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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Spring//Summer 2019

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Every time a magazine is sold 10p will go towards the Big Blue Ocean Clean Up charity. I am highly passionate about this cause and feel strongly that the current generation, all do their part to use less plastic and save our oceans.


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About Juniper magazine is an independent print publication. Juniper aims to inspire and motivate creativity inside young minds. The publication is driven by creative freedom and the inspiration around them. It aims to showcase the new artists, writers and everyday talented people.

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Contributing Writers // Lea Lepur, Yasmin Bleake, Steph Curteis-Lateo, Katherine De Sousa, Sophie Winfield Contributing Photographers // Harry Norbury, Shannon Cassidy, Sean Newton Photographers // Katie Lester, Alex Munro, Leticia Curteis-Lateo, Katie Soane, Jessica Lena, Pheobe Gale, Yasmin Main Models // Huda Salah, Charles Refson, Megan Jane, Yasmin Main, Maisie Main, Courtney Donegal, Katherine De Sousa, Abby Thomas

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editor’s letter This issue is about growing up and working out what you want to do or even who you want to be. It is about growing up right and doing what you want for you, whilst working out who you are and what makes you happy. The chosen creatives are all uniquely talented and have found their own style and yet all share a passion for their creative interest. Within this issue there is a talk with fashion blogger and You Tuber Charlotte Hole, to discover how she got to where she is now and all about her travelling journey. Not only that but plenty of other inspiring people you will love to read about. Equally there are break up stories, love letters and walk of shame truths that you may be able to relate too. These pages are filled with gifted people that just want to share their talents in the hopes they will inspire just one person. Hopefully this will motivate you to be one step closer to your desired future. Stay creative, inspired and enthused for those around you.

Tishh_lah x


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Nev er Ending Feeling of Youth

“We are the reckless, We are the wild youth Chasing visions of our futures One day we’ll reveal the truth”

Daughter lyrics




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Being 21 is weird. I feel as if I’m right on the cusp of adulthood; graduation is just around the corner and after that, it seems as if the only logical thing left to do is to find your career and stay there. That’s what it feels like, anyway. What with family members constantly questioning ‘what are you doing next?’, ‘what’s the plan?’, ‘have you got a job yet?’. I don’t think they understand that I don’t want to find my career now, I don’t want to be thrown into adulthood as soon as I take off my cap and gown. I want to explore and never fully grow up; I want to be forever young in Thailand and New Zealand before I finally settle down in an office job. I think that there are so many options open to us now that we don’t necessarily have to follow a strict career path like our parents, but instead we can experience teaching in foreign countries or travelling across Asia before we really find our ‘forever home’. That’s the best thing about being young – you aren’t tied down. The world is literally your oyster, and anything is possible.

settle. It’s overwhelming that it seems like you choose a vocation that you like and stick with it for life, maybe that’s the reason I have such an aversion against choosing? But I do think the world is changing. I believe it’s easier than ever to return to education as an adult should you desire a complete change of vocation, and that gives me hope that I won’t ever have to feel stuck nor trapped, but that I will always feel as free as I do whilst I meander on through life with my friends by my side and that is what is most comforting to me. Being in this period in my life where I’m so close to one chapter closing and another opening, it is comforting to know that no matter where you end up, you’ll always have your friends beside you. Maybe that’s all you need to feel fulfilled? I’m not sure, yet. But I do know that I will travel and come running back into their arms as soon as I’m back. I think that, throughout your youth, you can experience many things, but nothing will be as solid nor as rewarding as allowing yourself to fall in love with other people and maybe, just maybe, falling into vocation which you never even considered won’t be too bad as long as you’re surrounded by good people. Maybe growing up and entering adulthood and making choices won’t be too bad if you surround yourself with people you love.

I love my friends and I love living with them. That’s another thing I don’t want to leave behind when I enter the world of adulthood; the freedom that I have to do whatever I want with my friends, whenever we want to do it. We can book a train to Paris on a whim or order a curry and watch Beyoncé’s Lemonade on a Wednesday afternoon. Doing anything with them is always the most fun – we’re young, silly and exploring the world and life and boys and love with each other and I never ever want to have to experience those things alone. Being young with my friends makes me feel like I’m in some kind of cult; a group of girls who will do anything for each other and simultaneously help one another grow through hard experiences whilst encouraging their craziness. It’s a whirlwind of adventures and love and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Text Sophie Winfield

I haven’t decided where I finally want to end up when the time comes, I naturally wander between about 17 different job ideas on a daily basis. Once I’ve conquered the world and most probably, returned with an incredibly lobsteresque sun burn, I know I still won’t want to







megan gabbey @megangabbeyillustration Bournemouth

What do you want to be when you grow up? “At 22 I still don’t feel like a grown up! I would love to be a full time freelance illustrator.”

LCL: How did you get into illustrating? MG: I’ve always loved drawing so I knew that was the path I was going to follow. I wasn’t sure exactly what discipline I wanted to do, so I did an art foundation course in London and that helped me decide on studying illustration at degree level. How has social media shaped or impacted your illustrations? Social media has had a great impact on my work, from seeing funny memes or quotes on Facebook to base my work on, to seeing how people react to my work on Instagram. I tend to pay close attention to what posts are getting the most engagement so I know what to go forward with and what isn’t working so well. So I would say that social media is a great tool for my work. What do you want from your followers? With my work, I try to create illustrations that people can see and think ‘same’ or ‘me too’ and I love it when people tell me that it reminds them of themselves or friends. I already feel the love and support from the followers I have, I guess I would just want that to continue and grow!

Does Instagram affect your mind set? Do you think it is positively or negatively influencing teenagers? I don’t think Instagram affects my mind set at this point in my life. I think myself lucky to have had my teenage years Instagram free because I do think that it can cause some self-esteem issues, particularly in young girls. However, there’s a lot more accounts out there these days that spread awareness of the fact that not everything you see is real, and that people will be sharing photos of them at their best. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in life? I guess it would be to not compare myself to other people. I used to compare myself to other people a lot and it’s just not realistic. You’ve just got to remind yourself that nobody is perfect and everyone has stuff going on so you cannot waste energy comparing yourself to other people. Instead you should spend the time praising yourself and pushing yourself to be a better version of you.


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When teenagers have to grow up quickly and take on responsibility by completing adult tasks.

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Everyone stumbles on the rock of growing up sooner or later. Sometimes it feels like I am jumping from one stone to another, but I keep falling in the lake. I agree that growing up is hard, but it doesn’t have to be tragic. Today, with tons of ways to relax and have fun, it doesn’t have to be as hard. Also, we are all interconnected in a huge net of online communication, so you don’t have to grow up alone. If you have to work while studying or you just moved out of your home, it can feel hard at times. It is a struggle, but that is what life is all about. The fun part is that the hardest times are the ones you always remember the most. Also, you can share your ups and downs with friends that you meet at university or at work. If not, there are bunch of people you could meet online who are going through the same struggles. A bookshelf or chocolates? The main ingredient of growing up is becoming independent and responsible for your own actions. Some people plan more, while others prefer going with the flow. However, I believe that everyone has to have some starting point before moving onto bigger goals. For example, I am a sucker for an organized personal space. I freak out if my clothes are all over the bed or if I have too many books on the floor. Before moving onto the bigger things that I plan for some day, I try to do small and easy tasks first to boost my confidence. I start from making my bed and reorganizing my mess. I still haven’t bought a bookshelf since I moved to Birmingham seven months ago. If I cut out on chocolates for a few weeks, I would for sure be able to buy a decent bookshelf. However, my chocolates are important to me. I need to relax in any way that I can. If you are a student who works part time like me, you know how stressful it can be to manage the workload from both sides. Add to the mix your personal life and the last thing you need is to stop eating chocolate. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Obligations and stress are manageable as long as you are willing to negotiate with them. Have fun, love life and don’t let the stress and growing up bog you down. They are here to teach you about life as well. Remember to use hard and unpleasant moments to enjoy the nice ones even more by contrast. Everything in life has good and bad sides, so the rocky path to adulthood is not an exception. The years of studying and working at the same time will possibly be the hardest part of my growing up trajectory, but I am trying to remind myself to enjoy it as well. I believe that these three years will be crucial in my personal development as well. I am learning to stop stressing about unimportant things because I am not helping myself that way. Even though I feel like I am growing up quickly and like my adolescence and childhood are passing by me while I’m on a fast train, some parts of me remain childish. I am not always eager to go to work and I’d rather stay in bed watching cartoons and binge eating. The adult part of me then kicks in and reminds me that I have to pay my bills. It is like I have two people in me fighting over each other. However, the great part about growing up is that you gain freedom and you can choose your own path. Remember that in spite of all the struggles of growing up, you can live your life however you want to because nobody grows up fully.

Text Lea Lepur













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Harry Norbury phototgraphy @ uwe @harrynorbury 22

The Next Generation tripod, it’s not a bit of kit you can rush with like a 35mm point and shot. Using this camera makes me slow down I think more about how the photograph is being framed and every little detail that’s inside that frame. On the other hand, the thing I get most insecure about is the fact that I purely shot on film. There’s always this consistent fear of ‘will my photos come out okay? You can’t look at a screen on the back to see what you’ve done, you have to always have faith in your own ability.

LCL: Describe your work in a way you never have before?

HN: A mixed of carefully craft landscapes and horrid mugshots of people I love.

How did you get into photography?

It kind of started with my mum who is an incredible landscape painter, from a young age she got both my sister and I heavily interested in art. While my sister inherited my mum’s skill for painting I was completely crap, then on one birthday my sister got given a Nikon DSLR which pestered her to let me use all the time. Over time I became more familiar with the camera and eventually my mum gave me her old Pentax K1000 35mm camera which started my journey into film photography.

What do you look for when taking a picture?

It depends on what my current project is and the themes/ subjects that are relevant to that, but if I’m just taking photos of my friends or just for fun I’ve always found myself waiting for moment someone is off guard, I’m always wanting to photograph people being more natural or just getting horrid mugshots of my friends.

Name something about your work you like and an insecurity about your work?

What I like about my work is when I’m more careful about how I set up my compositions, I mainly shoot on a medium format camera with a large





Who has infLuenced your work the most?

I’ve had a lot of other photographers’ influence/ inspire my work but one who has also had one the biggest impacts is Paul Graham who is a British document photographer, to be most specific his photobook ‘A1 - The Great North Road’.

Where do you see yourself in fIve years?

In 5 years I’d realistically like to be living in my own flat potentially with a dog. However career wise if I’m still perusing the path of a photographer then I expect I’ll be assisting my professional photographers alongside being able to produce my own personal work.

What songs are on your playlist right now?

I’m not really one for creating playlists but the main two I’ve been listening to are ‘Disco Forever’ by Spotify which is perfect for any occasion and the other is ‘MF DOOM and friends’ which is by Evan Jaxon also on Spotify.

Shout out someone elses work that deserves it

I’d like to shout my friend and fellow photographer Rhiannon Bowden (her Instagram is @rhiannonbowden). She’s been creating really interesting portraits and landscapes for her currently body of work that explores her own identity.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That’s a difficult question really, over the last few months I’ve been in dispute with myself over what direction I want to go after university. I still I want to pursue my photographic career but at the same time the industry itself is so competitive that I’m looking into other rolls I could apply my degree to. Even though I still trying to figure things out, I think in the long run as long I’m doing something creative I’ll be happy!




Boys will be Boys

Photography Leticia Curteis-Lateo Model Charles Refson Stylist Leticia Curteis-Lateo





Full article on





don’t obey 51

Oliv ia Rose Illustrator | Graphic Designer | Visual Artist




@Oliviaillustrations 54

JUNIPER Mag What is without?






What is your favourite illustration of yours and why?

My MacBook, I am on it near enough 24/7, creating illustrations, doing coursework, and of course watching Netflix, I honestly don’t know how I survived without it before!

Ooh that is a tough one, I actually don’t think that I have a favourite. I produce so many on a daily basis that a favourite image would change every day! If I had to, it’d definitely be an image of Nadia Lee Cohen, Megan Ellaby or A Fashion Nerd.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Name something about your work you like and an insecurity about your work?

I basically want to collaborate with a variety of fashion brands and fashion based people, illustrating for them, directing photoshoots for them and putting my image making and graphic design knowledge to the test.

What is flavour?




I’d have to say I love my own personal style and seeing how it develops over time. However, I do wish that I experimented more with media instead of being too safe and precious over my work.


What do you hope to achieve at the end of the year?

I love me some chocolate ice-cream I have to say, but id definitely have to say Salted Caramel! I am so obsessed.

My main aim is to graduate university, it’s so close now, I can finally see the finish line.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why?

Does Instagram affect your mind set? Do you think it is positively or negatively influencing teenagers?

Oh, New York City, there’s no doubt about that! I love it there so much, it’s a bit of an understatement if I said how much I miss it ten times a day. I got myself a little apple tattoo on my ankle (you know, because it’s called the Big Apple?) I visited in 2017 and left my heart there, I definitely need to go back and get it. I’d have to live in New York as I just love the busy, never-ending atmosphere, and it’s just so beautifully picturesque, also my favourite TV shows are based in New York City, so it’s become a place that I can connect with personally.

Instagram definitely used to affect my mind set, but not so much anymore. Ever since starting my Illustration account I now see Instagram as a platform where I can sell myself and see myself grow as an artist as SO many people use it on a daily basis, so in a positive light I see Instagram to be a place to express who you are and to be discovered, in my practice anyway. However in a more personal context, I do think Instagram can cause a negative influence on people. Many tend to compare their selves to others with thousands or even millions of followers and therefore start to question themselves, especially when it comes to personal image, which is something I don’t think a lot people need.

What artist/band could you listen to forever? Arctic Monkeys and Talking Heads, no questions asked!


Commuting through life

Photographer Jessica Lena Model Courtney Donegal Stylist Leticia Curteis-Lateo Location Moor street station Birmingham








What do you want to be when you grow up? As teenagers grow up they are always faced with this daunting question. They go through education studying hard just to grow up 58 and get a job.

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My mum drove down the darkened country lanes. We’re both riding that post gig high having just seen our favourite band, Sundara Karma, at the Thekla in Bristol. Or as we call it ‘the boat that rocked’. Connecting my phone to the cars speaker I watched in anticipation as my clock changed to 00:00 am. It’s now the 29th September and I have just turned twenty. Gone are my awkward teenage years and I almost let out a sigh of relief but instead pressed play and settled for singing a passionate rendition of the only song I could possibly want to hear at that moment, The Courteeners Not Nineteen Forever.

making a worthwhile contribution and make some sort of difference. I spent hours updating my CV, searching the internet nightly for work experience, placements, and future jobs. I was completely focused. Years of schooling intertwined with personal interests and passions formed the feeling I hadn’t experienced in all my twenty years; certainty. I was certain I had to work harder, expect more for myself and expand beyond my personally constructed limitations. I could and can achieve more than I had previously been willing to settle for. On went that oh so familiar and severely overplayed guitar riff and I sang out Tried to get your attention all night long asked you once, I asked you twice, asked you four times If you’d like to dance to that song. Cutting some questionable shapes at this point before being interrupted by the chime of my phone notifying me off an email. I had just received confirmation of my place to teach English in Bali this summer. Traveling alone for the first time in my life to an unknown country for one whole month. I’m counting down the days and June could not come sooner. I’ve become the epitome of all my hero Beyoncé preaches; I’m a fierce, strong independent woman who can do anything I set my mind on. I’m going to travel, broaden my horizons and appreciate all that the world has to offer me.

The jangly riff accompanied by four Mancs singing of teenage insecurities and romanticism filled the car and my head with the somewhat overwhelming notion that my teenage years were no more. That I am in fact on the brink of adulthood. My mind, however, preoccupied with the thought of how nineteen was by far my worst year. Broken hearted, parents splitting and a breakdown in my first year of university left little to be desired of nineteen. But as Courteeners lead singer Liam Fray chants ‘You’re not nineteen forever, pull yourself together I know it seems strange but things, they change’ no sentiment could ring truer. Life is ever changing and turning twenty was my much-anticipated quarter-life crisis. Only I did not splash out on a Porsche, invest in a never to be used gym membership or obsess over my ageing skin, instead, I became determined and motivated to find purpose somewhere in my life.

Now over halfway through my twentieth year and it’s my best year yet. I’m walking to work in time to the Manc teenage anthem, reminiscing how I’m indeed Not Nineteen Forever and I’m happy. I have an interview next month for a placement with Transport for London. My CV’s struggling to be contained in two pages and I have an abundance of glowing references reiterating the hard work ethic I’ve spent the past seven months conjuring. I’m doing it, setting into motion the foundations for the future I’ve dreamt of.

I thrust myself into all that University had to offer, workshops, lectures, careers meetings the lot. I had spent two years living vicariously through my boyfriend, fixated on his UCAS applications and prospects, and forgetting my own in the process. Projecting my own dissatisfaction onto him and wondering why I seemed to be continually just coasting through my degree, with average grades and little to show for a year’s work. Breaking up and being completely alone, as terrifying as it was, forced me to confront the daunting reality that I had no job prospects or experiences of my own. I wanted to work in social media but the realisation of the vagueness of that idea began to sow the seed of panic. Onethird of the way through my degree and I had nothing to show that I had gone beyond the realms of just studying set texts and submitting essays. I could not set myself apart and would graduate with a mediocre BA Hons and apply aimlessly to any job that would take me. That simply was not good enough for over fifteen years in education.

Text Katherine De Sousa @kat.desousa

Chest tightening, breathing quickening and sweating palms wiped on jeans the waves of panic were beginning to consume me. Years of dedication to my studies and hard work could not amount to a substandard and unfulfilling job. Or worse, no job at all. I wanted excitement. I wanted to feel challenged. But at the root of it all, I wanted to feel I would be






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UK Fashion Blogger Content Creator Youtuber 24 Essex


Charlotte Hole Photos by Leticia Curteis-Lateo




JUNIPER Mag LCL: What does your typical day consist of?

What words do you live by? Happiness first, if you aren’t happy, don’t do it. Whether you are unhappy in a job, just don’t do it.

CH: Emails, replying to emails, losing track of time, never really sticking to deadlines. When the weather is good, I try to create content, depending on where I am, London or wherever. I make sure I have an Instagram post up that day or sponsored content.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in life? To always appreciate everything, big or small. I don’t really like when people are ungrateful and we don’t always remember to be grateful every time. Its defiantly a thing everyone can work on.

How do you overcome any creative challenges? Getting out and going somewhere new, finding new surroundings. Whether it is switching up coffee shops I work in, or finding inspiration elsewhere. Travel inspires me, when I come back I feel really regenerated.

What are the best places you’ve travelled too and why? In South East Asia, defiantly the Philippines as there are so many happy people. But for Europe Barcelona is my absolute favourite place, there are so many different beautiful areas and variety. Just the sun and sea is amazing.

How did you get started with your career? I was working in Urban Outfitters five years ago when I was Eighteen, whilst I was working there I started doing their social media and styling. Then I started my own blog, also Kavita (shewearsfashion) was my inspiration to start my blog.

What is the most exciting moment of your career so far? Probably the campaign with Schwarzkopf and seeing my face on the box whenever I go into Superdrug or boots. Ooh or being in an advert on tv was pretty crazy. It has always been a dream of mine, I remember being with my mum and dad and seeing my friends on tv and just wanting that.

Do you have any blogging tips? Be yourself entirely. Create the content you want to create. Don’t be a clone or copy other things that people do. Also consistency is important, especially if you are starting so people know when you are going to post and what your blog is about.


What are your best travelling tips? Definitely keep a diary, for how much your spending, no matter how cheap it maybe you’ll have a better understanding on where your money is going. Always be street wise, it’s common sense, like if you’re walking through a dodgy area, don’t get your phone out. Just be street wise!

Do you have any funny travelling stories? Ooh that’s a hard one because there is so many! Oh I’ve got one, in India we were walking through a forest, and there was a guy with two cobras in the middle of the jungle. He was on his own and he got us over and to sit down with him, then he started to put the cobras on our heads and then wanted money from us. So we had to leg it, it was just the weirdest thing.

Describe what you got out of travelling in three words? Independence, Experience and Gratitude.

Favourite film? The notebook, I’ve also really liked the fast and furious films.

Winter or summer? Summer! (Sun and I hate grey skies)









“We are


all the


to the


If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why? Barcelona, it is still a city, it’s close to home and I just love it! It’s somewhere I feel very happy and at peace.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe? A rainbow jumper, it is on my Instagram, it’s really fun and colourful.

Does Instagram affect your mind set? Do you think it is positively or negatively influencing teenagers? I would hate to be a teenager with social media right now, it would be awful to be in school with Instagram. I think it does have a negative impact defiantly for teenagers. A positive is that it inspires a lot of people, with places to travel, style and outfits. “We are all the slave to the scroll”

On the internet people are faced with hate, how would you say you deal with it? If I do get hate, most times I leave it or remove it. If I do reply, sometimes I really just want to call someone out, because they have the wrong idea about me and tell them how it actually is, because they don’t know everything about me. I don’t want to start an argument though.


sean newton


@sseannewtonn Freelance Photographer Full time football coach Nineteen

LCL: What is it about photography that you enjoy the most?

much. Maybe one day I’ll look back at everything and pick out a few!

SN: For me, I love those moments where everything just goes perfectly. For example, if I have been after a sunset shot and I’m out with a model and the light falls directly where I want and I successfully capture the shot that’s what I enjoy the most. (I’m actually like a kid with a new toy when those moments happen).

What do you want to capture? I guess in my pictures I like to capture what I describe as a feeling, there’s no way I could pin point what feeling but I always like the image to make someone feel something, to make them think.

Where does your inspiration come from? Can you remember a photo that has stuck with you?

My inspiration is quite a vast topic, it can run from anything like the lighting and colours of a film I like, a natural surrounding, a personality I’ve observed or even just day to day encounters. Whatever sparks the flame, I just flow with.

A photo that has stuck with me? That is a difficult one, there’s loads of different shots that I really love and remember the day and the atmosphere of the moment. I guess I’m always trying to figure the next shoot or how can improve myself, therefore I tend to get lost in forward thinking rather than reminiscing too






How has social media shaped or impacted your photography? Social media is huge for me, it has opened my eyes to so many creative directions and people, I think it should be given much more positive lighting throughout today’s society. More or less all of my work is a combination of work I’ve seen or ideas I have developed from viewing other documents.

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up I just want to be happy, ideally that would be as freelance photographer working with super creative people, communities and brands. But if it ended up as me say as a gardener but I’m smiling every day, then I’ll be happy with that.

Earliest childhood memory? My earliest childhood memory is probably anything with my brother, he is and always will be the most important figure in my life, I’ve always done everything with him and we have special kind of bond that I think is rare these days. So anything with him really, be it playing football in the road or fighting when our parents weren’t looking haha!

What are three people you look up too? Three people I look up to? One, my brother. Two, there’s a photographer called @insighting/@elao.g on Instagram, he’s awesome. Three, my friends, I have close group of mates which I believe share a collection of really important values.

What are you most grateful for? I am most grateful for life itself I guess, to categorically say one thing is more valuable than the rest is too hard, there is many aspects of my life which I’m forever thankful that I get to experience. Peace out!





The City of Bikes and Lights Amsterdam

Words & Photos by Leticia Curteis-Lateo

Amsterdam is known for its canals, beautiful houses and the red-light district. When my boyfriend and I went to visit the beautiful city, we were determined to embrace the surroundings. We stayed in a cute little air bnb flat within the city, two minutes away from the tram which was ideal (even though we barely got the hang of how it works). There is hustle and bustle especially in the heart of the city and even though it is filled with people cycling everywhere, the streets gave off a calming feeling. There are plenty of museums to choose from, however I recommend the Anne Frank house and the Van Gogh museum. The paintings were beautiful and raw and tremendous to see in person, also make sure you book tickets to the Anne Frank house otherwise you’ll be stood in a very long line. The highlight of the trip was spending the evening on a boat in freezing temperatures at the festival of lights. A tour along the canal, with a view of the houses looking over the water, admiring the art made out of lights. Even if you run out of money at the end of the trip, which we certainly did, walking around and taking in the beautiful architecture is enough. Similarly there are always free things to do in a city, for example visiting Vondelpark, a classic selfie with the Amsterdam sign, markets, Rijksmuseum garden etc. Equally everyone cycles in Amsterdam, I have never seen so many bikes, it is healthy and a great way to get fresh air, not to mention far better for the environment. I admire the city and if the weather is great, grab a bike and cycle around whilst exploring. We also went to a super hipster cafe called coffee and coconuts. It is the most instagramable cafÊ with two stories, a balcony, sofas, bean bags and stools, as it used to be an old cinema. Eating out was a pleasure and there are plenty of places to choose from, not to mention nearly everyone speaks English which does help. However knowing a few Dutch phrases is always polite.





Film Photos Yasmin Main Amsterdam Photos Leticia Curteis-lateo

Photographer Alex Munro Model Abby Thomas Stylist/Art director Leticia Curteis-Lateo









Emily Yendle Illustrator | Designer Farnham BA Illustration Grad Brighton 21







I lov e you for ev er









JUNIPER Mag The sky ablaze, crimson and midnight blues intertwining and creating the perfect backdrop for the Other Stage at Glastonbury Festival. Lordes Green Light and an explosion of elaborate lights and dancers in a moving box illuminate the farm. Thousands of glasto goers singing in unison Thought you said that you would always be in love But you’re not in love no more and me? Well I’m crying my eyes out. I’ve just broken up with my now ex. Fitting that the green light of the text message should send now. It reads ‘we’re over. I’m done’ along with an angry tirade of abuse (all of which I am guilty of sending). 31 unanswered calls later I finally admit defeat. He isn’t going to answer and 2 years of what I thought was forever has ended over text.

It’s a lovely notion but my newfound bitter breakup cynicism just doesn’t buy it. I like to think we have a person for every stage in our life. Someone who comes along and changes us. I am not the person I was, crying my eyes out to Lorde, I’m not even the same person I was yesterday. We change constantly and I think amongst all the confusion and feelings I’d forgotten that. People change and grow but not necessarily together and that’s okay. I learned a lot about myself in the aftermath, mainly that breaking up broke me. I didn’t like the person I became and it took six long months of self-love and supportive family and friends to recover. For me self-love isn’t just bubble baths and facemasks its unfollowing, unfriending and removing all painful reminders to allow yourself the space to heal and grow. Piecing myself back together and admitting my part it’s then that you realise you can’t keep trying to change in the hope that they’ll love that version of yourself, rather you just have to love yourself and be strong and mature enough to let go because you are going to be okay and it really does get better (eventually).

Fuming, these tears aren’t of sadness. They’re enraged streaks pulling the glitter from my eyes. I look like an upset fairy with a mismatched angry temper. I’ll be honest I wanted to strangle him, or slap him at the very least. How dare it just end. I gave my all, in every sense of the word, to this boy and now that’s it? We’re just over? Safe to say it is not one of my favourite Glastonbury memories, certainly didn’t make the picture wall. The break up came as an extra cherry on top of what was probably the worst year of my life. Dramatic as always but for me, clinging onto that relationship, it was the only thing that wasn’t falling apart. I felt completely out of control and just lost in every aspect of my life. I felt worthless but most of all he made me feel unloved.

So, 8 months on and well I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m well and truly back in my groove. Uni, friends, family, jobs and even dare I say it a boyfriend could not be better. Its not luck or good karma it’s the result of perseverance and being stronger than I give myself credit for. It’s realising everyone goes through heartache and everyone comes out that little bit more resilient for it.

It’s difficult to accept blame on your part in the midst of a breakup, you feel so completely let down by the boy you thought loved you that you become blinded by rage and don’t always see the part you played too. For me cheating allegations, everyone and their mum getting involved, lost trust and distance became all too much and amounted in an explosive and bitter end to what I was lead to believe were the happiest years of my life. At times they truly were, I laughed a lot and I think he did love me at the start but somewhere in amongst A level exams and UCAS applications the love got lost and we didn’t really know each other anymore.

Will I have my heartbroken again? Most probably. Will it get any easier? Probably not but hey what’s a life without trying and well I think a life without love isn’t really a life at all. Text Katherine De Sousa

I wish I’d listened to the countless girls afterwards, telling me ‘time is the best healer’. It’s cliché and goes hand in hand with the nights spent either crying into a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tub or getting completely white girl wasted, crying again and texting him anything from I miss you to I hate you. (To say I was a mess is putting it lightly). But they were all right. I was not Forever21’s ‘cute but pschyo’ tee, I was an angry, irrational and downright horrible person. I lost all clarity and sense of myself. It wasn’t ‘the right person, wrong timing’, we weren’t ‘soulmates’, he wasn’t ‘the one’ and, in all honesty, I don’t know if I believe in all that anymore.





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LCL: How have people influenced your work through creating portraits? SC: When I see a portrait of someone, usually it’s just a person in the centre of a photo looking serious, this to me seems boring and not exciting. When I create portraits, they need to be creative and have something astonishing about them. So while observing other photographers portraits they could either intrigue me and make me want to copy them in my own way (a lot like Brandon Woelfel’s work), or not interest me at all.

Where does your inspiration come from? A big inspiration of mine is photographer Brandon Woelfel. I came across him over a year ago on Instagram whilst being bored. I looked on his page and I was just in awe of his work. It made me realize this is what I want to do. This is exactly what I love: the cold colours, the use of lights, bokeh, his creativeness in his portraits. It was almost to good to be true.

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up I want to be an Astrophotographer for NASA because I love taking photos of the night sky, the stars and trying to capture the milky way and it would be amazing if I could capture something beyond the night sky e.g nebula clouds or even planets. It’s an ambitious and a ‘really-out-there’ job but that’s why I like it, and I’ve always been fascinated by the night sky and the constellations. Taking photos for a company like NASA would be an absolute honour and dream come true, however I still would want to do the photography art work I’m currently doing today as I enjoy it, but maybe as a side thing.


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LCL: How did you decide which university to attend?

AF: Well, first of all I had seen work Bournemouth had produced as well as the students work and I found it very interesting. Equally it was the only university I felt like I could see myself at and didn’t feel stressed about it as it is small and filled with art students.

Was settling into university hard?

Yes, it was in terms of living away from home but I have two really good friends on my course and they made it easier for me. They also have a similar work ethic to me so we all do lots of work together. In terms of university it is what I have wanted since year nine or ten, it is what I’ve always wanted to do, so knew it was the right thing.

atmosphere. I got into costume because I wanted to act but slightly went less into the lime light and went back stage.

Do you ever deal with self-doubt?

Yes, all the time. I am lucky in the fact I have friends that snap me out of it really quickly. If I ever feel stressed I just know I need to call my mum.

Where do you see yourself in Five years?

Hopefully working in a theatre, that would be the dream (Making or running the wardrobe). As long as I am doing something creative within the costume industry I will be fine.

what are your current fashion obsession? Did you budget for university?

I’d like to say yes, everyone else I know would say I haven’t as I am always skint. Before I went to university I had like three jobs and then going to university with no jobs, was a bit of a shock with having no income. It is very stressful but I make it work, I just eat a lot of soup and vegetables.

How do you recommend Finding work experience?

You just need to politely pester people, that is the best way I can put it. Once you have your name out there, you need to keep your contacts safe and remember to use them again. With my course, you basically email people and because my university is so highly regarded with costume it helped with saying I am at Bournemouth. When you get the work experience you obviously need to work hard, but before you do showing that you will work hard is important. Basically politely pester!

What was your favourite module this year? Ooh I love all of them. This year I really liked creative realisations because I made the Admiral outfit (Gulliver’s travel costume) as you work with the designer, so I could be creative with it. The corset I really enjoy as it was my first time making a corset and the flossing was really fun that goes around the bottom of the corset. I am also really enjoying tailoring as I like how regimented it is and really liking menswear which I didn’t think I would. .

What do you hope to achieve?

I want to be working in the west end, that is my biggest ambition or somewhere like the national theatre. I also do really enjoy film and the work experience I have completed so far was working with films. However I am a musical theatre baby at heart, I just love the

Granny chic is probably the best way to describe it. Anything sort of autumnal, I dress like it is winter even when it is summer.

Favourite FIlm?

It changes from time to time, but at the moment it is Danish girl.

Winter or summer? Winter

Favourite ice cream fLavour? Strawberry

What is your current phone case? Flying avocados, Skinny dip



Does Instagram affect your mind set? Do you think it is positively or negatively inFluencing teenagers? I like my work Instagram and think it is good in that respect. My personal Instagram stresses me out, I think some people spend too much time on it and seeing everyone I know caring too much about likes. People worry too much about Instagram and likes by re-uploading images I think at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.

WhaT motivates you to stay positively? How do you keep negatives thoughts away?

Honestly, I personally am not very good at positive but my friends can stop me from being negative. Also don’t shut yourself in your room for days as that can have a negative impact on your life.

What is your happy song?

I sound like such an art student, anything by musicals and the soundtrack for hair spray. When I listen to welcome to the 60’s I spend my time dancing around the house.

What is one thing you wore that you regret? The neon phase.

How do you balance work and play?

I don’t aha, I am constantly working and can for a week straight and then need a friend to stop me and tell me to do something else. I burn myself out so much and then need to sleep for two days. For me I don’t necessarily find work effort as I find it pleasurably as well as seeing friends.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Being on my dad’s best mate shoulders, holding on for dear life to stop myself from falling off at Glastonbury festival, I must have been about five or six.




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The Walk of Walking across the fields at 5:30am just before the sun rises, I wanted to get home, I just wanted more than anything to be in my bed, preferably before my dad wakes up to let the dogs out. The town was dead, no one to be seen, living in the country also means no taxis or ubers. So I set off for my 2.9 mile walk across the fields, since I live in the middle of nowhere. The only living being that would be able to see and judge me was fields of cows. Normally I set off to walk home in an oversized jumper, tights and boots so it looks like I’m wearing nothing. Many early rising couples that wake up just to embrace the fresh air and go for a Sunday walk usually see me and judge. Usually I couldn’t care less because I know I’ve only stayed at friends’ houses and had such a great night. However, after actually having sex last night with a total stranger and feeling all sorts of emotions, I didn’t want to feel ashamed as what they assume actually happened last night. Besides the fresh air walk early morning did me good, I say never again, but that’s what they all say, who knows. Text Yasmin Bleake











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Issue 01 What do you want to be when you grow up? Spring/Summer 2019

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