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1-2-3 Viva l’Algérie

Adana Kebap

Yannick Nolin

Özgür Barut

Synopsis: A cafe in Oran, men pile to watch Algeria’s qualification match for the 2014 Mondial. Script: Yannick Nolin Photography: Yannick Nolin, Elias DJemil, Raouf Benia Editing: Yannick Nolin Sound: Michael Pineault Producer: Yannick Nolin, El Djazaïr mon amour,

Synopsis: This is the first movie about kebap. We invastigate to kebap culture from past to present. We found 3rd generation chef of kebaps invertor (Sedat Usta). it is a short story about kebaps history and culture. Script: Özgür Barut Leading actors: Özgür Barut Producer: Özgür Barut

KINOMADA, Images & Words

2014 | Canada | Digital | 13’38’’ | Color

2014 |Turkey | Digital | 16’27’’| Color

Profile for Tirana International Film Festival

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure)  

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure) 1'st edition

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure)  

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure) 1'st edition