “The Expendables 2,” alongside Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lungren, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis and “Thor,” Chris Hemsworth. Arnold kidded, “The Expendables 2’ has every action hero between 30 and 100!” It’s budgeted at $100 million and will be released Aug. 17, 2012. Come January 2013, we’ll see Arnold in “Last Stand” with Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker and Johnny Knoxville. He plays a smalltown sheriff pitted against a notorious drug kingpin and his gang. Schwarzenegger is currently shooting “The Tomb” with Sylvester Stallone, Jim Caviezel, Vincent D’Onofrio and 50 Cent. Stallone plays a prison designer who must escape from a prison he built and find the person who put him there. Arnold’s character name in this one is Swan. It will be released

Next month he shoots “The Unknown Soldier” for an April 2013 release. Then he goes into “Ten” and maybe a “Terminator” sequel. So much for those who said he couldn’t get elected dog catcher after his governorship and family scandal. Unlike politics, scandal fuels the box office, and he’ll “be back” with a vengeance! And now a tribute to real soldiers. The sixthannual GI Film Festival was just held in our nation’s capital, and celebrities such as Lou Diamond Phillips, William Devane, Pat Sajak, Joe Montegna, James Cromwell and Peter Berg mingled with politicos such as Ross Perot and Reps. Jeff Davis (R-Ky.) and Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.). The centerpiece of the Festival was the film “Doughboy,” which stars Terry Kiser (“Weekend at Bernie’s”). The term “Doughboys” originated after the Mexican-American War, and they too are veterans who should never be overlooked as heroes who sacrificed for our country. Two-time Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman (“Kramer vs. Kramer” and “Rain Man”) hopes to change his luck after the sudden cancellation of his HBO series “Luck” by directing the comedy film “Quartet,” due out next year. He’s cast great actors: Tom Courtenay (Oscar nominated for “The

Dresser”); Oscar winner Maggie Smith (“The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”) and all the “Harry Potter” films, as well as “Downton Abbey”; Michael Gambon (“The King’s Speech”); and Billy Connolly from TV’s “Head of the Class,” “The Last Samurai” (with Tom Cruise) and the “Hobbit” films. The “Quartet” live happily in a home for retired opera singers until diva Maggie Smith arrives to complicate matters. If Maggie channels opera-diva Maria Callas, we’ll get to see just how “callous” a diva can be! (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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May 24 - May 30, 2012

Tidbits of Eastern Idaho - For Advertising Call (208) 525-5151


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Buying, Selling Home

Two online real-estate sites, Zillow and Trulia, are good places to get not only baseline information, but to learn tricks of the trade.

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Rental -- Zillow can help determine the correct rental price for your property if you decide not to sell.


Some features of --Search for homes by price, features and open houses -- Get smartphone alerts when there is activity on properties you’re interested in.

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--Review school ratings, crime and business comments from those who live locally or participate in the Q&A forum. --Read articles by real-estate experts on topics ranging from avoiding surprises in the buying process, to how to making springtime changes to attract buyers.

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Whether you’re buying or selling this year, schedule an information-only talk with a local real-estate agent. Seek professional advice in advance of taking any steps toward buying or selling. In short, gather all the information you can before you move forward. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc. ANSWERS

1) New; 2) Cyrus; 3) 40; 4) 2; 5) 90; 6) Esau

1. Is the book of Titus in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. From Isaiah 45, whom did God ask, “Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it”? Gideon, Peter, Cyrus, Elijah 3. For how many days did Goliath take his stand for a man to fight him? 2, 6, 10, 40 4. From Acts 5 and 12, how many times was Peter delivered from prison by an angel? 2, 5, Dozen, 70 5. Which Psalm is a prayer of Moses, the man of God? 23, 90, 117, 150 6. Who sold his birthright for a pottage of lentils? Cain, Jacob, Esau, Able (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Tidbits of Eastern Idaho #708  
Tidbits of Eastern Idaho #708  

Tidbits of Eastern Idaho