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Tales Illustrated vol.1 Karolina Skorek

Main exhibitions: 06.2018 “Tales, Photography and illustrations”, Lot11, Wrexham, UK 05.2018 “Shapes of Light”, Galeria Lipowa 3, Krakow, Poland 03.2016 “Jung’s Archetypen der Frau in Verbindung mit Glas und Fotografien”, Minden, Germany 04.2016 “Tales, Travel and Tolerance” Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Wrexham, UK 12.2015 “Tales” fine art photography, 1260 Gallery, Chester, UK 11.2015 “Fragilita”, glass and fine art photography joined, ASP, Wrocław, Poland 10.2014 “Sensual”, fine art photography, Muzeum Sleżańskie, Sobótka, Poland 09.2014 UndegUn”, Helfa Gelf, Wrexham, UK 08.2014 “HET KLEDEN VAN DE NAAKTEN”, Groningen, Netherlands 02.2013 “Profesional Photographer of the Year” runner up in the black and white 12.2012 “Eastern Wall”, Chester , UK 10.2011 “Slavic tales“ M.A Final Exhibition, Wrexham, UK 06.2010 “Stained Glass: Sienkiewicz and Students”, Brzeg, Poland 05.2010 Glass Design Exhibition, “Enter” Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia 04.2009 “Perfect Woman” painting exhibition, Sosnowiec, Poland.

About Karolina Skorek. Photographer, Illustrator and Educator. She was born in Poland in 1985, and chose Wales as the place to live in 2010. She graduated with a Masters Degree in glass design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. After moving to Wales she graduated from Glyndwr University with a Masters Degree in Illustration. She is constantly inspired by everyday events, magic and myths. +447826 035 400

Tales Illustrated vol 1.  
Tales Illustrated vol 1.