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Control Your Diabetes, Don’t Let It Control You There are two major forms of diabetes, and both are capable of causing serious health problems. Education is essential in fighting diabetes. Read this article to learn more about good management strategies for your condition. Make your life easier and more organized by doing everything the same way every time. For instance, keep your meter, journal, and insulin in one specific place so it will be easy to access in the mornings. When you test, make it a routine so you never forget a step or to write down your levels in your log. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to be tested for sleep apnea as well. In the event that you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, following up on treatment options is essential to avoid the chance of serious complications. Research has shown that exercise makes insulin sensitivy increase, and also lowers blood glucose levels. This helps control these levels naturally. You should aim to do aerobic and resistance training exercises in order to achieve the most effective results. When you skip meals, your glucose levels raise as your liver releases glucose meant to fuel the body, since it is not getting the nutrients it needs. To keep blood sugar under control, you have to eat meals three times a day, as well as eating enough snacks. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to stay calm, carefully listen to everything your doctor tells you, and change the areas of your life that need changing. There is no need to stop living the life you want. It can be frustrating and confusing trying to manage your diabetes. Keep a journal to record your blood glucose levels and treatments to help you and your doctor track improvements. This will also help your doctor find a better treatment for you and monitor how efficient you are in dealing with your condition. Lower your diabetes risk by eating a diet high in fiber. Eating more whole grain foods will reduce your intake of high glycemic foods like white bread and processed foods which will increase your your risk. There are many studies that show that people who eat whole grains, and low-GI foods in general, get diabetes less often than those who don’t. There are tons of protein options, include dairy, eggs and legumes. Keep your mouth happy by eating different kinds of foods. There are ton of free ways to lose weight and battle diabetes, from jogging to doing work outs at a local park. You could even use a jungle gym to do chin-ups, or use canned goods for weight lifting. Chocolate does have sugar, but it is also very fattening. This means that you are going to ingest


a large percentage of fat because your body digests it slower. Instead, opt for a fat-free sugary snack to quickly get your blood glucose back up to normal levels. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is the best way to deal with diabetes. The more you can do to lead a normal lifestyle, the better your odds are of avoiding the dangerous side effects of having this potentially debilitating disease.

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Control Your Diabetes, Don’t Let It Control You