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Jenny & Nate July 31, 2010

Guest Guide

Dearest Friends and Family, Thank you for sharing this special day with us. Each and every one of you have made an indelible impact on our lives, both as individuals and as a couple. We are so excited and honored that you can be here with us as we begin the rest of our lives together. It is our sincere hope that our friends will become friends, and to that end, we have constructed this book to help guide you through introductions. Enclosed you'll get a little glimpse into the lives of all our favorite people. So go mingle, meet some new people and make some new memories.

2 Jenny & Nate

Love, Jenny and Nate

Jenny & Nate 3

Jenny’s Family

Xander & Meadow Allen

Tiffany Allen

Current Location: Madison, WI

Current Location: Madison, WI

Occupation: Xander: 5-year-old


Meadow: 3-year-old


Fun Fact About Yourself: Xander: I love “Chicken Donalds” (kid code for McDonalds)

Fun Fact About Yourself: I’ve watched “Twilight” and “New Moon” a combined total of forty times and counting!

and I love to swim and I know my ABCs.

Meadow: I make a really cute ducky face.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Give each other space.

4 Jenny’s Family

Jenny’s Family 5

Sherry Freiberg

Rogette Koby, Cedric Jackson & Naveya Jackson

Current Location: Eldorado, WI

Occupation: Retired Educator (Teacher, Librarian, Principal, Technology Director, College Professor)

Fun Fact About Yourself: I love to travel! The picture was taken at Giza in Egypt.

Best piece of advice for the Couple: (From someone who has been married for 46 years!) Be flexible! What you want isn’t always what your partner wants, so be willing to put your own needs aside at times.

Current Location: Sun Prairie, WI

Occupations: Rogette: Bank Manager Cedric: Sole Proprietor/Cleaning Company Naveya: 3-year-old

Fun Fact About Yourselves: We have a beautiful 3 (almost 4) yr old & a 120lb Bull Mastiff

Best piece of advice for the Couple: Continue to look into each other’s eyes. Don’t just look at them…look into them. It can help you both understand one another’s state of mind. 6 Jenny’s Family

Jenny’s Family 7

Nate’s Family

Esther Tan

Eva Tan & Neil Tan Current Location: Ridgefield, CT

Occupations: Eva: Executive Director, Samaritan Health Center Neil: Executive Pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church

Fun Fact About Yourselves: We first met while remodeling a ministry meeting house in Sheffield, England. We both love ethnic foods (taste trumps presentation!).

Favorite memory of the Couple: When we first took Jenny out to dinner at Bailey’s Backyard in Ridgefield. Nate and Jenny with us in Paris last year.

8 Nate’s Family

Current Location: Ridgefield, CT; Chicago/Wheaton, IL; Kigali, Rwanda

Occupation: Student

Fun Fact About Yourself: I like to travel although I haven’t been to as many places as my brother. I play soccer at school. I go to the same college as both my brother and sister.

Favorite Memory: Being the couple’s personal photographer in Switzerland.

Nate’s Family 9

Hannah & Andrew Follett

Rodney,Yuk-Lin, Rachel & Timothy Tan

Current Location: Elstree, England


Oak Park, IL

Rodney “The Boss:” Architect Yuk-Lin “The Real Boss:” Community Development Manager Rachel aka “Raty:” Aspiring Architect Tim aka “ Tim Top Tan:” Not decided, but not an architect!


Fun Fact About Yourselves:

Current Location:

Andrew: Marketing Consultant Hannah: Physician Assistant

Fun Fact About Yourselves: We love traveling and we went to Kauai for our honeymoonjust like Nate and Jenny!

Favorite Memory of the Couple: The first time we saw Jenny was when she and Nate were walking out from the train station in Boston and Nate was carrying her we knew he must REALLY like her. 10 Nate’s Family

Rodney: Missed his chance to be famous when he turned down an invitation by a film crew to appear in a national advert. Ahem... Yuk-Lin: Her claim to fame is teaching HM the Queen how to play Mahjong. Tsk tsk... Rachel: Blames her inability to be on time for any appointment because of her short legs. Mmm... Tim: So fast in his swimming race starts that his trunks often slip off. Deary me...

Favorite Memory of the Couple: Summer 2009. Their visit to Ma Ma (Grandma) at the Arkley nursing home in London to tell her about their recent engagement.

Nate’s Family 11

Hilary Devenport & Brian Devenport

Seton Leung & Peter Algar Current Location: London, England

Occupations: Seton: Business Consultant Peter: International Tax Consultant

Current Location: Chester, England Occupations: World Travelers Fun Fact About Yourselves: Hilary used to be a DJ.

Fun Fact About Yourselves: Peter was once a budding young cornet player in a brass band. Nate’s mum Eva looked after Seton as a baby in Devon, England.

Favorite Memory of the Couple: Nate’s disappearing act at our grandmother’s 80th birthday banquet, only to re-emerge a couple of hours later confessing to having taken a nap in between courses.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: (from Peter) The woman is always right (no exceptions).

12 Nate’s Family

Nate’s Family 13

David & Anne Cant Current Location:

Jenny’s High School Friends

Wylam, a very pretty village in Northumberland, England

Occupations: David: Vicar in the Church of England Anne: Retired Primary school teacher

Fun Fact About Yourselves: We both hate gooseberries and neither of us can ride a bike!!

Favorite Memory of the Couple: We remember when Nathan was just about a year old, we went to visit Neil, Eva and him in their house in Telford, Shropshire. We told our three children on the way there that they would probably get rice for dinner and they must all be polite and eat it. When we got there Eva announced that she had done chips for the children as Nathan didn’t like rice! Three cheesy grins across the table from our three. We can see that Jenny is very attractive and very smiley and we look forward to getting to know her better.

14 Nate’s Family

Laura & Luke Lauderback Current Location: West Bend, WI

Occupations: Luke: Senior Communications Specialist at Mercury Marine Laura: High School Librarian

Fun Fact About Yourselves: Our first kiss was at midnight on New Year’s Eve the night we met.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: The woman is always right...j/k. Although not advice would be to always communicate with each other and stay connected. Take vacations & go on getaways as much as life to the fullest:)

Jenny’s High School Friends 15

Teah Strandjord & James McGinnis Current Location:

Jenny’s College Friends U. of Wisconsin

New York City - Tribeca

Occupation: Teah: Actress Jim: Hedge Fund MD, Energy

Alissa Burnett & Tim Burnett

Fun Fact About Yourselves:

Wausau, WI

Teah: I can wiggle my ears. Jim: I have an elk named Lou.

Favorite Memory of the Couple: When I first moved to New York a year and a half ago, Jenny (my Madison, WI middle and high school friend) and I reconnected after more than ten years. Nate was in Charlottesville finishing his MBA, and therefore I got to know him through stories. When Jenny and I would meet for a glass of wine or dinner, Jenny would tell me about their relationship... being Nate’s boss in advertising, becoming great friends over TV nights, passing notes between their cubicles, and Nate’s profession of love and statement, “If I need to choose between you and work, I choose you.” It was so clear to me how deeply she was in love with him.

16 Jenny’s High School Friends

Current Location: Occupations: Alissa: Web Marketing Account Manager Tim: Attorney

Fun Fact About Yourselves: We are winos! We own over 250 bottles of wine.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple:

photo was taken at Zion National Park in Utah

Be patient with each other. Laugh often and be quick to forgive. Enjoy!

Jenny’s College Friends 17

Dani Hannahan & JT Eberly

Anita & Kevin Jackson Current Location: The boogie down Bronx

Occupations: Anita: Senior Legal Assistant Kevin: IT Project Analyst

Fun Fact About Yourselves: Current Location: Chicago, IL

Occupations: JT: Sales- Agilysys (IT sales) Dani: Sales- MillerCoors (beer sales, more fun)

We met on

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: The taking it to the next level with house cleaning stuff.

Fun Fact About Yourselves: We are both doing a triathlon in 2 weeks- JT is doing a sprint and I am doing a half Ironman. Sometimes I think I’m crazy!

Favorite Memory of the Couple: My favorite memory of you as a couple was the first weekend I met Nate and we all went out for Halloween- so much fun! My advice to you is to place each other as the most important person in your life- you must have a strong foundation to build a strong family :) 18 Jenny’s College Friends

Jenny’s College Friends 19

Shannon & Dave Natker

Morgan Stoddard

Current Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Occupations: Dave: Product Business Manager Shannon: Senior Apparel Merchandiser

Fun Fact About Yourselves:

Current Location: Washington, D.C.

Met while neighbors (and Shannon was roommates with Jenny) sophomore year of college at University of Wisconsin.


Favorite Memory of the Couple:

Fun Fact About Yourself:


Does hearing stories about Jenny’s illicit new romance with her younger assistant (Nate) count?

I have a 2-year-old Scottie named Nessie.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple:

Enjoy this day, each other, and your life together.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple:

Enjoy each other’s company. Don’t get caught up in the small things­–just be happy!! 20 Jenny’s College Friends

Jenny’s College Friends 21

Morgan Young & Chris Cherney

Nate’s High School Friends

Ryan Ragan

Current Location: Madison, WI

Occupations: Morgan: Attorney Chris: Trophy Boyfriend

Current Location:

Fun Fact About Yourselves:


Morgan was legally dead for 8 minutes. Chris was born on Friday the 13th.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Always be true to yourselves. 22 Jenny’s College Friends

Newtown, CT


Fun Fact About Yourself: Flies planes in his spare time. Charter member of the Brookfield High School wrestling program. Nate’s High School Friends 23

Jason Shaver Current Location:

Nate’s College Friends Wheaton College

Danbury, CT

Occupation: Drifter

Fun Fact About Yourself: I still dream of being a professional surfer.

Favorite Memory of the Couple: You two making out on a random boat on the Hudson while I struggled to play it cool with a bunch of New Yorkers on a fateful Halloween night many years ago.

Jonathan Calderon Current Location: Melbourne, FL

Occupation: Dentist

Fun Fact About Yourself: A partner at David Yates’ (page 31) father’s dental practice.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Trust that God is growing each of you into who He made you to be. It might not be exactly what you’re expecting, but trust that it’s good and go after it together.

24 Nate’s High School Friends

Nate’s College Friends 25

Rob Crawford

Michelle Ekwall & Justin Ekwall Current Location: Chicago, IL

Occupations: Justin: Law Student, Northwestern Michelle: Research Assistant, Field Museum

Fun Fact About Yourselves: Current Location: Augusta, GA

Occupation: Orthodontic Resident

Fun Fact About Yourself:

We love camping, and last week we considered pressing criminal charges against a raccoon that owes us a pack of Hershey’s Special Dark.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Remember that the other person is never doing anything intentionally to annoy you. Or at least assume that.

I’ve bungee jumped Victoria Falls, I had five wisdom teeth, and I recently discovered the wonderful game of Backgammon.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Don’t take each other for granted, keep dating each other even after tying the knot. Oh, and don’t let Mark (page 30) make a toast at your wedding. 26 Nate’s College Friends

Nate’s College Friends 27

Jamie Exley

Jonathan Lewis

Current Location:

Current Location: Huntington, WV

Chicago, IL

Occupation: Occupation:

Medical Student

Photographer/ Photographer’s Assistant

Fun Fact About Yourself:

Fun Fact About Yourself: I have a donut named after me–the “Sexley.” And yes–it contains bacon.

I once owned a life-sized standup of Shaquille O’Neal that caused Nate to stand on a chair and say “You’re not so big Shaq! You’re not so big!”

Favorite Memory of the Couple: Favorite Memory of the Couple: It would have to be the time Justin Ekwall and I went to visit Nate for my Birthday–July 2007. Nate and Jenny took me out to dinner at Fig & Olive down in the meatpacking district, and the whole evening was just really great. I love seeing them any chance I get when in NYC.

28 Nate’s College Friends

Unfortunately, not many to chose from when y’all were a couple, but mine would be meeting Jenny for the first time during MLK weekend 2005 in New York. Nate’s apartment was being overrun by his college friends, and I remember being very impressed at how interested Jenny was in getting to know his friends. After seeing her interact with us and him all weekend, I thought that there could be something there with these two.

Nate’s College Friends 29

Mark McIntosh

David Yates

Current Location: Nashville, TN (well, Athens, Greece “currently” and Budapest, Hungary by the time this email gets sent, but...)

Occupation: Athletic Trainer

Fun Fact About Yourself: I almost never eat dessert.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: I’m not married, so I won’t presume to give advice.

Favorite Memory of the couple: I had a great time hanging out in Wheaton/Chicago the whole weekend last summer at Ek’s (Justin Ekwall–page 27) wedding with the both of you. Having known Nate for forever, and only having met Jenny briefly a few years before, it was really great to see you guys together as a couple and experience that.You seemed completely comfortable together, supportive of one another and to genuinely enjoy just being around each other, which are things that can last a lifetime.

30 Nate’s College Friends

Current Location: Dallas, TX

Occupation: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Resident

Fun Fact About Yourself: Die hard Florida Gator fan.

Nate’s College Friends 31

Nate’s Business School Friends Darden

Danny Martin Current Location: Washington, DC

Shannon Hogan Current Location: New York, NY

Occupation: Equity Sales Trader

Fun Fact About Yourself: Wants to marry Sid the Kid.

Occupation: Management Consultant

Fun Fact About Yourself: I’ve attended medical school in the Caribbean. First officer to respond to a military jet crash in Kuwait. Has gotten (kind of) lost in snowcovered Yosemite back country with Nate and the bachelors.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Nate, touch her back. Jenny, put your hand in his. Do both as frequently as possible.

32 Nate’s Business School Friends

Nate’s Business School Friends 33

Brett Nicol

Connecticut Friends

Current Location: San Francisco, CA

Occupation: Original Forgetful Gentleman

Joan & Jim Eden

Fun Fact About Yourself:

Current Location:

Founded Forgetful Gentleman with Nate out of Darden. I’m the “forgetful” half of the partnership, while Nate is the “gentleman.”

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Make sure to take time on Sunday to watch Rex Ryan’s NY Jets defense.

(Children: Charlie & Amanda Eden)

Bethel, CT

Occupations: Jim: Director, Finance–Statoil North America Joan: House Wife

Fun Fact About Yourselves: Jim loves boating and chocolate ice cream. Joan loves her dog Travis and McDonalds french fries with salt.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Now that you are married, drop the “I” and talk about “We.”

34 Nate’s Business School Friends

Connecticut Friends 35

Arlene Haynes Current Location:

New York City Friends

Danbury, CT

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Fun Fact About Yourself: As a young mother, I once taught snow skiing and I was on the ski patrol.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Establish healthy boundaries for family and friends. They may offer advice or ask questions that make you and your husband feel uncomfortable and/or criticized, such as, “When are you going to give us a grandchild?” If someone’s comments hurt you or your husband, talk it out to make sure you aren’t being overly sensitive. Then discuss it with the friend or family member as soon as possible--out of love. If not addressed immediately, feelings of resentment can hurt your relationship with your family and will affect your marriage.

36 Connecticut Friends

David & Mary Catherine Amadu Current Location: White Plains, NY

Occupations: David: Graduate Student Mary Catherine: Kindergarten Teacher

Fun Fact About Yourselves: We recently moved back to the New York City area after just one year upstate in Rochester. We sure won’t miss the snow!

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Have fun with each other, and enjoy your life together. You’re a beautiful couple, and we wish you all the best!

NewYork City Friends 37

Sara Brook

Jaime Vitrano & Dave Crowley

Current Location: New York, NY

Occupation: Kindergarten teacher

Fun Fact About Yourself: I recently took a trip to Ecuador.

Favorite Memory of the couple: Seeing AC Slater from Saved by the Bell at the Plaza! (when we went with Nate’s coworkers from Atlanta!)

Current Location: Astoria, NY

Occupations: David: Attorney Jaime: Graduate Student/Adjunct Professor

Fun Fact About Yourselves: We are expecting a baby in January!

Best piece of advice for couple: Remember to always laugh with (and at) each other!

38 NewYork City Friends

NewYork City Friends 39

Christina Wong & Dave Kolesnikow

Christina Luccio Current Location: New York, NY

Occupation: Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher through TFA; now Associate, Strategy on Human Assets Team at TFA

Fun Fact About Yourself: I take aerial silks classes in NYC and have been doing circus arts for 10 years.

Current Location: Weehawken, NJ

Favorite Memory of the couple:


Favorite memory has to be walking into the dorm at Institute, seeing Jenny, Nate, and Eva, and wondering if Jenny was adopted. I feel SO lucky to have gotten so close with all of you!

“Professional Killer” (Dave wanted to say that.. ) and Account Supervisor (that’s just my alias..)

Best piece of advice for couple: Fun Fact About Yourselves: We are Krav Maga partners and we like bikes.

Best Piece of Advice for the Couple: Never go to sleep angry at each other. Always kiss and make up! And say I love you!

40 NewYork City Friends

(sorry wanted to do both) I really admire how great you guys are at balancing friend/relationship time.You both have such strong senses of individuality yet also complement and bring out the best in each other. I would just encourage you to keep doing exactly that as your relationship grows.

NewYork City Friends 41

Alexis & Brett Wagner

In loving memory of... Lauren Pennell aka “Mom”

Current Location: New York, NY

Occupations: Brett: Associate Publisher at Black Book Alexis: Digital Associate Director at MediaVest

Doloris Freiberg aka “Mimi” & Howard Freiberg aka “Papa”

Fun Fact About Yourselves: We just returned from our honeymoon in the Maldives.

“We miss you, love you and think about you everyday.”

42 NewYork City Friends

In Memoriam 43

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