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FastPi is an American company. It is located in San Francisco, California USA. It sells a wide variety of pizza. The company was founded by John Fast in 2005. He was the best pizza cooker in his town. One day he decided to set up his own company which has grown up quickly. Nowadays, it is the biggest company worldwide. The company has branches in New York and Roma. The main competitors are Pizza Hut and Pizza Express. It had a turnover of 5500 dollars in the last year. FastPi is opening a new restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The company has got an office in San Francisco which is inside the restaurant. The owner works there every day. His office is at the second floor. It is big and well lit. There is a lift and facilities for disabled people. His desk is opposite the door. There are books and envelopes on the desk and there is a laptop too. There are three office chairs and there is a sofa next to the desk. The restaurant has a car park for employees and guests.

Employees mustn’t work without beard nets. They must wash their hands frequently and wear aprons. They don’t have to leave knives in the wrong place. They must control the ingredients before use it. They may suffer injuries or burns. They can’t use celphones while they work.

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