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2013 | South Africa | HD | 6’ | Color

2014 | Spain | HD | 19’28’’| Color

Poop on Poverty

Silent Screams

Vijay S. Jodha

Gerson J. Peña

Synopsis: Set on the edge of the Thar desert and in the middle of world’s biggest camel fair, this film looks at the underbelly of one of the most visited and photographed tourist destinations in the world. The film highlight a challenge faced by 2.5 billion people on our planet everyday – access to cooking fuel. It is also a tribute to human ingenuity and sound environmental practice – turning animal waste into energy that reduces dependency on biomass and conserves natural resources. Script: Vijay S. Jodha Leading actors: Indra Bhatt, Karma Bhatt Producer: Steps International Awards: Audience Favorite Documentary Award at the Palm Springs International ShortFest; Short Film Award at the One World Media Awards; Silver Lens Award (inaugural award to honor courage in filmmaking) at the Arpa International Film Festival; Best Documentary Short Award at the St. Louis International Film Festival; First Place Non-Fiction Award at USA Film Festival;...

Synopsis: Gritos del Silencio (Silent Screams), investigates the issue of gender violence also known as “Feminicidio”. In El Salvador. Centered around the story of Lazaro Moran, a man seeking refugee status in Canada after his wife is brutally murdered by their godson and his friend. Both gang members. Lazaro, and his daughter America, share their story as the film investigates the root causes of this issue. From a woman’s role in the Salvadoran society to the lack of support from the different levels of government. Producer: Gerson J. Peña

Profile for Tirana International Film Festival

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure)  

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure) 1'st edition

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure)  

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure) 1'st edition