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How to Make a Career in Oriental or Traditional Chinese Medicines?

An oriental or traditional Chinese medicine system is essentially a kind of medical practice where an attempt is made to treat various diseases or pains of the body by using various techniques such as the tunia massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies and so on. The main aim of this particular treatment is to cure the illness from its root level. A career in the field of oriental medicine provides you an opportunity to make a colossal difference into the lives of the people. If you ready to launch your career in the oriental medicine field and enrich your life, then it is pivotal that you must research about the best colleges of oriental medicine. By selecting a good college, you can acquaint yourself with the quality education and training that will help you to become a successful professional in this particular field. Also, do not ever forget to get full information about the tuition costs, course duration, etc before applying. All these things will go a long way to ensure that you get the quality education and have a bright career in the long run. You will get to learn about the various best Chinese medicine treatment practices, which are as follows: • • • • • • • • • • •

Tai Chi Moxibustion (Cupping) Tunia (Chinese Medical Massage) Herbology Cosmology Feng shui Herbs Food therapy Qi gong Herbal Medicine Meridian therapy

There are innumerable career options available for an individual to excel in the area of traditional Chinese medicine. Some of them are as follows: • • •

Licensed acupuncturists Oriental medicine practitioners Tunia therapists

You can choose the oriental medicine courses according to your interest level and get a degree to mark your career. The majority of renowned oriental medicine schools of oriental medicine offer prominent education programs such as the diploma, bachelor and doctorate degree. After obtaining a degree, you can get a good job in the various clinics and pharmaceutical companies. You also have the option to start your own clinic and alleviate the diseases of the people. Therefore, oriental medicine therapy is certainly a well established natural treatment system. When looking to head start your career in this field, it is imperative that you undertake a sound research work,

talk to students, and hop around various colleges. This will not only help you to meet your professional goals, but also enable you to get the well-paid job of your dreams. Indian Board of Alternative Medicines - IBAM (Established 1991) is one of the oldest and finest college of oriental medicines offering regular, correspondence and online oriental or natural medicine programs for both students from within India and worldwide. IBAM is a Government Registered Institution, also accredited in U.S.A., U.K. (Europe), Australia and New Zealand and internationally affiliated with I.A.E.W.P – An Affiliate of the United Nations, UNICEF and UNESCO.

How to Make a Career in Oriental or Traditional Chinese Medicines?