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Welcome… …to the start of a new academic year and Titanic Belfast’s 2017/18 Learning Programme. We hope you’ve had a good summer break and are ready for all this year’s challenges. Our summer months have been spent reviewing and refreshing all our education programmes and creating new online downloadable resources for you to use in your classroom. 2016/17 was a momentous year for Titanic Belfast as we were awarded the title of World’s Leading Visitor Attraction and we had our 5th birthday. It was also an exciting year for the learning team as we launched My Friend Bear, our new experience for foundation stage pupils, in January. You can find out more about it on page 23. Places are very limited so make sure you book early.

Included in this brochure are details about Titanic Belfast’s varied learning opportunities which cover a wide range of curriculum areas. Our ‘At a Glance’ section on page 8 will help you locate the tours and workshops that are most suitable for your students and that relate to the curriculum areas you want to target. You’ll also find details of our online resources and the free teacher recce visits we offer, see page 5.

Siobhán McCartney Learning & Outreach Manager



What is Titanic Belfast? The Titanic Belfast Experience contains a wealth of information and learning opportunities. A learning workshop gives you and your students the chance to get a deeper, richer learning experience. We offer a wide selection of workshop topics that cater for all age groups and cover a broad range of curriculum areas. We also have workshops that are suitable for students who have learning disabilities.

World Travel aWards sTandalone logos

All Titanic Belfast learning’s workshops are designed to meet curriculum targets and the rationales for each workshop can be found on our website

4 How to book a visit 5 Recces 6 What does it cost? 7 Added Extras 8 At a Glance Gallery Tours 10 What is a Gallery tour? 13 Self Guided Tours 15 Ship of Dreams 17 Brave New World 19 SS Nomadic Workshops

Visit titanic Belfast

Birthplace of titanic and proud Winner of EuropE’s LEading TourisT aTTracTion

for information and to BooK visit titanicBelfast.cOM

20 Why a Workshop? 23 My Friend Bear 25 My Granda’s Piece Tin 27 Get the Message 29 The Panel 31 New Beginnings 33 Exploring the Depths 35 Abandon Ship! 37 From White Star to 5 star 38 Stemquest 39 Survitec 40 Discover Titanic Quarter 42 Resources 43 Inspire 2017 44 How to get here


How to Book a visit There a few easy steps to booking an education group visit to Titanic Belfast:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Request a booking form or more information from Complete the form and return it as soon as possible.

Our team will check availability and reserve your visit. You will then receive a pro-forma invoice by email.

Payment will be due 30 days from date on invoice or immediate payment if your visit falls within 30 days of the booking date.

Once payment has been received your booking is confirmed and you will receive a timetable for your day. Teachers can access our online resources to prepare their class for their visit.


Recces Titanic Belfast’s Learning Team offers free ‘teacher recces’ for all teachers considering or planning a visit to Titanic Belfast. Come and visit the galleries in a whistle stop walkthrough with a member of the Learning Team and then enjoy a coffee with the chance to ask questions about your options. Titanic Belfast’s crew are passionate about ensuring maximum access to learning for all our guests - our staff are disability awareness trained and will work with you to plan for any specific needs your class might have.

Recces are available Monday to Friday by arrangement, but once a term we offer a Saturday recce for those travelling from further afield advance notice for Saturday recces is announced on our Facebook page /TitanicBelfast, so make sure to like and follow us! You can also receive notification through our ezine - sign up to receive information about competitions and special offers by emailing us to confirm you are happy to be added to our mailing list.

You’ll then return to the galleries with a complimentary ticket to take it all in at your own pace with your camera and notebook in hand.

Please note that all recces must be booked in advance with our Learning Team. Contact to book your recce.


What does it cost? • Self-guided tour of Titanic Belfast • Self-guided tour of SS Nomadic

Primary/ Secondary Student

Higher Education *Student*

Accompanying Adult




• Guided tour of Titanic Belfast** • Self-guided tour of SS Nomadic


• Self-guided tour of Titanic Belfast • Guided tour of SS Nomadic




• Guided tour of Titanic Belfast** • Guided tour of SS Nomadic




Workshop***/guided tour combined







Workshop enhancements



sample itinerary 09:45



Gallery Tour






SS Nomadic


Slipway Walk/Shop


Group Departure

*Higher education rates apply when booking The Panel or White Star to 5 Star enhancements only **Ship of Dreams or Brave New World guided tours

***My Granda’s Piece Tin or My Friend Bear workshops


Added Extras Lunch Space

Slipway Walks

Titanic Belfast can provide a lunch area for your school group. This must be requested at time of booking and is subject to availability. Schools will be accommodated on a first come first served basis.

If you find yourself with some spare time or want your group to get out into the fresh air before they get back on the bus, Titanic Belfast has developed a range of self-guided slipways maps for you and your pupils to enjoy.

Alternatively, the plaza surrounding Titanic Belfast and the Titanic Slipways can be used for students to take lunch however pupils will need to be supervised at all times.

These highlight the areas of interest around the Titanic Belfast building and the historic slipways, targeted at different key stage groups. They are downloadable from

Titanic Belfast has a variety of packed lunch options available for pre-booking.


At a glance Page



Self Guided Tours


Ship of Dreams


Brave New World


SS Nomadic


My Friend Bear


My Granda’s Piece Tin


Get the Message


The Panel


New Beginnings


Exploring the Depths


Abandon Ship! in partnership with


From White star to 5 Star







Thinking Skills

The World Communication around us






What is a Gallery tour? The Titanic Experience includes nine interactive galleries, each focusing on a different part of the Titanic story. Factual information is brought to life through scale replicas, interactive multimedia displays and sensory experiences offering a diverse learning environment.

There is more than one way to enjoy Titanic Belfast’s galleries: • All year round education groups can visit on a self-guided tour where teachers guide their class and take advantage of the pre-visit information and materials provided. • Between October and March groups can upgrade to a guided tour, either Brave New World (p15) or Ship of Dreams (P13). Both are themed tours lasting approx. 90 mins. A supplementary fee is charged for a guided tour. • Between October and March KS1 classes can also book a special guided tour as part of the My Granda’s Piece Tin workshop. • Between October and March guided tours are available onboard SS Nomadic.


The Titanic Experience

Gallery Tours

Gallery Tours

Average 90 minute Tour | 8+ years old | SEN | Available All Year Pre-Booking Essential

Self-guided Tours Titanic Belfast welcomes education visitors all year round for self-guided tours of The Titanic Experience. On arrival you will be supported by a welcome host, who will set the scene and give you advice before you enter. Gallery notes are available online which cover the activities and themes you’ll find in the exhibition, as well as how these link with curriculum targets in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The most important support we can offer you is the opportunity to visit us for a ‘Teacher Recce’ (page 5). You’ll meet with the Learning Team for advice about planning your class trip over a cup of tea and you will be given a complimentary ticket so you can access the galleries, with a notebook and camera to plan your visit!


Gallery Tours

90 minute Tour | 8+ years old | SEN | Available October to March

Ship of Dreams Ship of Dreams is a 90 minute highlights tour especially designed for education visitors hosted by a live guide and using headsets to enrich your learning experience. Your specialist guide will steer you through the galleries helping you and your students focus on the story of Titanic; from why she was designed, how she was built and her luxurious fit out, right up to the story of the wreck’s discovery. You’ll be guided to appropriate

Key Highlights • Personal Titanic Belfast guide • Individual Headsets • Highlights Tour

activities, hear stories about her passengers and crew and reflect on the tragedy of her loss.


Gallery Tours

90 minute Tour | 8-12 years old | SEN | Available October to March

Brave New World Brave New World is a special guided experience for students aged 8 to 12 years on the theme of emigration. Your specialist guide will lead you and

Key Highlights

your students through the exhibition galleries with a series of thought provoking, structured activities and direct you to the most pertinent

• Personal Titanic Belfast guide

elements of the exhibition ensuring rich opportunities for learning, empathy

• Individual Headsets

and inspiration.

• Emigration focus

Lasting 90 minutes, Brave New World will concentrate on Titanic’s links with emigration and the story of early C20th emigration from Europe, particularly Ireland.


Gallery Tours

60 minute Tour | 8+ | Available October to March

SS Nomadic Step on board Titanic’s little sister for an educational voyage that spans a century! SS Nomadic is not just a visitor attraction, it’s also an iconic and unique educational experience for students of all ages! Over 100 years ago she was a purpose built tender for the White Star Line’s Olympic Class Liners. Now she provides exciting and interactive activities which encourage independent and collaborative learning and will have you wanting to come back time and time again. During the months of October to March you can upgrade to a guided tour with a member of SS Nomadic’s specialist crew, which is also suitable for SEN groups.

Key Highlights • Heritage Space • Knowledgeable staff • Last White Star Line Vessel in existence

SS Nomadic offers a unique learning environment where pupils can experience life onboard an authentic 1911 ship, dress up and even meet the ship’s captain.


Why a workshop? The Titanic Belfast Experience contains a wealth of information and learning opportunities. A learning workshop gives you and your students the chance to get a deeper, richer learning experience. We offer a wide selection of workshop topics that cater for all age groups and cover a broad range of curriculum areas, as well as workshops that are suitable for students who have learning disabilities. All Titanic Belfast Learning’s workshops are designed to meet curriculum targets and the rationales for each workshop can be found on our website




Full morning | 4-6 years old | SEN | October to March

My Friend Bear Douglas Spedden was a real boy who travelled on RMS Titanic with his parents and his beloved polar bear toy. His story inspired our newest workshop where

Key Highlights

our boy relies on ‘Bear’ to be his best friend who will offer company as well as words of encouragement and wisdom. He tends to project his feelings onto

• Takes place on board SS Nomadic

Bear but between them they work out the right path to take.


Spread over three areas of SS Nomadic and including a juice and cookie

• Develop thinking skills and personal capabilities

‘morning tea’, My Friend Bear is an experience where your pupils will enjoy story time, a chance to explore their emotional vocabulary, play games

• Includes morning tea

and encourage each other. Developed with PDMU guidelines in mind, this workshop will offer you the opportunity to cover a variety of cross curricular areas with your pupils in a fun and stimulating environment.



2½ hour experience (inc break) | 6-8 years old | SEN | Available Oct to Mar Workshop also available as an intergenerational experience for community groups

My Granda’s Piece Tin My Granda’s Piece Tin is a special workshop and tailored gallery experience where pupils will explore the lives of the youngest workers in Harland

Key Highlights

and Wolff. Your pupils will enjoy the personal stories of the shipyards and

• Learn about Belfast’s Shipyards

compare their packed lunch with the contents of the apprentices’ ‘piece tins’ before taking off on their own apprenticeship journey.

• Tour and workshop combined

Dressed appropriately, they’ll make their way through the shipyard, up the

• Become shipyard apprentices

gantry and finally launch a ship into Belfast Lough.



60 minute workshop | 8-12 years old | SEN | Available all year

Get the Message Get the Message allows pupils to explore and experiment with different methods of communication, including those used on Titanic herself.

Key Highlights

Taking place onboard SS Nomadic, pupils will try their hand at signal flags,

• Takes place in SS Nomadic’s Engine Room

semaphore and morse code. Pupils who take our Get the Message workshop will leave with a richer understanding of traditional maritime communication methods. They will have the opportunity to consider the pros, cons and limitations of the maritime communication methods used in the past after experimenting with their delivery. Get the Message will encourage your pupils to put into correct perspective the modern communication methods

• Great for teamwork and communication • Develop thinking skills and personal capabilities

they take for granted.



60 minute workshop | 11-18 years old | KS3+ | Available all year Workshop also available for EFL Students

The Panel Learning from our mistakes is part of what makes us human and examining those mistakes and using this knowledge helps us make changes for the

Key Highlights

better. The Panel gives pupils the opportunity to examine the British and

• Read and review primary source material

American inquiries that investigated the Titanic disaster and delve a little deeper into what happened on that fateful night. They will study and analyse pieces of primary source material before taking on the role of advisory panel members to make their recommendations for improvements in maritime safety standards and protocols. Will they recommend the same improvements as the initial inquiries? We’ll have to wait and see…

• Communication Skills • Develop critical thinking skills



60 minute workshop | 8-12 year olds | SEN | Available October to March Workshop also available for community groups

New Beginnings New Beginnings offers students the opportunity, through a range of structured activities, to empathise with young European migrants of the early 20th Century. The story of Titanic and her tender Nomadic are inextricably entwined with that of European emigration to America. As we try to imagine the emotions of the men, women and children who had made such a brave decision; to leave all they knew behind and risk everything in the hope of improving their futures, pupils are faced with the question; how would I have felt? The workshop includes a personal and cultural identity craft, a suitcase packing activity as pupils make some tough decisions about what they would bring, and a reflection on the reasons for migration, then and now. New Beginnings is the perfect complement to our Brave New World guided experience but can equally be booked as a stand alone activity or with any gallery experience.

Key Highlights • On board SS Nomadic • Emigration focus • Take home craft creations



60 minute workshop | 8-14 years old | KS2 & KS3 | Available October to March

Exploring the depths Exploring the Depths allows pupils to dive deep into the ocean to uncover hidden shipwrecks and discover the world of modern ocean exploration.

Key Highlights

Taking place in the final gallery, the Ocean Exploration Centre (OEC) provides


a unique interactive learning environment. Pupils discover the zones of the

• Learn about Ireland’s shores

ocean along with some of the specialised creatures that live there; get up close and personal with actual ocean exploration technology; fly through the underwater landscape off the north coast of Ireland using Titanic Belfast’s unique simulated environment to uncover shipwrecks; learn about a range of marine STEM careers; and investigate some marine samples using a high definition video microscope. Pupils will come away with a new appreciation and respect for our oceans and will be inspired by the future of ocean

• Explore marine science career options • Exclusive access to Ocean Exploration Centre

exploration and scientific research.



60 minute workshop | 8+ years old | KS2+ | SEN | Available all Year Workshop also available for corporate teambuilding

Abandon Ship! An exercise in thinking outside the box, Abandon Ship uses actual liferafts supplied by Survitec Ltd. The workshop focuses on developing pupils’

Key Highlights

transferable skills in communication, problem-solving and decision-making

• Uses liferafts from Survitec Ltd

as well as promoting self-confidence, self-esteem, co-operation and collide with an iceberg, students must abandon ship into the liferafts. While

• Teamwork and Communication

‘onboard’, each pupil must consider, both individually and as a group, how

• Critical thinking

teamwork. Based around the scenario of being the crew of 3 yachts which

each of 15 items provided could be used in their situation. This workshop is available for KS2 and KS3 students with set curricular learning intentions and is also an excellent icebreaker for year 8 students!

In partnership with



60 minute Seminar | GCSE+ | Tourism, Heritage, Event Management and Marketing Available all Year

From WHite Star to 5 Star Winner of ‘World’s Leading Tourist Attraction’ in 2016, Titanic Belfast was Northern Ireland’s first ever five star tourist attraction and we strive to build

Key Highlights

on our position as a world-class venue. From White Star to 5 Star is a seminar

• Interview key senior member of our crew

which gives your students the opportunity to find out about what it takes to be world-class and to consider the value that brings to a region. You’ll meet a key member of our crew as they answer your students’ questions about working in such an amazing place and about how they and their colleagues contribute to the success that is Titanic Belfast.

• Learn about working at Titanic Belfast • Northern Irish tourism

Please note From White Star to 5 Star must be booked at least 6 weeks in advance of date of visit and the students questions must be with us at least two weeks in advance in order to let our member of staff sufficiently prepare for your visit.


StemOuest Titanic Belfast, in partnership with Survitec Group, is calling on all KS3 whizz kids to get involved with Titanic Belfast’s Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) quiz. Following on from the enormous success of the STEM Quest quiz in 2016 and 2017 the search is now on for Northern Ireland’s best team in 2018. Do your pupils have what it takes to be ‘Best in Class’ this year?

STEM Quest is designed for Key Stage 3 students (1st – 3rd year) and will see pupils, in teams of four, test their knowledge against their peers from across the region, in a bid to become Northern Ireland’s top team. Heats will be held across Northern Ireland during January with the final taking place in the Titanic Suite at Titanic Belfast on 20th February 2018.

If you’re up for the challenge and ready to #getyourSTEMon then email before 15th December 2017 and put ‘STEMQuest’ as the email subject line.

In partnership with


Developing a new generation of innovative thinkers The Survitec Group, one of the world’s top Safety Survival Technology companies, has joined forces with Titanic Belfast to enable educators and young explorers to go deeper into the fascinating oceans around us. The unique partnership sees the internationally renowned and Belfast-based company support and endorse a specialist education programme and workshop designed to encourage innovation and highlight knowledge of marine safety to young people. The Survitec Group has a strong heritage of innovative contributions to the maritime safety industry. As safety survival subject matter experts with more than 160 years’ expertise in the design and manufacture of life saving equipment, the Group’s

influence can be traced back to the early 19th century with the introduction of the first ever life-raft in 1932, the first life preserver in 1940 and the first mass evacuation system in 1979. Today Survitec remains the design authority on a number of products used in the modern maritime industry, supplying a solution for virtually any seafaring vessel, anywhere in the world today.


DISCOVER Titanic Ouarter Titanic Foundation, the charity set up to oversee the development of Titanic Belfast, is located at the heart of Titanic Quarter. Since opening Titanic Belfast in March 2012, Titanic Foundation continues to preserve Belfast’s Maritime and Industrial heritage within Titanic Quarter. This includes a number of key maritime and industrial heritage projects: the former Harland & Wolff Drawing Offices and Headquarters Building, SS Nomadic, three Harland & Wolff Steam Cranes and, most recently, a 130 year old lighthouse optic, ‘The Great Light’. The Foundation also has an interest in promoting and delivering Titanic Quarter as a maritime heritage destination and shared space for all of Belfast and Northern Ireland. This includes preserving the heritage of Titanic Quarter and programming activity and events in partnership with all the attractions

across the Quarter. We want to engage with local communities to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn about Belfast’s maritime heritage; past, present and future. To find out about all the exciting learning opportunities that not only meet the curriculum in both NI and the ROI, but offer unique learning experiences through unforgettable encounters, download a copy of the factsheet for Titanic Quarter at

T: +44 (0)28 9073 0490 E:



Titanic Belfast Titanic Belfast

SSE Arena & W5 SSE Arena

Dock Abercorn ilton & W5Basin Abercorn Basin Ham

& Marina

The Arc The Arc Apartments Apartments



& Marina Segway Tours Dock Café

ilton Ham


Segway Tours Dock Café



Wake xandra Ale Cranes Titanic Hotel Belfast Titanic House & Titanic & the Drawing Offices Drawing Studios Offices





xa Ale


n pso om




TitanicCatalyst Inc Studios


Stem Subjects Gateway to EastSide Sam Thompson Bridge History Sam Thompson Bridge Gateway to EastSide Geography

Belfast’s Window on Wildlife


Samson & Goliath Samson & Goliath



To find out about exciting learning opportunities in Titanic Quarter visit the resources section of

n pso

om Th

Northern Ireland Science Park


Belfast Met

Belfast’s Window on Wildlife


way Slip ay nic a it lipw T ic S Cable & mp ly O Steam


Belfast Met




Titanic Quarter is a great place to learn, offering an insight into a range of curriculum topics including:

SS Nomadic

way Slip ay nic lipw Tita ic S mp ly O

HMS CarolineHMS Caroline Steam Titanic’s Dock Titanic’s D Cranes & Pumphouse & Pumpho


SS Nomadic


Coming Winter 2017

The Great Light

Lagan Boat ToursLagan Boat Tours




Lagan Weir Footbridge


AY QU LL GA E The Belfast N DO Barge


Belfast Waterfront


Big Fish

The City Hall The City Hall Visit Belfast Welcome Centre Visit Belfast Welcome Centre




Ed ucatio

Resources Titanic Belfast’s Learning Team strives to support teachers and students with their RMS Titanic projects. Our website has free resources to help you prepare for your visit including a site Risk Assessment, Teacher planning notes and detailed gallery notes which will assist you in knowing where to focus your visit to meet all your curriculum targets. We also provide suggestions for pre-visit and follow up classroom activities with downloadable resources for you to use as well as downloadable activities for classroom and home use that can be used independent of a visit to Titanic Belfast.



Inspire 2018 Titanic Belfast’s annual Inspire conference is always one of the highlights of our year and Inspire 2018 is just around the corner. For a glimpse of just how transformative this event can be, take a moment to check out a video of Inspire 2016 on YouTube by searching for Inspire 2016 International Women’s Day at Titanic Belfast. Invitations for seven 5th or 6th form girls and one teacher will be sent out by email to all post primary schools and FE colleges in Northern Ireland in early January. Places are very limited and book up fast. To minimise your chances of missing out become a named teacher for your school or college’s invitation by emailing with the subject line Inspire 2018. We really hope to see you here for what will be a truly inspirational day.

T i ta n i c B e l fa s t ’ s

Conf erence 2018

Keep up to date with the latest information, competitions and special offers by following our facebook page /TitanicBelfast or by signing up for our ezine by emailing us at


T i ta n i c B e l fa st | Wo r l d’ s L e a d i n g V i s i t o r At t r ac t i o n

How to get here Titanic Belfast is in close proximity to ferry ports and Belfast City Airport, and is very accessible to all major routes. Vehicles approaching Belfast on the M1 or M2 should follow the signs to Belfast City Airport M3, taking the first exit for Titanic Quarter. Titanic Belfast is also accessible by train from Central Station where visitors can depart at Titanic Quarter station and enjoy an easy 30 minute walk to Titanic Belfast. We also offer free coach parking and refreshments for your driver for pre-booked groups!

Education Partner Titanic Belfast, 1 Olympic Way, Queen’s Road, Belfast, N. Ireland, BT3 9EP T: +44 (0)28 9076 6396 E:

Learning at Titanic Belfast  

Lessons From The Past, Learning For The Future.

Learning at Titanic Belfast  

Lessons From The Past, Learning For The Future.