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“Cause we gon’ rock this C L U B We gon’ go all night. We gon’ light it up, A Survival Guide to a Successful Homecoming Like it’s Dynamite!” Tip #1: Be a spirited Titan! Monday

Pajama Day


Color Catastrophe


TV Show Day


Superhero Day Titan Wear


Tip #2: Follow the Perfect Schedule


Tip #4: Get Excited!!!

  “The dance will have more

of a club feel. There will be more lighting, a text & request, shadow screens, and music videos.” – James Asher, Student Senate Coordinator   “I’m excited for the dance because Steve is a cool guy. It’ll be more like a club, not just another stupid school dance. I’m also excited to look sharp with my good looking date.” -Tyler Rassmusen, 12 12• News • Opinion •Feature• Arts&Entertainment • Sports •

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“We changed the game to a Saturday this year to keep ahold of our tradition. Our Friday night tradition includes feeding the kids, having quiet time, and then to the game. With the parade on the Friday, it throws off the entire tradition.” – Royce Boehm, Head Varsity Football Coach

1:00 --- Football Game vs. Winnetonka! 3:00 --- Go Home & Shower. 3:30 --- Girls, Get your Hair Done & Get Ready. 4:00 --- Boys, Get Dressed & Look Sharp with your Tied Ties! 5:30 --- Pictures!!! 6:30 --- Dinner at your Favorite Restaurant 8:00 --- Homecoming Dance! Tip #3: Look Sharp for Homecoming --- How

step 1

step 2

Put the tie around your neck. Make sure the thick part is longer than the thin part!

Place the thick part of the tie on top of the thin part. The tie should make an “x”.

Sept. 17, 2010

step 3 Wrap the thicker piece of the tie all the way around the thinner piece.

step 4 Take the thicker piece and pull it up through the top of the tie. Make sure you go from the bottom.

to tie a tie!

step 5 Take the thicker part of the tie and pull it down through the loop you made in the step before.

step 6 Pull the thick part all the way through, nice and tight! Now you’ll look sharp for the dance!

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September 24th Issue