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2014 | Estonia | HD | 78’ | Color

2014 | France | HD | 82’ | Colour

How I Saved Africa

Inside the News

Kullar Viimne

Jeuland Yves

Synopsis: Siisi is an active and attractive young woman who’d have enough energy to send Estonia’s first spaceship to Mars. But instead, the urge to make the world a better place sends Siisi far away to Uganda, where she plans to open a café with the help of donators to offer work to the local young handicapped people. The start of the project is dashing but as the times goes by the more Siisi’s idealism confronts the local working culture, sexual prejudice and economic inevitability because in a country that is one of the biggest coffee bean exporters only 0.6 percent of people drink coffee. In addition to the growing financing problems, the lack of clients and the staff with no sense of duty, also Siisi’s personal life becomes endangered. But the video reports sent to the sponsors must be full of optimism because Africa needs saving once we started saving them... Script: Ivan Gergolet

Synopsis: While newspapers have to face the important challenges caused by the raise of blogs, tweets and other internet revolutions, this films offers an insider look at the work of the journalists from the political department of the French newspaper “The world” during the French presidential campaign of 2012. Following the journalists within their offices or on the field the film allows us to witness the great debates happening behind the walls of this famous daily which will soon celebrates its 70th anniversary. Script: Yves Jeuland Photography: Yves Jeuland Editing: Lizi Gelber Animation: Olivier Marquezy Sound: Eric Slabiak Music: Yves Jeuland Producer: Yves Jeuland

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Docutiff 2015 (Brochure)  

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure) 1'st edition

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure)  

Docutiff 2015 (Brochure) 1'st edition