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ABOUT US r CONCEPT Design, quality, details and art are some of the key stones that define Titabonita´s products. We look for perfection in elegance, for style in craziness and above all beauty in passion, for the little details and small things that make living such a fascinating experience. IDENTITY Titabonita always looks for the best materials and professionals, betting on and always as a first option for the “made in Spain” working with professionals and craftsmen so as to obtain practical, unique, elegant and fun pieces. The design them selves are cosmopolitan, extracted form the personal experiences of the young designer, which has spend most of her life traveling and living abroad from NYC to Singapore. HISTORY Titabonita is born at the end of 2011 from a dream that was awaiting its chance to become a reality. It started with its first collection launched in May for spring-summer 2012 called “Cor das Flores “ (the color of flowers in Portuguese) A collection filled with hints of French essence. Its main ingredient: natural fabrics such as hand dyed raffia . Only God knows how it will en. In a few words, Titabonita seeks to offer her clients a new world experience on step at a time



SECRET INGREDIENTS J Titabonita is all about the details, the little things in life. Whether it is choosing materials, packaging or in our designs, we always add a little pinch of magic in every batch. How do you know you are wearing a titabonita shoe? Our brand is represented by three gold studs on the outer part of the shoe. The logo represents our three values: design, quality, details. On a personal note, the founder of titabonita also decided to have three studs in honor of each one of her siblings. Every left foot has a four leaf clover inside because sometimes we all need a little bit of luck. They are shoes that will make you feel like you can take on the world. Each box comes with a little card, explaining proper care for the shoe. Clipped to each on of those beautiful card is a lovely retro style golden pin‌congrats, you are now a titabonita girl!. All of our shoes come wrapped in a beautiful box with a special drawing inside, exclusively made for titabonita. Welcome to our world!









q Our first collection made of natural materials such as hand dyed raffia, and a delicate design was launched in May of 2011. It is inspired by the colors of flowers, their shapes, their textures and their movements. From the obvious shape of the extra large metal flowers to more subtle hints. The glitter heels and tip of the shoes is reminiscent of the fields filled with flowers painted through thousands of colorful dots in oil paintings. The gold colored raffia hints to the chic baskets one would take their flowers homes form a parisienne market on a Saturday afternoon. Four beautiful models filled with whimsy and magic.



SUMMER SURPRISE a Just as its name says this collection was a “surprise” for our clients. Classic espadrilles with a modern touch by titabonita. Three models of espadrilles in suede, lined with leather and a “stuffed” sole for more comfort. This collection inspired in classic Spanish summer was only available in stores and showrooms. Three beautiful colors were chosen, turquoise, bright orange and a baby pink, a color suited for any personality. An extremely comfortable shoe it was a big hit for the summer, a more hippie side to titabonita



TWINKLE TOES X Twinkle Toes, our first heel collection inspired on happiness. All those moments in our lives that we have shined or made others shine . Those magical childish dreams. The pink tulle skirt, feathers, a bag of treats wrapped in a pretty bow. Everything that shines and sparkles that makes everything feel and look more magical. Heels to conquer a night, a life, a dream. Designed to win the night in a bright combination of glitter fabric and others in a more classic combination, these heels have a classic feel but a modern touch. Mixing in the batch a little leather always makes for a great results.







’ A mix in the name (Otoman in Spanish, collection in English) and a mix in the materials, our starting point for our accessory line. Using a classic fabrics such as ottoman, in a classic shape with beautiful leather to accent it, our first collection of hand bags, an exclusive line of ten is born. This classic line is brighten up with pops of color such as yellow, coral and pink and more basic colors like beige and green. A bag that's perfect for every occasion and for every type of woman. A bag in which everything fits, all our needs, dream and lives. The mix of colors and fabric is just a perfect basic.




, A fighter, a flirt, positive, strong, whatever you are we have your gloves. Elegances and stylish, these gloves are designed upon the feeling that a hand movement can be as sexy as an exposed back or never ending legs. The cut in the “thumbs up” model is like a sensual neckline. The movement of the leather trim in “wild child” is like a private dance for our lover. The long gloves “peace and f-u” are as suggestive and fun as, very Rita Hayworth in Gilda Made in one of the few last gloves factories in Madrid the delicate handwork and exquisite leather make for a wonderful glove



BY CAMUÑAS P A limited edition of hand painted scarves by Spanish artist Blanca Camuñas was a perfect addition to the titabonita world. These delicate paintings, filled with life and force, movement and joy… are painted on natural silk. This artist is inspired by every country she has lived in, from Kuwait to New York, stopover in Singapore and Belgium. Inspired by nature and its beauty, they are a perfect complement for any girl. Different sizes fit different needs. This collection is also the first collection that includes men´s accessories. Elegant and colorful “pochettes” for the more outgoing and fashion forward men.






ELLE spain. August 2012 “With an naif step. Titabonita’s ballerina have become a total must have”


ยกHOLA! September 5th 2012 In the style category


ELLE spain Dicember 2012 a special metion from international model Eugenia Silva “A good investment in baillerinas [...] nothing better for everyday than titabonita’s.”


Diseño artesanal Titabonita cuenta en su colección de verano con modelos 100% naturales, como estas bailarinas de ra!ia, tela y cuero teñidas a mano y realizadas con técnicas artesanales. Se vendenonline en y en Enfant Terrible (Núñez de Balboa, 30, Madrid). El precio, en rebajas, 95 ".

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MIA 1 AGOSTO 2012 weekly women’s magazine.


ENTREPRENEURIAL PRIZE f On February 23rd the award for the “Yo Dona” women Entrepreneurial Prize 2012 was awarded to Blanca Rabena Camuñas, CEO & Founder of titabonita. This prize was awarded to the company amongst other things for its originality in the products and detailing it includes, also for its viability and possible growth in the market. It was chosen amongst 40 other projects, decided by a jury which included professionals of the field in business and fashion such as Cobadonga O'Shea President of ISEM Business Fashion School, Ana Locking Spanish Designer, and Marta Michel Director of Spanish Magazine Yo Dona Since the award, titabonita has been featured on TV, Radio, newspapers and has grown in the internet media.


Blanca Rabena Camuñas accepting the prize. Left to right: Ana Botella Mayor of Madrid, Blanca Rabena Camuñas, Teresa Sábada director of ISEM Business School Marta Michel Director or Yo Dona


CONTACT US CEO & Founder BLANCA RABENA CAMUĂ‘AS Community Manager ELVIRA TORTOSA GARCIA-VASO Commercial and Sales Managers IRENE RUANO ROMERO & MAYTE RUANO ROMERO web: facebook: Titabonita_designs twitter: @titabonitashoes instagram TITABONITA_DESIGNS

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