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Roger Titone

Titronics President


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Roger Tit on Titronics e Presiden t

chiroCET: Chiropractic Clinical Engagement Technology Technology That Works The Way You’ve Always Wanted Technology To Work Titronics’ chiroCET software is designed using the latest technology - making it the easiest software to utilize in your practice. We recognize you don’t have an IT department so we’ve created chiroCET to help you: • Easily install onto your computers • Quick to learn how to use • Improves practice workflow • Support just a phone call away

Attention Current Tytron User’s:

Two Titronics products have the chiroCET software incorporated in them: our C-5000 Thermographic Scanner and our new Range of Motion Device. Eventually all Titronics products will carry this powerful technology. You’ll find that products carrying the ‘Powered by chiroCET’ seal will reduce your frustrations about incorporating technology into your practice.

You can get the power of chiroCET software. Simply call Titronics today.

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Look for the powered by chiroCET seal to reduce frustration in incorporating technology into your practice.

Requirements • • • •

Windows 2000/XP/Vista CD-ROM Drive 500mb free hard drive space 512mb RAM

Table of Contents

A quick look at what you will find in the 2008 Titronics Catalog Tytron Thermographic Scanner The Tytron Scanner has set the professional standard in thermographic scanners for over 20 years. No other scanner matches the Tytron Scanner for reproducibility, technological advancement, dependability, and best of all… value! TRADE-IN your old Tytron And SAVE up to $1,000

NEW! Tytron Range of Motion Device The same quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from Titronics, now in our new Range of Motion Device. There’s no other computerized ROM available at the price of ours! And you’ll find that it is faster than your current manual ROM. Bundle with the Tytron Scanner for greatest value!

See pages 3-4 for more info...

Balance and Posture Analysis System The connection between balance, posture and chiropractic has never been as easy to accomplish as it is today. This Balance and Posture Analysis System brings the latest technology into your office, at a fraction of the cost of other balance systems. Add the power of Balance to your practice for as low as $107 per month.

See pages 7-8 for more info...

3D Anatomy Software Anatomically correct 3D visualizations personalize your explanations of patient conditions. Over 140 anatomically correct 3D motion computer graphics. Intuitive interface and stunning graphics. Ask for a demo today!

See page 10 for more info...

See pages 5-6 for more info...

Scanning Station and Banners Maximize the power of your Tytron Scanner with our new Scanning Station. The station makes it easy to keep your equipment handy and comfortable for your patients, too. And for screenings and health fairs the colorful banners help grab attention and attract visitors towards you. Find out how you can save up to $195 on the Scanning Station.

See page 9 for more info...

Tytron Users Workshop Whether you are a long time Tytron user wanting to refresh your grasp of the technology, procedures, or see the latest upgrades—or whether you are considering purchasing a much more costly package and just want to compare, this User’s workshop gives you the information you need to maximize the opportunity. Find out how you can attend absolutely FREE!

See back cover for more info...

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Clinical Information

What is Chiropractic Thermography?


hiropractic thermography empowers chiropractors with information about patient nervous system functionality, providing objective proof of the existence of neuropathophysiology resulting from the subluxation. Thermography can also corroborate evidence of tissue damage, either acute or chronic, with information gathered from patient history and clinical exam. Chiropractic thermography differs from medical thermography by analyzing temperature differences (thermal asymmetries) emanating from the paraspinal skin surface, rather than body temperature differences over larger body regions. Thermography has been part of the chiropractor’s clinical toolbox from the early days of chiropractic history, when chiropractors searched for “hotboxes” along the spine with the back of their hands. Titronics has advanced this practice into cutting edge instrumentation that is the epitome of 21st Sample thermographic century paraspinal thermographic analysis. scan taken with the Tytron Scanner No other scanner offers more!

Find out more at:

The Research of Thermography


hermography is a widely accepted technology; nearly 10,000 citations exist in medical literature supporting its use in health care. In addition to FDA approval as a method of analysis for neurophysiologic and musculoskeletal condition analysis; universities worldwide are currently broadening the application of thermography in patient care. Currently, the National Institute of Health is researching the use of infrared imaging to monitor treatment in clinical environments. The Tytron C-5000 is the only paraspinal thermographic instrument that has undergone formal research in chiropractic colleges with published studies in peer-reviewed journals. The Tytron’s objectivity, repeatability, and accuracy were validated in every study.

Find out more at:

The Application of Thermography in the Chiropractic Practice


tilizing thermography with the Tytron scanner provides one of the most versatile tools available to chiropractors. Thermography provides the visual power to enhance clinical objectivity, improve patient retention and satisfaction, and attract new patients. 15 seconds is all the time you’ll need to engage your patients with full spine scans. Attracting New Patients

Clinical objectivity

Whether your community involvement efforts are geared towards mall screenings, health fairs, or lay lectures — you’ll find increased success with the Tytron’s visual power. Many doctors find tremendous success in drawing attention, engaging prospective patients, and attracting new patients when incorporating the Tytron thermographic scanner in their community marketing efforts.

Many chiropractors utilize thermographic scans to monitor patient care progression. Additionally, a defining principle of the chiropractic profession The visual power of the Tytron Thermographic Scanner involves is the chiropractor’s ability prospective patients and engages your existing patients to levels not to normalize the neurologic usually seen. component of the subluxation. The Tytron C-5000 provides the chiropractor visible Patient Education and Retention proof of this component. Patients want to be engaged in their care. Understanding care creates engaged and satisfied The strength of the Tytron scanner rests in patients. Satisfied patients are more likely to ‘reproducible’ results. This means scans can be remain under care. Look at today’s method of duplicated – giving you confidence in the results. advertising – everything is visual. Using the Even associates and CA’s are able to reproduce the Tytron C-5000 enhances the visual power of thermographic scans – ensuring consistent care. thermography, with graphics and printed reports to educate and engage the need for patient care.

The power of the Tytron C-5000 is in providing visual proof to explain neurologic irritations that you’ve explained to patients for years. Whether interacting with a large group or a single individual, the graphic displays show details that are sure to create interest and pull in new patients. No other chiropractic instrumentation offers so much! Find out more at:

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Find out more at:

Find out more at:

Tytron C-5000 Thermographic Scanner

Exceeding Expectations in Quality and Reproducibility for 20 Years “I have had my scanner for 11 years now and


ngaging chiropractic patients through quantifiable diagnostic analysis is the key to successful chiropractic practitioners. The problem is finding equipment that produces reproducible and engaging information.

use it everyday. I could not run my practice without it. It continues to be accurate and reliable and I have only sent it in for clean up and calibration once at the ten year mark and was supplied with a replacement during that time. Thank you so much!”

-Tina M. Gottlieb, D.C.

The Tytron scanner has set the standard in chiropractic thermography for over 20 years. The Tytron is designed to meet the highest levels of reproducibility – some chiropractors have successfully used the scanner in their practice for 20 years. Titronics continues to exceed expectations for reproducible accurate analysis. No other scanner matches the Tytron Thermographic Scanner. Compare our scanner to those of leading competitors; you’ll experience an unmatched level of reproducibility, accuracy, and visual patient engagement. Titronics leads the way in providing visual engagement.

Key Benefits

Increased referrals Improved patient engagement Enhanced objectivity Exceptional for attracting new patients Unmatched reproducibility

Ideal For Improved patient satisfaction and retention

Easy to implement and use

Increased clinical objectivity Generating new patients Visual proof of the need for preventative care

Features Easy to set up and use

A 15 second analysis for full spine neuropathophysiology

USB powered interface Lightweight and portable Durable and long-lasting Thermal stability Extremely accurate Proven reproducibility 12-month unlimited support Current customers: We’ll give you top TRADE-IN VALUE when you upgrade to the new C-5000 scanner. Call for details.

To Order Call 1-800-705-2307

Tytron C-5000 Thermographic Scanner $4,995 plus shipping

Includes: chiroCET software, one-year unlimited support and warranty.

SAVE $$$ When you bundle with our Range of Motion Device. Call for more information. Ask about our Dell Laptop offer. We’ll load and test the software on a new Dell Laptop and ship it to you ready to go! Save money, time and effort!

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Clinical Information

What is Digital Range of Motion Analysis? igital range of motion analysis looks for abnormal spinal D biomechanics. The analysis

The Research of Range of Motion igital range of motion D analysis is a well accepted, and insurance

compares a patient’s range of motion to known normal ranges. Deviations from normal range of motion establish spinal dysfunction and the need for care. Today, digital range of motion replaces the outdated method of “eyeballing” patient range of motion. Digital range of motion systems offer the chiropractor an objective analysis. The system provides patients with a visual display to demonstrate the loss of normal function. The Tytron Range of Motion Device gives the chiropractor the most advanced method of analysis.

reimbursable, method of analysis for altered spinal and extremity biomechanics. Medical literature citations support the use of this technology in health care. Insurance carriers reimburse for the test as a stand-alone procedure. The Tytron Range of Motion Device renders AMA Guideline impairment reports that are reimbursable under workers compensation and person injury cases.

With the Tytron ROM Device testing is quick and easy.

Find out more at:

Find out more at: research

Application of Range of Motion in the Chiropractic Practice Patient Education and Retention

Clinical objectivity

Today’s patient is programmed for visual input. Everything you see today contains fewer words and more graphics. Modern chiropractic offices use these trends to “engage” patients in their own care, allowing patients to “see” what you are telling them. The Tytron Range of Motion Device displays patient results in engaging reports to show their motion deficits in comparison to normal ranges.

Altered spinal biomechanics is one of the cornerstones in the subluxation complex. Additionally, AMA Guidelines dictate information needed for workers compensation and personal injury cases. Range of motion systems offer objective evidence in both areas.

Altered biomechanics are recognized to lead to possible premature osteoarthritis and related complications. Spinal degeneration is one of the preventable conditions that only chiropractic can alleviate. The Tytron Range of Motion Device visually educates your patients about altered biomechanics leading to spinal degeneration. This education leads to continued care and patient retention, as the chiropractor needs to fully restore the patient’s range of motion. Find out more at:

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The Tytron Range of Motion Device is ideal for

Objective analysis establishes the workers compensation and personal injury cases. importance of chiropractic care and provides information needed for insurance Attracting New Patients reimbursement. The Tytron ROM Device The Tytron Range of Motion Device is able to provides a fast, simple, and reproducible run range of motion tests quickly, capturing solution for today’s chiropractor. The use of attention at mall screenings, health fairs, innovative frame-mounted sensors speeds up and lay lectures. Attracting new patients is the procedure. The frames ensure easy setup, easy with the visually engaging power of for doctors and staff alike, and maintain the Tytron system. Once the new patient accurate and repeatable results. is under your care, the ability to provide printable reports is powerful. Patients take Find out more at: these reports home to share with family and friends, leading to additional new patients. Find out more at:

Tytron Range of Motion Device

Finally! A Range of Motion Device That’s Easy to Use and Makes Financial Sense!


ange of Motion has been part of the chiropractic tool box for years. But computerized ROM systems are often extremely expensive and complicated to use. Expect outstanding results with the Wireless Tytron Range of Motion Device. Educate patients with a tool that delivers an unmatched level of reproducibility and objective data to your patients. Use impairment rating reports to identify problems and assess adjustment or treatment necessity. Fully customizable tests offer personalized patient reports, driving value to the patient and encouraging them to maintain care. The Tytron Range of Motion Device runs a full series of tests in a few short minutes. The Tytron ROM increases patient confidence in your care. Now you’ve created a satisfied patient, who is better educated and understands the true value of chiropractic care.

NEW! The Range of Motion Device you’ve been asking for!

Simple one-page report

Key Benefits Quick and accurate test results Intuitive operation Increased patient confidence

Ideal For

Objective analysis

Attracting new clients Improved patient education and communication Increased patient compliance Creating value for patients

Features Wireless, Small, lightweight, and portable AMA Impairment Rating Reports Consistent results regardless of operator Fully customizable tests Rechargeable li-ion Battery

Cervical, Lumbar, Thoracic, and Extremities

Glasses with embeded Range of Motion Sensor provides the most objective testing available

To Order Call 1-800-705-2307 Tytron Range of Motion Device $2,995 plus shipping

Includes: chiroCET software, one-year unlimited support, and warranty.

SAVE $$$ When you bundle with our Thermographic Scanner. Call for more information. Ask about our Dell Laptop offer. We’ll load and test the software on a new Dell Laptop and ship it to you ready to go! Save money, time and effort!

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Clinical Information For Your Practice

What is Balance Analysis and Retraining?


ne of the first observations chiropractors are able to make is a patient’s posture – head tilt, shoulder height, and iliac crest height are all measurable for spinal abnormalities. But how do you objectively demonstrate these balance deviations? How do you show your patient the consequences to their body? Pictures tell a story, but objectively demonstrating to patients the detrimental results of balance abnormalities is powerful! Chiropractic has long understood the links between posture and balance. Healthcare is starting to understand the importance of balance retraining, as more individuals reach age 55 and older, falls are a major concern for this age group. Annually, about one-third of individuals over age 65 fall, and half of those experience a repeat fall. Falls account for two-thirds of all accidental

injuries and deaths in older adults. The resulting psychological impact from a fall – reduced confidence in performing daily activities – causes a less active lifestyle. This sedentary lifestyle results in muscle atrophy and loss of strength, especially in the lower extremities, exacerbating the risk for falls. In the U.S., annual estimates for the direct and indirect costs associated with falls is $75–100 billion. Offering balance analysis and retraining in your office makes a significant impact on the health of individuals in your community! The objective balance analysis demonstrates to patients their loss of normal posture, and the resulting abnormal stresses of gravity on their spine. Balance retraining may restore an independent lifestyle to older adults who may otherwise be unable to care for themselves.

Find out more at:

The Application of Balance Analysis

Attracting New Patients Posture analysis is a quick and simple test that attracts a great deal of attention at mall screenings, health fairs, or lay lectures. For the first time, patients “see” their poor posture and how this imbalance places abnormal stress on their spine. Find out more at:

Page 7

Clinical objectivity

Patient Education and Retention

Objective evidence is the hallmark of testing in the modern chiropractic practice. Evidence is important from both the patient and third party payer point of view. Balance analysis and balance retraining is also insurance reimbursable.

Today’s patient is focused on their health. Patients look for visual answers and quantitative data. Balance analysis provides patients personalized information on their balance and posture. When patients understand what you are telling them, they are more engaged in their care, and an engaged patient is more likely to stay in care and refer others.

The use of the system is straight-forward, simple, and fast. Balance analysis and retraining is easy for a doctor and their staff to master. The system allows for printed patient reports at the end of each balance test or retraining session to track improvement. Find out more at:

Offering balance retraining in your office also educates patients on an area they may take for granted. Patients with elderly parents and relatives become proactive in the care of their loved ones. Some offices dedicate entire suites to provide multiple balance retraining systems to meet this demand. Find out more at:

Balance Analysis and Retraining System

Value-Added Technology For Your Practice


alance analysis systems are becoming key components of the chiropractic practice because of the potential to demonstrate improvement and billing opportunities. Now you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to add this valuable service to your clinic.

The Midot Balance Analysis and Retraining System clarifies a patient’s balance problem. The scale measures balance, stability, weight distribution, and other dynamic behaviors. The user friendly software offers many great features to increase patient understanding. Graphical representations of the test results educate the patient on their current status, care plans, and how less than perfect posture can result in uneven hips and shoulders and other, more severe problems. Train and educate patients to control and adjust their posture with immediate test results. Record performance and training scores for the patient’s immediate viewing. Patients will witness their progress and realize why continued care is a must.

Ideal For Improved patient satisfaction and retention Increased clinical objectivity Generating new patients

Identifies patient’s center of pressure during the test

Key Benefits Increased objectivity

Visual proof of the need for care

Improved patient confidence in their care

To expand their patient base by including balance retraining

Improved quality of life for patients with impaired balance Patinet Training Mode

Features Records weight distribution across four quadrants

Call and ask how you can get paid for balance training.

To Order Call 1-800-705-2307

Midot Balance and Posture Analysis System

Tracks stability, sway rate and direction, fall assessment

$3,495 plus shipping Includes: One-year unlimited support, and three year warranty.

Real time biofeedback training

SAVE $$$ When you bundle with any Tytron product. Call for more information.

Simple and easy to use interface

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Support Products

The Perfect Compliment to Your Scanner


he convenience and simplicity of the Tytron Scanning Station is unmatched. This chair is a must when using your scanner on a regular basis. Ideal for screenings and health fairs.

Scanning Station



Lightweight and portable Sturdy support rails Storage compartment beneath cushion

Ask how you can save up to $195 when you order with a Tytron Thermographic scanner!

Wheels for quick and easy movement

$895 + Shipping

Call us at 1-800-705-2307.

Includes docking platform for Tytron Thermographic Scanner

Ideal For Screenings and Health Fairs Banners


mphasize the potential benefits of your chiropractic care by adding the Titronics Education Banner to your arsenal. Grab the interest of prospective patients by highlighting common conditions of nerve system interference. The appealing, full color banner takes only seconds to setup. Display the banner at health fairs, screenings, or even in the office. Includes • Large 33” W x 85” H retractable graphic • Padded plastic carrying case • Nylon bag with shoulder strap



Your choice of style $479 + Shipping

Style - A Page 9

Call us at 1-800-705-2307.

Style - B

3D Anatomy Software

Imagine A Perfect Anatomical Specimen… At Your Fingertips Key Benefits


hiropractors face the daily challenge of educating patients regarding how their bodies work, and the reasons their conditions exist. Today’s patient doesn’t want to be told, they want to see things first hand. Old-fashioned diagrams and models just don’t work the way they used to.

Enhance patient understanding Visually stimulating – “shows” rather than “tells” the information Higher patient retention Increased referrals

The 3dRx Insight software utilizes anatomically correct 3D visualizations to provide patient education. These visualizations personalize your explanations of patient conditions and demonstrate the importance of your care. Detailed graphics captivate the attention of your patient allowing you to build strong patient understanding – leading to a long lasting relationship. Expect higher patient retention and referrals.

Sample of actual images

Features 140 anatomically correct 3D motion computer graphics 320 stretch and exercise images Custom patient playlists Intuitive interface & stunning graphics Image printing & exporting

To Order Call 1-800-705-2307

3D Anatomy Software

Single User $1,095 plus shipping Network Multi-User $1,695 plus shipping

Includes: Installation Media and one-year unlimited support.

Make sure you always have the latest 3D Anatomy software with continued support and updates. Only $100/year (Single User) or $200 (Network Multi-User)

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2008 Tytron User’s Workshop Take this opportunity to maximize the power of Tytron Technology for the benefit of your patients and your practice. Who Should Attend:

Chiropractors considering [or already] using thermography, range of motion or balance posture in their practices, including Myovision and Subluxation Station Chiropractors looking for ways to improve patient retention, referrals, satisfaction— and to attract more new patients. Tytron users wanting more advanced understanding of Tytron Technology applications and procedures

You’ll Experience:

Leading Speakers Relevant Information Hands-on Workshop Cutting Edge Technology Practical info you can apply immediately

To Register:

Call 1-800-705-2307


$195 or FREE to Tytron Users Call to see how you can get COMPLIMENTARY registration

400 Stephans Street, Suite D P.O. Box 470 Tiffin, IA 52340-0470

For Information Please Call us at 1-800-705-2307

Titronics Catalog  
Titronics Catalog  

The 2008 Titronics Catalog.