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TITLE magazine is a bi-monthly online publication which collaborates with writers and artists to bring readers a collection of works that focuses on leading individuals and appealing topics in the art/design, music, and fashion culture.


Tiara Chiaramonte Jeanne Le

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T EDITOR’S NOTE As a junior in high school, I’m constantly wondering and thinking about what major I should study in college and where I should apply since applications will be due in less than a year. Due to my interest in arts, english and fashion, I’ve always dreamt of my ideal future as a successful graphic designer or editor in chief of a worldrenowned fashion or art magazine. So when my friend Brian, who is studying graphic design at AI, who also owns his own line of graphic tees, who is also the master of great ideas, came up with the brilliant concept to

start an online magazine, I instantly agreed. What better way to incorporate my interest in journalism and our love for design. He is now the Creative Director of TITLE and I am the Editor. We’ve been working hard with our friends to bring you a wonderful first issue, and it’s only going to get better. So I hope you enjoy and maybe even become a frequent reader of TITLE. -Catherine Bui




By Tiara Chiaramonte


ick Asokan does not fit into the stereotypical new breed of digital photographers who are heavily dependent on Photoshop. He has a refreshing new outlook on photography by focusing on his mastery of natural lighting and putting his client at ease to capture a genuine and raw portrait. This skill for utilizing the natural lighting helps him expose any setting perfectly be it an outdoor nature portrait, the quintessential church wedding photo, or a dim lit concert shot. Additionally, his aptitude in lighting has led to a specialization in photojournalism. When Nick is in other countries like India he has a very proactive approach to capturing the natives on camera.

Rather then secretly hiding and snapping pictures from afar Nick takes time to interact and befriend the locals he photographs. This gives each of his unique portraits a soul with a sense of sincerity. Furthermore, Nick’s desire to get to know his subject extends to all of his clients at home. He has an ability to put even his most timid subjects at ease in front of a camera to create a beautiful and natural portrait. Nick Asokan blends the modern digital age of photography with traditional means of manipulating lighting to create a new and unprecedented style of his own.


KEVIN TRAN By Catherine Bui

“When I was a kid, I remember riding my bike, rollerblading and playing cricket most of the time, but when I was indoors I drew ninja turtles and Power Rangers,” says Australian-born Kevin Tran. His love for drawing during his childhood years drove him to win a contest in 6th grade for drawing King Kong and an elephant on cardboard. After winning the contest and receiving exciting reactions from his mom and friends, Kevin knew his illustrations could get him somewhere. In high school, artists like Keith Haring and Brett Whiteley intrigued him and what appealed to him the most was the way they lived. “They all

seemed like hippies and bohemians,” says Tran. “I admired them for the risks they took to get a slice of freedom.” When it comes down to creating art, Tran believes it’s the confidence and support an artist has that helps him. His old high school art teacher Johnny Romeo convinced him that he could make it in the art world. “I owe a lot to him for his confidence and belief in me and know not many others starting out are lucky enough to have a mentor as giving and selfless as him. So if I could, I’d like to take the chance to say thanks.” When asked to describe his work in exactly 3 words, he’s not even sure himself but we can

be sure to say his work is captivating in a bold minimalistic aesthetic. But when asked if he plans out what to draw and to incorporate into his pieces, whether they are random pieces of paper or thread, he answers, “I try not to think too much…I rarely plan the images I make - when it’s ready, it will show itself. When I draw, it’s quite an introverted, reflective experience. I’ll start with a line and just let it go. I try not to think too much. That way, I get unconventional shapes and compositions. My worst images are the ones I plan- they feel unnatural and forced. I enjoy not knowing what it will end up as because there is no pressure. When I’m not sure

where to take it next, I work up textures, shapes and patterns until I see something.” In addition to his interest in arts, Kevin is also very involved in music. He used to be the drummer for Goldenwood, an indie-rock/ambient band. Continuing his love for music he hopes to record his own solo music project and also start a line of graphic t-shirts in the future.

Visit for updates and a collection of his work.



By Brian Vu

Who are some people that influence you? Michelle: Murakami’s all that can come to mind right now, artist-wise. My nephews and nieces influence my collection of baby drawings. For everything else...whatever sounds are playing in the background. Oh! I almost forgot, Yuka Yamaguchi is my favorite artist.

What bands or musicians have you been listening to lately while making your artwork? Michelle: Yuka Honda, Little Dragon and Pupa. Sometimes Capsule when I need a get-up. I noticed that you like to use tinted warm colors, any reasons why? Michelle: Funny this is that I was never really into pastel/light colors. I used to just use contrasting

colors to doodle on dark photos because they showed up better. Then, I started filling in doodly drawings with the colors. A little while after, I started using pastels for evereything. Orange and red have always been my favorite colors to use, I try to incorporate it into all my works. I guess a piece feels cold without them.

It’s quite amazing how you fuse different mediums (ink, paint, computer editing software) to get an end result. There’s a good amount of variety and repetition in all of these pieces. Do you brainstorm before or do you just go with the flow? Michelle: When I start, I usually have a theme and “plan of action,” but lately that hasn’t been the case. I started off on paper and transfer it

Photo by Tanya H. to computer. I’m not very tech-savy, so what I start on paper, I usually finish on canvas...Then I obsessively re-furnish on Adobe Photoshop. Last Question. I know this is out of the subject, but do you prefer ice cream of frozen yogurt? Michelle: ICE CREAM.

Is there any specific reason why? Michelle: I like biting into ice cream, you don’t get the same satisfaction as you do with frozen yogurt. My favorite flavor’s rocky road (chocolate, brownies, marshmallows AND almonds!) I’m lactose, so the taste of sour milk is the last thing I’d really want left in my mouth.


THE MAGENTA LINKS Why search for great artwork and inspiration when a site like this already exists? Konstatinos Flamiatos created the website you were hoping for. This Athens designer brings you an organized and easy to use website, filled with all types of art and design. Did I mention that he loves the color magenta?

By Brian Vu

Konstatinos Flamiatos, Administrator of The Magenta Links What is your name? Konstatinos: Konstatinos Flamiatos, but you can call me Mr. Magenta. Why did you come up withThe Magenta Links? Konstatinos: I always wanted to share all the good stuff about graphic design and more that I can find on the internet. What do you do outside of The Magenta Links? Any side projects or hobbies? Konstatinos: I’m a freelance graphic designer and assistant fashion photographer. I also just started to design a new line of tees for a friend’s store here in Athens.

What does the name The Magenta Links mean? Where does it come from?

Konstatinos: The Magenta Links is what the title says, that the links in this blog are in magenta(I just love this color).

What kind of crowd is The Magenta Links aiming towards?

Konstatinos: Graphic designers and visual enthusiasts who want to be informed about all the latest trends and learn about new designers from all over the world (Oh and people who just love the color magenta). Lastly, do you prefer ice cream or frozen yogurt? Konstatinos: Ice cream with yogurt flavor and

maple syrup.



SEABEAR By Lisa Bielsik • Photos By Lilja Birgisdóttir


irst, there was Björk. Then, Sigur Rós. Now, Iceland continues to contribute to the indie-music spectrum with Seabear of Reykjavik, Iceland. Seabear now consists of seven talented members but it has not always been this way. Surprisingly, Seabear originated from only one person. But how does one grow to become seven? Sindri Már Sigfússon started off alone, but had his two friends Örn Ingi and Guggý accompany him when he was asked to play live in Berlin. According to Sindri, from then on the band just “snowballed.” Now we are left with a seven-piece band, and we will not have it any other way! Seabear specifically states that no one else will be added to their lucky seven members. As a one-man band, Sindri self released the Singing Arc EP in 2004 (available on their website: In 2007, all seven members put their exhilarating talents together and released their

first full-length album, entitled The Ghost That Carried Us Away. The album is filled with 12 soft, but uplifting songs. Individuals would cite various musical influences, but as a collective, Sindri says Fleetwood Mac has been a great inspiration to the band. Each song on the album incorporates each member’s aptitude, giving the band a full and original sound. As for the future, Seabear is hard at work composing a new album, which will be released sometime this year. “Our new album is a little bit less poppy and a bit more gloomy, but very nice I think,” Sindri said, “We’ve been working long and hard on it and are really excited to finish it.” Even though Seabear is busy working on their new album, Sindri mentioned the possibility of a European and United States tour throughout this summer.




By Jeanne Le • Photos By David Sampson

Efterklang, meaning remembrance or reverberation in Danish, is a band formed in January of 2001. Consisting of five main members (Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Thomas Husmer, Rune Mølgaard, and Rasmus Stolberg), though they often perform live with additional instrumental/ vocal artists and orchestras. Mads, Casper, and Rasmus grew up together on a small Danish island of Als listening to Guns ‘n Roses, Led Zeppelin,

Radiohead, Nirvana, and Kashmir. The three moved to Copenhagen in 2000 where they met Rune and Thomas, and started producing music together the year after. In their latest album, Parades, it begins with instruments welcoming the prologue, while clangs of foreign sounds begin to gather, unifying hush vocals craftily layered alongside a symphony. Casper describes it as “experimental orchestral

pop music, for most of the time.” Inspired by films and visual art, Efterklang produces music intended “for the individual listener to create his or her own images suiting the music.” They record their music in bathrooms and hallways to wake up the music and make it breathe for a cinematic and powerful feel.

Currently, Efterklang is finishing up on a DVD release of the Parade concert with the National Danish Chamber Orchestra in autumn 2008. They have also been working on a new album in the past few months, which will be recorded in the summer.




By Roger Kago


ūko Imada is the solo project of Orange County musician Garrett Yim. Conceptualized in late 2007 as a means of manipulating and piecing sounds together from everyday objects to create sound collages, it has since evolved to fall under the category of noise and ambient music. The name Yūko Imada is taken from a pseudonym used by Japanese serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki, and while there may be no deeper meaning than that, the music is something of an abrasive and violent nature, that of which incorporates loops of feedback, rapid blasts of rhythm and harsh screaming. On the opposite of Yuko’s noise tracks are ambient recordings, which make use of guitar to try to recreate natural sounds such as that of the ocean to provide the listener with a

sense of tranquility, peace and possibly longing. Altogether, Yūko Imada tries to straddle the line between aggression and peace, creating a balance that is both raw and passionate. Yūko Imada can be found on www.myspace. com/yukoimada. His first EP can be purchased from Nihil Underground ( nihilunderground) and an upcoming ambient CD is to be released by Moribund Tree Records ( A full length is expected this summer, with subsequent releases to follow.



Growing up in Southern California, photographer Bradley Johnson was introduced to photography by his father who gave him his first camera, a 35mm Nikon 6006. Since than Bradley has used nothing but film believing it as a format that is “superior” and “real.” He simply is attracted to its innate ability of beautifully capturing light. Bradley’s love for film does not just stop at 35mm film; most of his work displayed on his Flickr is taken in Polaroids, a medium that Bradley is very fond of. In addition to his talent with film photography, he is also a master at carpentry, working as a display artist for Urban Outfitters and other companies, building in-store displays, shelves, signs and other creative pieces of work.

“ I only shoot when I have the desire.”



By Catherine Bui


tarting a web blog in 1999 to type down some of her daily activities, Sannah Kvist would usually complete her entries with photos taken by her cheap Samsung digital camera. But after a while she found herself taking more photos than typing entries so she started just focusing on her photography. In her most recent series of photographs, Pieces Of Me, Kvist continues to perfectly orchestrate the simplistic nature expressed in all of her photos. Photos that beautifully capture the intended image without the need for any extra objects or people. By doing this she makes every detail more important and valuable. “I like the idea of isolating what’s important in a picture

from what is not,” says Kvist. Her style of photography puts the viewer feel at ease from the straightforwardness; its sense of clarity and focus. Her photos have the perfect over exposed look, yet vivid colors still pop when they need to, giving each of her photographs the perfect balance. Her talent has caught the eyes of many people from bands such as El Perro Del Mar, Taken By Trees, and Air France all with whom she has photographed. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who was a German architect during the Bauhaus design movement in the 20’s, once said “Less is more.” A saying that is well proven by Kvist.

From The Series Pieces Of Me

Does anyone or anything inspire or influence your work? SANNAH: Mostly everyday life. I get a lot of ideas while riding the bus and such. I am a quite nervous person so I don’t take a lot of time just sitting down thinking, but on the bus there is nothing else to do.

If you are not taking photos what are you doing? SANNAH: I am a simple girl, I spend my time: drinking coffee, drinking beer, taking walks and watching X-files and Arrested Development.




rystal Butler has been one-of-a-kind with SuperLuckyCat for over seven years, but there is definitely more time and effort that has gone into her unique story. Butler has been shopping at thrift stores and buying vintage for over 20 years. The idea of creating one of a kind garments developed through time as she would alter her own vintage finds to fit herself. She gradually became more and more adventurous with her discoveries, and eventually, she found herself

using vintage as a base to create something new. Vintage shopping is not as easy as it appears to be at first glance. Remarkably, there is an entire industry that focuses on recycling clothing. Butler simply compared this to the way we recycle cans, bottles and paper. Butler buys directly from these raghouses scattered throughout the country to supply her with a variety of vintage finds. “The materials that usually work best for us are vintage scarves, tees, men’s shirts, and vintage skirts and dresses,�

[left]Bra Top Dress: made from vintage scarves with stretch jersey [right]Beaded Neckline Gauze Blouse: made from recycled printed gauze skirt

says Butler. SuperLuckyCat was recently featured at the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the show, Butler informed me that they displayed a lot of 80’s looks, bra-top styles and vintage tees. “My inspiration has always been a combination of current fashion and the materials I work with,” says Butler, “Often, I try to work to maintain original style or construction details of the recycled materials.” For the past four years, SuperLuckyCat

has been featured at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. At Coachella, SuperLuckyCat produces styles perfect for the overwhelming heat of the desert, all created from overstocks of merchandise from previous years. Butler is very excited about taking on a fifth year working with Coachella and says she is always open to interesting recycling projects.

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