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ITALY Faenza

Italia… Terra di poeti , navigatori e...artisti! Connubio perfetto tra STORIA, SOLE E MARE Italy ... Land of poets, navigators and…artists! The perfect mix of HISTORY, SUN AND SEA

Our Town

Barra is an eastern suburb of Naples (picture on the right). Barra occupies the easternmost section of the Naples’ territory, ranging from the sea to the Vesuvius slopes. The picture on the left shows one of the main streets , it is called Corso Sirena. Among many folkloristic festivities, the Feast of the Gigli is without doubt one of the most spectacular. This festivity is in September, on the last Sunday, but there are lots of local activities for the whole month .

Our School




The 48th "Mother Claudia Russo" of Naples, includes the kindergarten and Primary School. The school is located in Barra, a neighborhood in the suburban area east of the city of Naples, known as "industrial area". The audience of our school is very heterogeneous in terms of economic, social and cultural development. The 48th is located in a complex of about twelve thousand square meters and has the following buildings: A) Rodari + B) Don Milani + C) Rousseau (primary school) D) Montessori (kindergarten) Kindergarten ( from 3 to 5) 8,00 - 16,00 (with lunch) All classes run five days for week from Monday to Friday. Saturday closed. At the moment, Kindergarten has 152 pupils divided into 8 classes Primary school ( from 6– to 10) It is organized, starting from this year, with: · two full-time forms for 40 hours (IA , IB) · twenty forms ( 1st , 2nd, 3rd classes) for 29 hours. · six forms for 30 hours (4th classes) · eight forms for31 hours (5th classes) The teaching activities are carried out five days a week from Monday to Friday starting at 8:00, with the refectory and school extension of the lessons until 15:00 two days a week for each class. On the other days, the classes finish at 13:00. At the moment Primary school has 674 pupils divided into 38 classes. The School has got: Science lab, Music lab, Gym, Library, ICT lab, ICT Classroom, Language lab and a meeting room.

Our Classroom

Classe 2.0


An usual classroom

Kindergarten classroom

Music LAB

Science LAB

All Project Works are part of our Educational Offer

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Education for a correct Oral Care Volleyball during curricular activities A protocol agreement with Mr. George Tarallo, responsible of the sporting center "Centro Ester"

Cl@sse 2.0 in partnership with 1° C.D. S.Filippo Città di Castello (PG)

Mom,dad…let’s talk about safety! The harbor meets the Naples’ schools Cantando s’impara School Choir “Le voci del 48°”

Project Legality

Extra curricular activities School newspaper :“La Voce dei bambini” Rimedial labs : Lab. di compensazione e recupero Laboratories: environment educational English and French - music - multimedia

E book napoli  
E book napoli