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What Does It Take To Get Your Ex Back Author: Makoo Leandro Relationship Mender

Below are a couple articles with two different scenarios on getting back with someone after breaking up. The first concerns your having dumped your girlfriend and the second concerns finding out how much you miss your ex after dumping them. 1. You dumped your girlfriend and want her back, this is a frequent problem among guys so don’t feel alone. This inevitably happens after you realize what a good thing you had going and that you have made a mistake. Unfortunately guys can get bored easily sometimes and think they will find greener pastures elsewhere. You might see your single friends going out every night having fun and are jealous of their freedom. So you dumped your girlfriend so you too can enjoy this possible freedom. After a couple weeks or months you realize that this is not what you really wanted, you miss your ex girlfriend and want her back. You discovered that your friends are not as happy as you thought. They were actually jealous of you for having a great long term relationship, something that they wish they had. For this reason they may have encouraged you to break up. Also, you may have dumped your girlfriend because you were scared of your true feelings for her. You actually thought of this girl as your long term partner and of asking her to marry you. But you chickened out and let her go. What can you do to get her back? If this is the first time the two of you broke up you have a good chance. If you have made it a habit of leaving her, you may find it very difficult. For an old fashioned way to ask her to take you back try writing a letter to her. You could call but she may not pick up the phone. If you write a very personal letter, the chance of opening the envelope is great. The curiosity alone may be enough to make her open it. In your letter be honest about how much you love her and how big of a mistake you made dumping her. Apologize to her for how you behaved and explain that you want her back with you. You can remind her of the great times you shared together. You next move is to take her out to a really nice dinner and make her feel special. Don’t over do it, keep it natural and from the heart. 2. After breaking up with your lover, you find you really need them and want to get them back. How do you go about this without messing up and making them run further away from you? You will first have to decide if getting back with them is the right thing to do before you proceed so you are not wasting your time. So you decided it's worth the effort and want to proceed. First, whatever the problem was that caused

the two of you to break up must be resolved. If this is not taken care of, the issue will keep coming up and causing problems. Get the opinion of your family or friends about your idea of getting back with your ex. They will have seen your relationship from a different perspective and hopefully give you an honest opinion. Ask them what they thought caused your break up; you may be surprised what they think. Try contacting your ex without being pushy about it. When you talk to them ask if they would be willing to meet with you at some neutral location to talk. Someplace with lots of people around would be best, this would help prevent an argument from breaking out. If your ex has some harsh things to say to you, take it in stride. They may just want to get it off their chest and move on, so do not argue back. Apologize for anything you may have done to cause the break up and ask for a chance to start over. Tell them you would be willing to go to relationship counseling if it would help. For more articles go to:

What Does It Take To Get Your Ex Back  

Getting your ex back is possible if it's for the right reasons.