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Titch co. Is a New Zealand clothing brand that was switched on in twenty ten by a couple of kiwi boy’s driving the culture they love. Titch co. targets anyone that loves and wants to share our passion, with the drive to make their mark on the world. We’re not attempting to make a generic identity people can fit into, instead we aim to provide a unified identity so people can stand out!



Titch co. Inspired from life & brought to mind by the world around us, formed from the things we love to do. The vision came from some Kiwi boys, driving the culture that they believe in. Titch co’s out to create a movement in life that not only changes the way you think about clothing & products but the way you move about and live your life.

minded kiwis over a bit of banter over a few beers, and bought to reality in the light of day. Titch co. aims to keep you constantly moving and pushing you towards where life should be, “making your mark”. However that is, life is moving & evolving; how about you do the same with us. Join the team that drives your passion.

We create a platform for everyone to make their mark, whether it is shredding fresh pow, touching the wall of the barrel, skating the neighbours empty pool or blowing your lungs out on stage.

New Zealand, our home playground.

Two thousand & ten saw Titch co. find its feet. Created one night between two like

Titch co.

About us

Made by humans, designed by kiwi’s. Make Your Mark.


Erin Allison-Maxwell

Emma Rowell

Make Your mark

Titch co. create’s a platform for everyone to make their mark, whether youre an artist, Skateboarder, Snowboarder | Skier, Surfer, Singer | Song Writer, Fashion Designer or just pushing general street culture. This is our Make Your Mark Sessions! Titch co. want’s you to make your mark on the world, and be seen for what you love to do best. Titch co. is working with the best of the best to push the culture forward to let you get noticed and stand out. We are either helping you push your career in the direction you want it to head or collaborating with you to create something the world can see that shouts your name. We know how hard it is to get ahead, so Titch co. offers our platform for you to build off and Make Your Mark. What ever you do if we can help, let us know your story! We stoke on people like you everyday. |

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M: (UK) +44 7763 663 472


M: (AUS) +61 408 462 290

(NZ) +64 21 028 49752


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Titch co. Media Kit  
Titch co. Media Kit  

Titch co. media kit is for designed for people to find out who we really are and what we are about in life. Make Your Mark. - Titch co.