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AIMS Readme 1. Enhancements a. Resource assignments i. Now included on the “Add Project Resources” page are three new required fields 1. Recruiter – The name of the recruiter credited with finding the resource. 2. Req# - The requisition number, in cBizOne, for which this position relates to. 3. Sales Person – The name of the Account Manager assigned to the client and tied to the requisition number.

b. cBizOne integration Phase I – “Sales Created” Flag i. When adding new project resources, AIMS will check a newly created flag in cBizOne, on the requirements form, that indicates if the requirement was generated by the VMS system or by the Account Manager. This flag will be editable when viewing/updating resource assignment records.

Sales Created flag added to cBizOne Requirement form. c. Viewing/Updating Assignments Columns i. Four new columns added to the Resource Assignments page. Cloumns may be updated by resource coordinators and PM’s 1. Recruiter Name 2. cBizOne Requisition Number 3. Sales Person Name 4. cBizOne Sales Created flag

d. Administration i. An “Administration” tab has been added to AIMS to manage the list of Recruiters and Sales People. Accessible only to Resource Coordinators.

2. Fixes a. Updating Project End Dates i. A problem which prevented an authorized user from updating or removing a project End Date from the “Manage Projects” page has now been resolved. 3. Changes a. Creating/Adding New Projects i. The project End Date field has been removed from the form when adding new projects from the “Manage Projects” page.


AIMS Release Notes

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