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Second classes E–F–G-H

December 2013

48° CIRCOLO “Madre Claudia Russo” Naples - ITALY

Partnership Faenza and Trapani (Italy), Austria, Bulgaria, Scotland and Poland.

Christmas is made ​of shapes

Knowing the geometric shapes and then recognize them in any object and subject of the nature that surrounds us: many TRIANGLES for the Christmas trees..

Still triangles, rectangles, and ... pasta!

We use the tools for geometric design: the ruler

What precision!

A star becomes Santa Claus

A Christmas tree full of NUMBERS

Christmas Cheer

Mandala Mandala is a word of ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, and means that both CIRCLE ARC. The shapes and colours of the mandala are an invitation to the game and allow the child to focus, achieving balance and tranquility. Due to the symmetrical shapes placed around a center, while children colour a mandala can relax, concentrate and at the same time open their mind.

And now all in colour!


Christmas shapes for our friends  
Christmas shapes for our friends