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Small World. Big Impressions. Words from Tisch Study Abroad Alumni

New York University Tisch School of the Arts has offered study abroad programs for 13 years. During this time, over 6,000 students have participated in our international programs. Today we offer 27 programs in places like Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Florence, Havana, Johannesburg, London, Paris, Prague, Shanghai and Sydney. This book captures the impressions the world has left on some of our alumni, and how their experiences have influenced their lives and careers.

Let them inspire you.


“I find myself always asking “I wonder what they are creating in China, Kenya, or The Netherlands” and how can I expose that work to the people in the U.S. who may never get a chance to experience world art.” — Jazz Smollett ‘05, International Theatre Workshop in Amsterdam

My Start

“The BBC London program gave me my start in television. Through my internship there, I made contacts which landed me my first paid job, and I ended up spending four years working in London. It was a terrific foundation for the kind of work I still enjoy today.” — Elizabeth Ashe ‘02, Television Production with the BBC in London


“I was able to see, engage with and learn from another culture, the traditions and art-making processes that inform it, and acquire skills that made me unique upon graduating.” — Meryl Murman ‘08, Performance Theatre Making and Collaborative Theatre in Johannesburg


“It [study abroad] opened up whole new fields to me that I hadn’t considered. Up until that point, I thought of myself only as an actor and sound designer – when I left I was a sculptor, media artist and academic. My time in Dublin was so influential that I moved back here immediately after graduation, and have moved back a second time to get my postgraduate degree.” — Chelsea Morgan Hoffmann ‘06, Irish Theatre Performance Workshop in Dublin


“To be able to go study Shakespeare in the place where he wrote his legendary texts and to walk the same streets that actors have been walking for centuries was quite extraordinary and incredibly inspiring.” — Anonymous, Shakespeare in Performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London


“Something about the real-world training and job at the BBC allowed me to unlock my creative potential in a way that could not have been done through the standard curriculum back home. The colleagues I trained with while abroad continue to be my closest companions to this day both personally and professionally.” — Mimi RM Hall ‘06, Television Production with the BBC in London


“It is clear that beyond education, a “world view” is a necessity in achieving life course success. The cultural differences certainly expanded my view, and made me open to new life experiences.” — Kamaya Jones ‘99, Screenwriting in London


“We were given the entire semester to completely focus on our writing, which produced a higher caliber of writing than any of us had ever thought we could create. It was an incomparable writing environment.” — Kasey Morrison ‘10, Playwriting in Dublin


“When I came back from Europe that summer, I really did feel like a different – and better – person. I was terrified about traveling alone through Europe, but I did it, and I came back wanting to do it again.” — Andy Jordan ‘09, Screenwriting in Florence and Experimental Film in Paris


“The life experience of it was invaluable. And that life experience helped me inform my writing and allowed me to create richer characters.” — Cameron Fay ‘02, Screenwriting in Florence


“There is nothing more powerful than knowledge to an artist, and I cannot think of a more exciting way to acquire said knowledge than to make the world your playground. Go explore a city you’ve never visited and undoubtedly you’ll not only improve yourself and your art, but you may end up having the time of your life.” — Elise Butler ‘10, Directed Research Topics, Seminar on Cuban Arts in Havana


“Having that experience while still in undergrad helped me understand that there is a much wider world outside of school, and gave me the confidence to seek out new venues for my craft, often in unconventional places. Every student of the arts owes it to him/herself to spend time studying outside of the comfort zone that a conventional undergrad program creates.” — Colin Deeb ‘04, Acting in Dublin


“Not only did I grow as an actor, but being able to put RADA on my résumé has definitely turned some heads in auditions, which is never a bad thing.” — Anonymous, Shakespeare in Performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” — St. Augustine

Tisch Special Programs

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Small World. Big Impressions.  

Words from Tisch Study Abroad Alumni.