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Harmonious nature and tradition Written by: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: archive of Virovitica-Podravina County Tourist Board

The somewhat humble Virovitica-Podravina County has a story of natural beauty, sleepy ancient towns, and pleasant estates where you will feel as if time has stopped. It is story of life in harmony with enchanting nature. Photos: The Jankovac Park Forest and Jankovac Hiking Cabin (left and top right); the Papuk Nature Park is full of various plant species (bottom middle and right).

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lthough it hides many attractions, the first thought many have when they think of this interesting area is its green beauty, the Papuk Nature Park. This mountain, considered to be the most beautiful in Slavonia, a region in the eastern part of Croatia, is the preserver of valuable geological and biological diversity and cultural-historical sites. It is a fact well known by many hikers

and recreational athletes who regularly find rest from the rush of daily life, peace, and inspiration under the canopy of Papuk, on its educational, cycling, hiking, and equestrian paths. If you will only be in the area for a few days, make sure to visit the Jankovac Park Forest, which the locals say is the most beautiful part of the park. This popular retreat is surrounded by turquoise lakes, clear streams, and