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Black Sheep

Calling Ukraine

Christian Cerami

Jean Counet

Synopsis: Black Sheep follows two brothers from the North of England and their adolescent curiosity for the EDL - a right-wing street protest movement against radical Islam in Britain. This observational documentary portrays the working class youth culture in the North and the impact that the EDL has on these impressionable young men. Watch Sam and Jack decide for themselves whether this organisation, that some call racist and xenophobic, is a cause worth fighting for. Producer: Alex Sedgley

2014 | USA | Dv-Cam | 15’40’’ | Color

Synopsis: Through a Skype call the daily life, dreams and fears of a family in Eastern-Ukraine is revealed while the bombs are falling in the background. A grandmother in Latvia phones with her sister and child who live in the war zone of EasternUkraine, months without often having water and electricity. We see the traces of the war on the face of the grandmother who, like the viewer is powerless. Script: Jean Counet Producer: Natalija Gnezdova

2015 | Netherlands | HD Digital | 12’21’’ | Color

Profile for Tirana International Film Festival

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure)  

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure) 1'st edition

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure)  

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure) 1'st edition