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City break


A City of Proud History The city on three rivers that boasts a fortress, whose walls still hide the secret of the great win of the battle against the Turkish army, also has many other interesting features. Here we present some of the most important...

City break SISAK 58

tipTravelMagazine September / October 2013.

Written by: Vlatka Vužić Photos: Željko Rakarić (granted by the Sisak Tourist Board)

1. The Stari grad fortress The greatest monument of the city of Sisak, whose picture adorns the city crest, is the renaissance fortress of Stari grad. This historical monument is one of the best preserved military fortresses in Europe. It was built in the 16th century in the shape of a triangle with three towers near the estuary of the Kupa River into the Sava. The purpose of the fortress was to protect the Croatian kingdom from the Turks, and the joint Christian army defeated the Turks in 1593, which stopped the Turkish penetration of Europe. Today, the fortress houses weddings, exhibitions, theatrical performances, and concerts, and its halls and rooms are roamed by visitors instead of soldiers.