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Executive Director’s Comments


It is the strength and vitality needed for vigorous physical activity or mental work. Energy almost crackles in the atmosphere here at the Center. We walk fast; we talk fast; we work faster. The image I would like you to picture is not a driverless drag racer, but a team in sync, a team whose efforts are harnessed and concentrated toward one goal: advancing the mission. We want a world where a Christian understanding of bioethics is acknowledged by the bioethical elites, and where the church lives out what we say we believe about human dignity. In this annual report, you’ll sense the energy driving our initiatives forward, whether it’s developing one-of-a-kind web resources, training Christian doctors in India, convening our Academy of Fellows, or expanding our reach through social media and radio commentary. As the bioethics research center at Trinity International University, CBHD embodies the university’s commitment to the core value of cultural engagement. Our work in 2011 is organized around the three pillars of Trinity’s strategic plan: innovate, collaborate, influence. We continually innovate in the development and dissemination of resources to a wide variety of audiences. We collaborate with bioethicists, centers, and thought leaders around the world. We influence professionals across numerous vocational spheres

Investing in the Future Everything you will read about in this annual report—the lectures, the publications, the intiatives and even this annual report itself—was not made possible by a Super PAC, a steady stream of tuition revenue, or investment earnings from a large endowment. Instead, all of this was made possible by a group of individuals whose commitment to excellence and faithfulness in engaging bioethics has led them to invest in the mission and work of CBHD. Each year, with amounts ranging from $1 to $150,000, these people are not simply moving an organization forward, but rather they are laying the foundation for generations of scholars, medical professionals, pastors, lawyers, and many others to continue advancing Christian bioethics that is both academically rigorous and broadly accessible. Thank you for partnering with us in this way. Joel Dillon, Director of Development for CBHD

and disciplines as well as current and future scholars. Naturally, the annual report is not an exhaustive list of the ways we have leveraged our energetic staff and strategically deployed resources. We are grateful for those whose financial support makes this possible. You can help leverage our resources in another way, by using them. Let me share one example of how the energy behind one event generated more resources, and energized a friend of the Center. My lecture at our Brave New World event on campus was later featured in Dignitas. Next, an edited excerpt introduced our regular bioethics contribution in Salvo magazine. Dr. Warner wrote, “Your ‘baby products’ article in Salvo magazine was superb. There is just no other way to describe it. I am circulating it through the entire Bioethics Committee [at my hospital] as an educational bit of material.” This kind of feedback generates even more energy among the staff. We are confident of an even stronger 2012. Thank you.

Paige Comstock Cunningham, JD Executive Director With an operating budget of roughly

$420,000 85%

we devote nearly of our resources to program services as we strive to be prudent managers of the support God has given us through generous givers. CBHD, as part of Trinity International University (TIU), operates on a July - June fiscal year. TIU provides additional support not reflected in our operating budget. In addition to the Center’s regular program services, a multi-year restricted gift generated additional impact. In 2011, 40 Bioengagement Partners invested in Bioethics at Trinity with gifts of $1,000 or more. The names of our Bioengagement Partners appear in the Trinity International University annual report each year.


EN E R G Y in our Academy of Fellows inaugural consultation

In April, 24 of the Center’s fellows gathered for a one-day consultation. Distinguished Fellow Gilbert Meilaender, PhD, spoke on the work and legacy of Paul Ramsey. Participants engaged in strategic evaluation of emerging bioethical trends and the next wave of soon-to-be pressing issues. Attendees traveled from across the US, the UK, the Netherlands, and Kenya, including two former members of the President’s Council on Bioethics and a member of the current President’s Commission.

E NE R G Y in our Partnerships

trinity event


In March, CBHD and the Trinity Drama Department co-sponsored a public event in coordination with the campus production of Brave New World. Paige spoke on assisted reproductive technologies in light of Huxley’s eerily prophetic novel. Kristin Lindholm, PhD, chair of the communications department at Trinity International University offered a response highlighting the intersection of bioethics and Brave New World. Over 80 attended, including a large number of seminary students.

Gilbert Meilaender, PhD CBHD Distinguished Fellow

HealtHcare etHics council (Hec)

• In November, CBHD hosted two paper sessions on bioethics at the annual Evangelical Theological Society meeting in San Francisco. • Paige traveled to Jackson, MS to teach a bioethics course to medical students, discussing embryo adoption and cognitive enhancement. • Michael presented a paper titled, “Technology, Dispositional Values, and Virtue: Proposals for Addressing Emerging Technologies in Bioethics,” at the American Scientific Affiliation Conference.

A key aspect of this community’s work is to assist the Center’s commitment to “scholarship with a purpose” through the dissemination of pertinent clinical, medical, and ethical information. CBHD consults with experts from the HEC to guide analysis and to assist in responding to specialized inquiries. The Center continues to build an online database of clinical ethics resources that include case studies on a variety of bedside care issues, as well as other electronic resources such as the HEC listserv to facilitate networking and collaboration in clinical ethics.

E NE R GY in our Initiative in Global Women’s Health

Michael J. Sleasman, PhD Managing Director & Research Scholar

Jennifer McVey, MDiv Event & Education Manager

Throughout 2011 we continued to lay the groundwork for our emerging initiative in global women’s health. Teri Goudie, a media consultant and former ABC News journalist, led an energizing strategic planning session in September. Fifteen participants guided the draft language in the formation of a key aspect of the Center’s global women’s health initiative: HER Dignity Network. Central to the Center’s work in this area was cultivating relationships with individuals and organizations who would be pivotal in the formation of HER Dignity Network, including various organizational and congressional leaders in our nation’s capitol.

In June, Michael, and Jennifer, traveled to Washington, DC to host a series of meetings. Monique Chireau, PhD, Assistant Professor at Duke University Medical School, briefed a group of more than 50 congressional staffers about “Women’s Reproductive Health as a Gender, Development, and Human Rights Issue: Regaining Perspective.” Later that evening, Dr. Chireau gave a similar presentation at a networking dinner with strategic organizational leaders and key individuals. Stay tuned for more information on the launch of HER Dignity Network throughout 2012 and early 2013.


EN E R G Y in our Global Bioethics Education Initiative (GBEI) Our 2011 GBEI scholar Cletus T. Andoh joined us from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon where he serves as a professor. His month in residence at CBHD was spent conducting research, writing, and meeting with CBHD scholars engaging in charitable dialectic. During this time he wrote “Bioethics and the Challenges to Its Growth in Africa,” which explores the need for an African view on bioethics. The article was subsequently published in the Open Journal of Philosophy. In 2009, the Center launched the GBEI to continue our efforts to establish an inter-

national network of scholars committed to Judeo-Christian Hippocratism. The purpose of GBEI is to invest in both rising and established international professionals and scholars who will further advance contextually sensitive Christian bioethical engagement globally. A new aspect of GBEI is the provision of Christian bioethics resource kits to libraries and other organizations around the globe. Kits include more than a dozen books and booklets published through the work of the Center. In 2011 we sent kits to seminaries in India and Thailand.

EN E R G Y in Global Bioethics Training

Paige traveled to India in August to co-teach a five-day bioethics workshop for doctors, nurses, and chaplains, who serve as medical missionaries to the poor in India. This collaboration was made possible through, Jameela George, MD, a 2009 GBEI scholar, and her connection with Emmanual Hospital Association. Specific steps continue to be explored for future collaboration. Jameela George, MD, with attendees of the bioethics workshop in New Delhi, India.

EN E R G Y in our Resources everyday BioetHics commentary

Paige’s Everyday Bioethics audio commentary continues to air regularly on Moody Radio, addressing in 2011 such topics as embryo bar codes, gestational surrogacy, and cognitive enhancement

tHe cHristian BioWiKi

CBHD continues to leverage online communication tools through the development of the Christian BioWiki, a unique web-based resource that brings together denominational statements on a wide spectrum of bioethical issues.

Renovated Research Library

The Center’s newly renovated research library is open for public use weekdays from 8:30am - 4:30pm.

A distinctive moment that contributed to the significance of our 2011conference was the opportunity to honor Dr. Edmund Pellegrino’s life and work with the installation of the Edmund D. Pellegrino Special Collection in Medical Ethics and Philosophy in the Center’s newly renovated research library. The Center invests in the cultivation of this physical research library and study center space to facilitate collaborative research; rigorous, but charitable dialogue; and cutting-edge analysis.


ENE R G Y at our Annual Summer Conference tHe scandal of BioetHics: reclaiming cHristian influence in tecHnology, science, and medicine Our 2011 conference was a unique and meaningful time for many, as we set out to explore the legacy, future, purpose, and the place of Christian influence in bioethics. Essentially asking the question, “Has Christian bioethics made a difference?” plenary speakers challenged and inspired attendees with complementary visions of the unique contributions of Christian faith and practice to contemporary bioethics and the respective challenges to our common humanity. Conference attendance was at its highest level since 2005, with a marked increase in first time attendance.

Newest CBHD Staff Member Glory Diaz joined the Center this year as the Communications Manager & Executive Assistant. Glory has energized our communications strategy and continues to improve the quality of our resources. Glory Diaz Communication Manager & Executive Assistant

Snapshot of our Online Resources, Publications & Media online resources

PuBlications & media

Did you know that CBHD hosts six websites, produces two podcasts, and is engaged in a number of social networking media? In an average month there are close to 80,000 visits to and some 92,000 visits to our newsblog at

In 2011, CBHD staff participated in several edited book projects, published articles through a new partnership with Salvo magazine, and were interviewed by such media outlets as Moody Radio and the Corbett Report and spoke in a variety of settings including a bioethics talk presented to over 50 C-Level Executives at Fona International.

A Glimpse at Some of Our Everyday Work at the Center future scHolars – interns

BooK discussions

The Center hosted 9 interns in the Spring and Fall semesters: four Brown Scholars, two interns in biolaw, an academic intern, a research intern, and a Blackstone intern.

CBHD hosted a series of roundtable book discussions with graduate bioethics students throughout the fall and spring semesters, examining Oliver O’Donovan’s Begotten or Made? and Ellen Charry’s God and The Art of Happiness.


WEBSITES Our flagship site devoted to scholarship with

a purpose provides a variety of print, audio, and video resources including articles, commentaries, and updates on the Center’s latest initiatives. CBHD-maintained newsblog: “your global information source for bioethics news and issues.” Follow on Twitter: @bioethicsdotcom

SOCIAL MEDIA on Twitter: @bioethicscenter Accessible resources to help you

• •

The Christian Biowiki Coalition sites CBHD partners to maintain stemcellre-

understand tomorrow’s bioethical issues today. and

Linked-In Group at YouTube at on Twitter: @bioethicsdotcom Facebook Page at


The Bioethics Podcast Commentaries and articles on a wide range of important bioethical issues available through

Everyday Bioethics audio commentary This three-minute commentary is regularly aired on Moody Radio and

will be coming soon to The Christian BioWiki This web-based resource provides denominational statements on a wide range of bioethical issues.

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity is a bioethics research center at Trinity International University. The Center explores the nexus of biomedicine, biotechnology, and our common humanity. Within a Judeo-Christian Hippocratic framework, we anticipate, interpret, and engage the pressing bioethical issues of our day. As a center of rigorous research, theological and conceptual analysis, charitable critique, and thoughtful engagement, we bring clarity to the complex. Trinit y International Universit y 2065 Half Day Road


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CBHD 2011 Annual Report  

The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity's 2011 Annual Report

CBHD 2011 Annual Report  

The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity's 2011 Annual Report