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In today’s current climate we know at TJB Advertising that all businesses are looking for the most effective and productive form of marketing, and direct sales has proven to be the smartest method for an ever-growing number of businesses worldwide. What we provide at TJB is exactly that. We know that engaging a customer face to face has the greatest impact in supplying our array of both UK based and international clients with the results they need in today’s competitive business environment. TJB provides sales and marketing solutions working alongside some of the world’s largest charities as well as a number of prolific sporting organisations. Due to the on going results from our tried and tested business module this list continues to grow rapidly. One thing that all of our clients have in common is that they know when marketing a brand, creating interest is very different to creating action. Because at TJB Advertising we simply believe when creating action the personal approach works every time, the value we place on our relationships with the customer instantly sets us apart from our competitors. Our key objective is to always deliver a high standard of customer service so our sales coaching and business development program ensures that our clients are represented to the highest standard and the representatives we contract are the best possible brand ambassadors.


At TJB Advertising we have a great company culture, the team is highly motivated, enthusiastic and goal orientated.

We like to think at TJB Advertising. We have created a good balance between a fun and lively working environment whilst at the same time still have a very professional approach to what we do here. Just one of our core values is to provide opportunity; we have huge growth plans and What will ensure our ability to continue to grow is the time we spend in investing and developing the team. We run coaching session’s everyday, and a one on one mentoring programme allowing ambitious individuals to thrive and progress within our company. As a brand new company, our ultimate goal is to offer each and every member of the team an opportunity, and to coach and train through every step of the process and to increase their skillset. which will most definitely help take the business to the next level. TJB Advertising progression structure allows us to give the same opportunity to each member of the team. As a business we feel if someone is willing to put hard work and time into our company, we should give something back, so in essence what we do is put their future in their hands, and offer them the opportunity to progress and develop based on effort and results as apposed to the ‘typical’ elements that matter in other day to day business.


After stumbling upon the industry completely by accident while studying economics at university, never before had I experienced such a group of enthusiastic, diverse and ambitious individuals, and within a short space of time direct sales had me hooked! I realized quickly the industry I was suddenly immersed in was one of the fastest growing industries. EVERY BUSINESS IS ALWAYS GOING TO NEED CUSTOMERS – and a lot of them. That matched with my hunger for success meant I could play a part in that growth. Now the goal is simple - TO PLAY AS BIG A PART AS POSSIBLE. 2014 is set to be a huge year for TJB Advertising , as client demand for long term , quality customers has never been stronger. That , coupled with the incredible team we have that makes the company a pleasure to run, I think the possibilities for us are endless. Paul Barrigan

Managing Director


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After stumbling upon the industry completely by accident while studying economics at university, never before had I experienced such a group...