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COME WITH US AS A VOLUNTEER? Tjeko is definitely not just valuable for children. The impact on the entire team, teachers and parents is just as big.

Come along with TJEKO


As participant of a Tjeko Trip you get the chance to be involved with the Tjeko Fun Fair (TFF) and to connect with children who have never really had the chance to be a child.

An example schedule of an 18-day-long Tjeko trip around Jinja: DAY 1: Arrival in Uganda.

It’s the ideal opportunity to visit Uganda and do something for the many children there. The TFF offers you a chance to have an incredible time where you not only get to experience life in Uganda, but also how fun and playing affect children.

DAY 2: On your way to Jinja, you will enjoy a tour through Kampala and you have the chance to get used to the Ugandan climate.

DAY 3: Get to know the Ugandan volunteers and discover Jinja and surrounding area.

Through local schools, orphanages and development organizations, we reach children who suffer daily and struggle to survive. We will offer them fun - a bit of tjeko in their life.

You can participate as a group or as an individual. We will make sure that we become a close-knit team.

‘It was amazing to see the big Tjeko tent filled with hundreds of little faces every day. I’ll never forget the enthusiasm of these kids. It was hard work at the Tjeko Fun Fair, but it was for a wonderful cause. It was one big party with a lot of dancing, singing, games and of course the play. After four weeks in Uganda, I can say that I’ve become even more enthusiastic. And Tjeko is definitely not only valuable for children. The impact on the entire team, teachers and parents is just as big. It’s awesome!’ Eline [25], team leader at the Tjeko Fun Fair Uganda Eline [25], teamleader during the Tjeko Fun Fair Uganda

DAY 4-13: THE TJEKO FUN FAIR! You’ll be assigned to assist in a different area each day. You’ll also visit local schools, orphanages and surrounding villages.

JUST THE THING FOR YOU! Tjeko is looking for passionate people who are willing to help us and join us on Tjeko Trips for a few weeks. We would love to utilize your talents and experience. Are you good with children, are you good at entertaining or handy? Whether you are first aid certified, a carpenter, sports coach, manager, or have experience in marketing, etc. Tjeko Trips is looking for you!


WHAT WILL WE BE DOING? From June through to August several Tjeko Trips will be organized. With the ‘Build It’ Trip, you will be building Tjeko. Literally, by performing maintenance on existing attractions and building new ones. Or figuratively, by training Ugandan volunteers in their preparation weeks. With the ‘Do It’ Trip, you will be an actual part of running the Tjeko Fun Fairs. You’ll be given responsibilities that suit your interests and skill-set.

Departure Dates

Tjeko Trip ‘Build It’

DAY 14: Om de Tafel

June 18 t/m July 12 2012

Time to evaluate your experiences with your team and...say good-bye.

July 5 t/m July 25 2012

DAY 15-17: After your Tjeko Trip, you’ll go on a threeday tour through Uganda. For example, you could be going on a safari through a National Park or rafting on the Nile.

DAY 18: After two weeks, you get to look back on an experience that has changed your life, as well as the lives of Ugandan children.

Tjeko Trip ‘Do It 1’

Tjeko Trip ‘Do It 2’

July 30 t/m Aug 20 2012


Trip fees Safari fees * Total

€ 860 € 435 € 1295

ude: do not incl These fees and a sa Vi a r fo 0 Airfare, $5 y. lic po n cancellatio


NOT ENOUGH? Do you feel that you have more to contribute after reading the description? You can apply to be a trip leader. You will stay in Uganda for about 4 weeks and share the responsibility of co-ordinating one or two Tjeko Trips. This will include communication with the Ugandan leadership of Tjeko and watching over the planning for your fellow Trippers. What are we looking for? You are adventurous and are not thrown off by last-minute changes. You are good at improvising, have excellent

communication skills, are sensitive to cultural differences and know how to handle them. You share Tjeko’s ethics and values and have a good command of the English language. Of course, we will make sure that you will be briefed and coached out of The Netherlands. As trip leader, you will receive a discount on the trip fees.

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT TRIPS COMING THIS SUMMER? - Go to and click on ‘Projects’ - E-mail us at - Or call Arwin and Eline Rammeloo at: +31 (0)172 - 88 92 86 (leaders of Tjeko Trips)

Tjeko Trips 2012 - ENGLISH  

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