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Food and diet

Origin of the food: * Animal origin

* Vegetable origin

*Mineral origin


GROUP 1: Dairy products: proteins, vitamins and minerals.

GROUP 2: Meats , fish, eggs and legumes: proteins and vitamins. GROUP 3: Fruits: vitamins and minerals. GROUP 4: Vegetables: vitamins and minerals.

GROUP 5: Cereals and starches: carbohydrates. GROUP 6: Oils and butter: fats.

Diet: Our diet is all the food that we eat in one day.


Balanced (includes the right amount of each food)

Complete (includes food from all groups)

The amount of food that we eat depends on

Our age

Physical exercise

Meals We usually eat four or five times a day: - breakfast - lunch - snack or tea - supper. Fruit juice, milk, bread and biscuits and marmalade make a good breakfast. When we don’t eat a good breakfast, it is harder to pay attention in class, study and do physical exercise.

A good tea or snack includes a sandwich and some fruit or milk.

We should eat food from all the groups for lunch and supper. We should also alternate meat and fish.

Rules for creating a diet

Follow these guidelines to create a good diet: 1. Include all groups. 2. Alternate between meat and fish. 3. Eat fruit and green vegetables five times every day. 4. Do not eat too many sweets or fatty foods. 5. Distribute the food over a number of meals throughout the day. 6. Eat a breakfast: it’s a very important meal. 7. Diet is linked to health and physical exercise.

EAT THESE FOODS IN MODERATION Many kinds of food help us t grow up healthy and strong. Other foods can cause problems if we eat too much of them.

Eat these foods frequently

Eat these foods in moderation

Fruit and vegetables


Lean meat



Fatty meat



Natural fruit juices

Fizzy drinks Sweets

Milk Chocolate Water Low-fatcheese


Nutrients Food is transformed inside our body into useful substances called nutrients. Each one of the food that we eat contains different nutrients.

Proteins Carbohydrates Nutrients Fats Vitamins, minerals and fibre

Nutrients Proteins

Necessary to grow. They are used to make muscle. Ex: meat, fish, eggs, milk, legumes...


They give our body energy. We can find them in nuts, potatoes, bread, cakes and pasta.


They also give us energy. Butter and oil are foods that contain fats

Vitamins, minerals, fibre

They are essential to our body to function properly. We can find them in fruits, vegetables and milk. Fruits and vegetables keep your body working properly.




Vitamins, minerals, fibre


Nuts Meat

Sweet food (sugar) Fatty food (fat)

Activity Potatoes (starch) Grain (starch)


Fruit Vegetables

Enjoy your meal!!

Food and diet  

Food and diet summary.

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