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• media pack 2015 • 1 Brighton FM – For the people, by the people We live for music. We love our city and our citizens. We cherish our diversity, creativity and community. We intend to share all that’s inspiring about where we live and who we are… we are 1 Brighton FM!

1 Brighton FM launched in April 2015 with the ambition to create a not-for-profit radio station that not only provides a mix of varied and eclectic musical genres to reflect the city’s creative culture, but also directly involves the community with the station itself. The initial idea was born of frustration at not being able to listen to a local radio station in Brighton & Hove that plays quality, underground and specialist music on a daily basis. Through a programme of exciting and entertaining music and chat, we aim to demonstrate the diversity of Brighton & Hove with a talented roster of DJs along with a host of up and coming local talent. The station will engage, encourage and engender collaborative working within the local community by working with local events and festivals, the substantial fine and performing arts community, and the public themselves directly. We currently have a roster of approximately 80 presenters broadcasting 90 live shows per month. They are made up of a mixture of Dj’s, musicians, artists, promoters, local business representatives,

members of the community and local community groups and charitable organisations. Most, if not all of our presenters have a strong local presence with many having national and international recognition. Steve Mason (Beta Band/King biscuit time), Martin Duffy (Primal Scream), Alice Russell (Tru-Thoughts), Balearic Mike, Republic of Music and Soft Rocks are just a few of the names we have on our roster. If you are not familiar with any of those names, Google will assist in giving you an idea of their backgrounds. We are also involved with a number of local charities and community groups and most of them host their own shows on 1 Brighton FM. The University of Brighton, City College, Audio Active, The Clock Tower Sanctuary and Fast Track are just some of the community and charity organisations that we currently work with. We are always actively engaging other local concerns to join our project. 1 Brighton FM is an online station currently in the process of applying for an FM community licence through Ofcom, which will hopefully be approved in Q.4 2015. To listen to our station visit

SPONSORSHIP We are looking for a small number of local companies to get involved and help support our fledgling but very exciting project. We think that your involvement will not only assist in aiding a very worthwhile community cause but will also promote your own business, not just within the local community but worldwide through our online fan base. We feel that we have a very accessible, cutting edge and unique brand that caters for a market not currently represented within the city of Brighton and Hove. We hope to gain financial support through sponsorship and advertising from companies that we feel are complementary to our brand. We have to stress that we are a not-for-profit organisation and any additional income will be reinvested within the organisation to help maintain our social responsibility within the community, as well as continuing our support of the many community projects that we are involved with. As such, we are not able to offer direct ROI to potential investors, partners, sponsors and advertisers. Instead by association, promotion and marketing we hope to work with local businesses

who share our sense of community and as 1 Brighton FM grows, those businesses will in turn receive positive and genuine exposure. With a talented and diverse line up of presenters, we provide a programme of exciting and innovative music and chat. Coupled with our ongoing and increasing involvement within the community and a true understanding of our wonderful city, we genuinely believe we have the momentum, expertise and presence to add value and positivity to the lives of the people of Brighton and Hove, for years to come.

Rates £200 per month for a full width banner advert, which will be shown on our home page approx. 10 times an hour, for 20 seconds each time. £25 to sponsor an individual show. For this fee, a professional voice over artist will announce your company name as the sponsor of the show at the beginning, middle and end of the show. We would welcome enquiries from any businesses or individuals that may have an interest in sponsoring a day or weekend of music on our station. In addition, if you feel that you could offer assistance and support in any other manner, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

CONTACT US We would welcome your enquiries and if we can assist you with any of your queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email Website Facebook Twitter @1Brightonradio