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Nasal congestion remedies will vary based on the type of nasal congestion. Some congestion is caused by allergens, while others can be as a result of common colds, unusually tiny nasal passage among others. In situations where nasal congestions are directly because of allergens, it only requires that the allergens be taken away from the surroundings. Nasal congestions that occur in children and adults can be treated with home remedies that will alleviate the congestion, such remedies are: Vapour In this situation the use of a steam inhaler would help in clearing the system, but in the absence of the inhaler, then boiling a pot of hot water works the same miracle, as all you would have to do is sit over this water with a towel held over your head. The steam from the pot will clear the congestion. Homemade Normal Saline applying with a Nasal Rubber Syringe Decongestants and other nasal sprays have been known to make the situation worst and so, making the normal saline works ideally. By the use of a teaspoon, one should add two teaspoons of table salt and two cups of lukewarm water, mix them together, then apply the solution with the nasal rubber syringe. This homemade remedy not only unblocks the mucus build up but also removes pollens and other things that could have contributed to the blockage. Retaining the correct Position in Bed Once an individual lies down or just decides to keep a flat position while in bed while having a runny nose, then their situation would worsen. You can use nasal congestion remedies that do not even ask you to make any solution, but simply utilising several pillows to prop you up in a sitting like position. Once you are like this you are more likely to experience runny nose since the mucus at the stage is permitted to drain freely. Young Children Nasal Congestion Remedies that Can be Done at Home Babies for the first six months only understand to breathe through their nostrils and therefore, the responsibility of the parent is to keep their little passages clear from mucus, since this will in turn interfere with the eating and resting routines. Babies and young children cannot be given vapour treatment and therefore, pediatricians strongly advise that saline treatment be used to clear up congestions. In cases where the nasal congestion is very bad, then infant nasal aspirators are used to suction the mucus from the child's nostril. Parents are also encouraged to keep the moisture levels in infant's room at acceptable levels by using a humidifier.

If your child suffers from nasal congestion, you might use a nasal aspirator to bring them relief.

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==== ==== For more information on Nasal Congestion Remedies ==== ====

Natural Nasal Congestion Remedies