tip Travel magazine Croatia 011 (English edition) 05-07/2015

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D tio (a am na rch ir l T iv Fa Pho bi t ou e: ris Cro jan o: t B at ić oa ian rd )

Photos: Orlando's column is a symbol of Dubrovnik's freedom (left page); the island of Lopud, the Neretva valley, and the Pelješac peninsula (right page, top); the islands of Korčula, Mljet, and Lastovo (right page, bottom).

Once you touch the ground of its ancient cities and immerse yourself in the vividness of its stone streets, once you feel the warm sand of its beaches and the scents of the true Mediterranean, once you swim in the clear sea in its turquoise coves and experience the most beautiful sunset, once you taste the juicy fruits of its fields and enjoy the rhythm of its festivals under the stars... Once you discover the Croatian south, you will always return to it.


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