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TISHMA TECHNOLOGIES, Powered by Nortech, LLC When you're in the business of production or manufacturing, time is directly proportional to money. . And if you are in the food packing industry, the amount could even be steeper if the packaging process is delayed. Tishma Technologies was established in the year 1977 and is engaged in designing and manufacturing of superior quality, high-efficiency packaging machines, and systems, since then. The company has been a major supplier of packaging machinery to some the world major industries and corporations. These companies include Pharmaceutical, Confectionery, Food, Beverages, Cosmetic and many other enterprises with packaging needs. Tishma Technologies engineered systems range from a manual load, semi-automatic, high-speed, stand-alone machine, continuous motion, flexible and thoroughly combined turn-key packaging lines. Tishma is a brand that exemplifies State-of- theart technology with quality craftsmanship and innovative modular design to incorporate modern, flexible packaging machinery specifications. For more than forty years, TISHMA is a pioneer in the manufacturing of high-tech packaging machinery. The company has consistently been researching, developing and implementing cutting edge design & development processes, to offer machine which is accustomed to new packaging applications, requirements, and materials. With time TISHMA offer a diversified product line that includes: Cartoners, Tray Packers, Case Packers, Palleltizers, Robotics and Integrated Systems.

TISHMA is a one stop shop for all your packaging need. Regardless of whatever industry or business you are in, they have food packaging machines for sale that will surpass your expectations for efficiency and effectiveness. With our dedicated team of technical sales staff and customer service representatives, there is always someone to assist you with product selection for your intended application.

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