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Thibault Jan Beyer

may 2016


Hi, I’m Thibault Jan Beyer an ambitious full time designer and developer. Currently living, learning, working and playing in Cologne/Bonn, Germany.

Thank you for taking your time to browse through my portfolio



Communication Design 2013 – 2016 • Cologne Design Academy (KDA)

Edenspiekermann_ 2016 • Intern Digital Design

Digital Publishing 2015 • Summerschool, Friends of Design, South Africa

agentur-rubbeldiekatz 2013 – 2016 • Designer

Movie Industry 2009 – 2013 • 6 Different Jobs Theology & Philosophy 2010 – 2013 • UNI Bonn

Subway Germany 2012 – 2013 • Supervisor Der Bergdoktor ZDF 2010 • Stage Design

Holliday Camp Hotti 2012 • Honorary Supervisot High School Diploma (A Levels) 2003 – 2009 • Belgium Focus: Sociology & Psychology

International Filmschool Cologne 2009 • Film Technology Primary School 1994 – 2003 • Belgium

Escalator A website about the most unseen type of urban mobility. Challenging the traditional browsing habits. To mimic an escalator, you start at the bottom of the page and then browse up. Another feature is the 3D escalator built entirely in CSS. Which was never done before. Read more Visit Website

Outdoor Gym As allrounder at agentur-rubbeldiekatz in bonn I was responsible for the design and development of various websites. Outdoor Gym is a fitness plattform for people with overweight offering outdoor training. Read more

The Vanilla Band The Vanilla is a boy band from Cape Town, South Africa. This website is part of the complete rebranding I did for them. It conveys happy feelings and the easy life. Read more Visit Website

Experience Drugs This microsite was made as part of a marketing strategy for a popup book we developed at university. It is an interactive website where you can feed Jon Doe with drugs which triggers different psychadelic animations. Read more Visit Website

All versions of my Portfolio Since I’m constantly improving, I try to update my web-portfolio every year to reflect my latest learnings. I archive all versions online which gives a very good overview on how my webdesign and development skills evolved through the years. Although not complete the archive reaches back to 2002 when I was 11. Read more

you’re tÄ lking to me?

Branding Develop a strong concept with a tremendous branding for a fictive fashion label. Read more

One Day Project We had one day to pick a product with very bad design and redesign it. Read More

Zoo postcards

A postcard to send to your beloved ones. Aim: getting more people to support the zoo with donations by raising interest. Read More

Anon Chat Webdesign and development of an anonimous peer to peer chat. Read more Visit Website

Tampons Packaging In need of a real challenge, I choose to redesign the Ava Secrets tampon’s packaging. Researches online (forums, discussions, reviews) and offline (asking friends, sneaking around stores, observing customer behaviour) has proven that a lot of women still have issues publicly buying tampons. They consider it as embarrassing. Read more

Black Diamond Christmas is over – the jeweler Black Diamond is planning a valentine incentive. He want’s to give away chocolate. I came up with the idea of jewelery made out of chocolate, given away, in store, for free. There is a ring for each type of relationship: love, friendship and hatred. Reactions will be shared on social media with the hashtag #ringagirl. Read more

PPLZ ELECTRO ELECTRO For our last editorial-design project we had to create a music magazine. The content was up to us. As I invented a lunatic artist named Mr. Medz, my work ended being an art/music/ fluxus/dadaism crossover. Read more Listen

Noir A top-to-bottom research on noir led me to a German Democratic Republic (GDR) jail story. I invented a survival game based on the real story: survive as long as you can within a GDR prison, security guards will try to kill you. This suitcase, filled with a comic, posters, postcards and a lot more, is the Teaser Box, which players would get if they buy the limited special edition game box. Read more

A cookbook on the world’s spiciest dishes. Project in cooperation with Chiara Hafen. Read more

Typographical posters for an event on typography in bonn. Read more

Creative Campaign Fraport Cargo Services (FCS) needed a new creative campaign to boost their sales. They needed a key visual that reflects their identity. It will be presented as part of a brand relaunch (probably mid 2015). This project was a student competition where I reached the last level. Read more

Cartoon World – Designing a scene – Inventing & modeling a character – Building a 3D typography – Building a Low-Poly Background Read more

i22 Box As designer for agentur-rubbeldiekatz I’ve built this neat 3D prototype for the agency i22. One of the largest German web agencies. The prototype was made for the client to have an idea on how the real product would look like. To ensure a perfect representation, I worked with the bookbinder to get as close to the real box as possible. Using the exact same dimensions and an extremely accurate replica of the real material. Read more

H책CKABEER A beer to be sold at events. H책CKABEER is an outstanding and futuristic beer packaging concept. That will be sold on hackatons, events where the best hackers meet. It has to be hacked before being able to drink. But it is not just beer, it is also a fully usable and fully customizable high technological microcomputer that can be hacked to the core. Read more

The Classical Modernity and Henri Matisse An essay on the classical modernity, an art phase grouping styles from ~1789 to ~1900, and the life + works of artist Henri Matisse. Read more

Wedding Cards My brother married so we decided to honor guests with an exclusive & personal thank-youcard. I’ve put a lot of love in Production. The Text is lasercutted into Savanna Paper. It feels like if the message was carved into the trunk of a tree, as lovers do. The Paper appears to be the bark and the green loop resemble leaves. Read more

KARESANSUI Corporate Design for a controversial landscape architect specialized in Japanese ZEN gardening. I developed the corporate design and storytelling. Read more

Interactive PDF First project in South Africa. “Digital Publishing – PDF Animations”. An animated PDF in InDesign. I did “How to make the perfect burger”. A topic capetownians certainly can relate to since their food is delicious! View video

Digital Publishing A childs book as iPad app. “The Adventures of Packy�. Using the adobe publishing suite to create a stunning and immersive user experience. View video

Happy-time-pop-band Branding In South Africa, a local band called The Vanilla approached us looking for a branding. They already had a logo and a Facebook page. Since I liked the concept of their old logo I decided to redesign it (make it better) instead of completely changing it. It is now more creamy and more vanilla than before. Conveys happy times and the easy life. Read more

Thank you for your precious time



Thibault Jan Beyer

may 2016

Protfolio communication design TJB May 2016  

Quick portfolio from may 2016

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