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My Payroll wish list...

As payroll supervisor I would like a system that is • Simple enough for our current staff to use • Sophisticated enough to handle current & future needs • Painless to implement • Leave and attendance capable • Statutory compliant, with reports for NIB & BIR • Programmed to enable electronic bank transfers • Designed to deliver accounting journal entries for each pay cycle • A great help at year end; generating TD4’s and reconciliation reports • Timely system support and updates • Safe and secure database with user access levels • HR components including leave tracking



Building the Employee Database


TTPay presents the user with well laid out screens to capture all the necessary employee details. This include: • • • • • • • • • • •

Name Address Department BIR Number NIS Number Bank Details Pay Details (unlimited) Deductions (unlimited) Attach photograph Employee Skills and much more…


Time Clock - TTPay can interface...




Swipe card

TTPay can interface with any time capture device a customer prefers once the software has CSV or ASCII file formats for TTPay to process.

Timeclock Interface


Doing the payroll with ease...


Collect hours from electronic time clocks or input manually into timesheets. The TTPay calculation engine calculates standard time and overtime hours according to your payrules. From your worksheets you can override default deductions and earnings in any worksheet for any payroll cycle. Handle bonuses track loans and auto deduct payments on each payroll cycle. Once all checks are complete, post the payroll.


Paying the Employee via ACH


Once your company use any of these banks, you can use our automated clearing house (ACH) facility to effect salary deposits.


Tracking Employee Leave...


TTPay allows unlimited leave types and allocation of annual days per employee. When the leave is utilized, the entry is done on the Leave Transaction screen and the available days are updated.


At Year End - Preparing TD4s Preparing TD4s has never been simpler. Apart from the TD4 form, TTPay boasts reports which will assist your end of year GL reconcilliation. You can use TTPay’s BIR approved form or the traditional BIR stationery.



Total Information - who are we?

Wendell Charles Managing Director

Abigail De Freitas Sales and Support

Kervon Patrick Network Specialist

Hyacinth Galindo Admin Assistant

Nkosi St Louis Tech Support

Kevin Sohun Tech Support

Total Information Systems Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company under the Companies Ordinance, Ch.31 No.1 on January 26, 1993. Total Information Systems is currently located at 40 Picton Court, Woodford Street, Newtown. Patrice Samuel Sales Associate

Total Information provides professional information technology services to medium sized businesses. Specifically, we of fe r s of t w are d e ve l opm e nt , networking and support ser vices.



Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs in a Trini style...

So, why shud we buy TTPay for our payroll?

Support, track record and great scalable product at a reasonable price is my answer. Will we able to get support from allyuh after we buy this system?

Timely support is very important to us and is the core for referrals. So if we call wita problem how fas you people duz respond?

Most of our support and updates are via the internet and is normally within an hour. I like wat I see so far, but wat is the cost of TTPay?

TTPay’s price is hinged to the number of employees in your organisation. Price starts at about $7,000. How long Total Information around? I neva hear bout dis company.

Total Information Systems Limited was formed in 1992 by Wendell Charles and has continuously been in operation. So cud you convert data from a spreadsheet or another payroll package?

Yes we have done this many times. Conversion complexities differ with each application. So dis TTPay package, duz it do NI184 and TD4 so we aint hav to do it manually?

Yes it does NI184 and NI187 along with TD4s and automatic tax calculations. Who duz use this pakage?

Rentokil, Central Concrete, Century 21 Janitorial, Scaffolding Manufacturers,Offshore Technology, Scaffolding Experts, CTS School, Arima Race Club, Memisa and more... Duz it handle overtime and special time and attendance rules?

Yes it handles overtime based on rules. We have security companies using TTPay and this is a key component processing time sheets from different job sites. Cud it trak leave and employee holidays?

Yes it manages unlimited leave types.


TTPay Technical Details Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 or later) Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later) Windows Server 2003 and later Hardware Pentium processor at 1 GHz or faster 512 MB RAM or higher 50 MB free hard disk for program installation 35 MB available hard disk space for each company 1024 x 768 screen resolution with 16 bit color Software PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader (minimum v7) Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2010 Network 100 BaseT or faster Ethernet network that supports TCPIP Internet Internet connection for software updates, and Online Help Development Tool Magic Database Btrieve/Pervasive SQL


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109 Woodford Street, Newtown Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Telephone: 868.628.7138

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