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Jesyka Alejandra Velasco Pelayo a.k.a Mc Belle Project leader, Rapping and English instructor

Fredy Gallego a.k.a. El Poeta Hip Hop History instructor

María Isis Bueno Vocal Technique instructor

Yair Callejas Theater instructor

Leonardo Acosta English instructor

URBAN POETRY PARTICIPANTS Shara León a.k.a. Shara Jeisson Javier Bonilla Marquéz a.k.a Yeja Mc Paula Juliana Ramírez Velasco a.k.a Juliana Ramírez Juliana Alejandra Velasco Murcia a.k.a Ale Mc Alejandro Velasco a.k.a. Maestro Leonardo Acosta a.k.a. Inkstable Jesyka Velasco a.k.a. Mc Belle . 12TH AUGUST 2018 2



Yeja....…………………………………………………………………………pp.6-9 Corruption that burns Chained peace Sad War




The language of excitement p.p.9

Shara…………………………………………………………………………. pp.10-13 I will not say peace p.p.10 Convenience for the system p.p.11 Trip to the Universe p.p.12 Marginalized love p.p.13

Juliana Ramírez..……………………………………………………………. pp.14-17 Peace p.p.14 War p.p.15 Adolescence p.p.16 Hip Hop p.p.17


Mc Belle………………………………………………………………………..pp.18-26 Choices p.p.18 Unconditional State p.p.19 Machismo p.p.20-21 Fecking missing u p.p.22 Nothing p.p.23 Mum-Acrostic Poem p.p.24 Mc-Acrostic Poem p.p.25 Emcee- Adjective Poem p.p.26

Inkstable………....…………………………………………………………….pp.27-35 Stardust p.p.27-28 Braingasm p.p.29-31 The rage manifesto. Chapter 0: Enter the Rage p.p.32-35

Ale Mc………………………………………………………………………… pp.36-39 Women that live the world p.p.36 Rebels p.p.37 My love p.p.38 Read, look and do p.p.39

El Maestro…………………………………………………………………… .pp.40-41 The last tear for you p.p.40 Shiny attraction p.p.41


PROLOGUE “The T.I. Project II” is an initiative, a dream, a hope, a re-discovery to dare to create, to change… And, what a change! We are urban poets, empirics, academics, artists, emcees (master of ceremonies), citizens of the world…Above all, active change makers of our multiple contexts. This book called Urban Poetry is the first product of the second phase of this sociocultural, educational bilingual inter-disciplinary project that has integrated Rapping, Theater, Vocal Technique, English and Hip Hop History. Its main aim is to make those emcees possible worlds which, undoubtedly, represent virtuous valid and diverse realities of our metropolis Bogotá, visible -despite stigmas. Participants´ empowerment plays a crucial role to arrive in our port. During the trip, we want to integrate with our communities sharing a hot cup of our beloved cultural movement: Hip Hop, which we hope is accompanied by its varied-conversational typical dishes. Infinite thanks to the whole Universe; from the objects that are weaved in our minds while Free styling and improvising, to the beings, energies and situations that feed these modest and rich poets´ souls. Be all of you welcome to this voyage of letting flow through our quills, the deepest dressed-in-poem lyrics. More Poiesis for BEING!



Dangerous corruption like fire consuming consciousness all the time In the mind injects his potion as an addiction of false power, false respect, only by ambition

It offers the easiest exit to the problems. damaging men and women. the price to pay damaging people's lives every year. while the darkness your conscience tears.



She carries a heavy burden, she knows the certainty. his best known opponent is war and its cruelty. that over the years grows as a business. Time as the oldest witness. his only wish, to cover everything with his pertinent light. but the war wants to dye everything as night. guilty of this confrontation only the human being. that has chained peace



You, who use blood as paint even in your dreams painted landscapes adorning them with screams you dream of giving the capture of peace but you love her, and it's your torture You, who see beauty in death I pity you for the love you lack Peace does not love you, it sees you as its enemy all the time swim in melancholy because your gifts do not like you do not give up and send people to a deep sleep because without human beings peace a drink of peace drinker



You strip the skin of your clothes. to bewitch eyes with lust. caresses, hugs, kisses and wine united bodies lit like fire. different rhythms, fast, slow with madness Love as teenagers or just sex elixir of passion that intoxicates us with excitement. language of touch, scratches and pulls of hair slaps on the buttocks, bodies with a taste of happiness. attraction of people in perfect moments. culmination in orgasms, waiting for the next sin, heresy, addiction or just sex.



Peace is everyone´s duty Do not violate its beauty Because before peace there is war We must fight not to be mute Mute is indifference, indifference is more war Scream! Protest! Fight for rights! It is necessary For that reason, until it finds equality I will say protest



Violence and inequality have a son called war That little one lost his innocence, acts with frivolity Peace? They lie! It suits some, and for others is death A peace full of injustice New world order where the strongest wins its raining tears They attack people war that suits the precarious system sad, all against all



I can´t deny that I like you It is not superficial I feel in the arms of an angel The chemistry in your body is special Fits like hut and screw Over me you are able You give me pleasure not just misuse With the best caress to the sky I flew



He, the obsession of my ears He, a set of lyrics and melodies He, different rhythms and metrics He, expression in its entirety I don´t care if you look at us And his eyes say Commit a felony They are afraid of hearing the truth Coursed stigmas We will not listen We are and we will be marginalized Me and my versed love.



All people are fighting without reason Of our lifes will there be another reason? No more war! We have to love and apologize No more war! Mistakes we have to recognize

Like cavemen only fighting and yelling at others Boommm! Another bomb that kills babies, kids, old and young people, adults, mothers Stop! We can´t self-destruct Please Peace! No more wars, I know we can.



Only destructing, no creating Only sadness we´re making Rage? But with all the world, don´t think so Really? Of deads and worries would you like more?

If we´re trying to fix something we´re not doing it Mistakes yes, we did, we do but we will? Of rage, hating, sadness, resentment a mix Of us these war not is We all together can change and stop this Trying all together we can have peace.



Rebellion because now we want to talk Rebellion because now we won´t shut up We are growing every day more We are growing like our thoughts that won´t stop.

Changes without permission enter our bodies Changes in our mind, now we now that from the air doesn´t fall money More experience, more liberties More thoughts, more responsibilities.



Culture, art, friends, family Hip Hop seduces your senses happily Respect is important because we´re a society Respect for others because we have variety

Together learning all B-boys, B-girls dancing on the floor Mcs cheering up with rhymes, good messages, flow Graffiti writers everyday better, they always grow

Djs scratching and controlling beats at the show Beat-makers, producing each day more Beat boxers with their mouths doing great sounds Street knowledge, slangs, wow! Our own code



Decisions could be carelessly made A life time destroyed by the mistake of a day

A subtle lie may make your best friend go away The love of your life dead despite the fact it was great

To make right choices like a hero you should be super brave Or subconscious demons your patience will invade

Consequences will make comfortable sleep wake up from beds You´re not getting rid of them, even if a thousand times you pray

Facing beautiful or dreadful results the only chance they´re not in vane If you think before you leap, of them you´ll be aware.



Evil rituals worse than witchery n` spells Fake promises offering disguised death Intelligent buildings with renewable resources for those who can pay Mortal queues killing the poor sick that don´t even reach a hospital bed

A hundred law, detrimental social security now a service Our right, our health, disregarded as an appendix Casualties, simply tokens of the military chess board Youngsters as “falsos positivos” were convinced to get a better job Their eyes blindfolded, fact that they ignored With bullets were silenced, then as guerrilla members by the media shown The youth seen as Gangster junkies supposedly responsible for many crimes Although it´s just a camouflage of the round business paracos really wanna hide

Altered softwares count votes of those who already passed away Of inexistent populations, of sold minds that are not aware Their main aim, to keep us on hands and knees, our heads shut up While the educational system becomes a thief that turns our dreams into marks. 19


Machos undressing us with their eyes Perverts, dangerous like robberies at night

Macho machitos, their compliments SCREAM Misogynistic speeches nobody wants to hear

Weaponised bodies in silent voices So much strong violence, so many dirty forces

As a product, the life of thousands they may take Regardless the price, they´d pay just to see us afraid

Brainwashing with superficial cheaty soap Aiming to driven our souls to a deep state of loss Lack of thinking, full of hypocrites that the world run Lack of affection, full of sex without warming up Diminishing girls´ self-esteem they feel superior Using us like barbies only shows how they are inferior 20

Domestic violence marking our minds with bruises Which we are told to forget as long as the predator gives us wealth and cruises

Marketable shapes will never define us all Regardless the fact of being hot, tough, tall or short

Television, our worst nightmare Just a mechanism to keep our hearts blinded

Shitty-stupid fucked-up ideas see us as merchandise WOMEN‌ when will you realise?



What is this consuming myself in the inside? Deep sadness, confusion suddenly arrives You´re in my mind though it´s so dark Feeling how piercy letters for a second stop my heart Beep Beep, my body doesn´t react Message after message makes it really hard How I wish I knew what it is Madness invades my soul & brain Disguised in anger although it´s just pain How I wish face to face to tell you Mc Love issues just because you´re being missed My face covered in salty sentimental mist



Nothing comes to my mind Nothing, dawn, sunset & sunrise Cough, but it´s nothing Depressed, the phone, what happens? Nothing Emptiness, full of nothing Greatness stuck in nothing Distraction, slow motion Who cause´em? Nothing Anything signifies somebody, something or nothing It´s all in your mind; that´s the thing!



Modern, open-minded, diverse Unique, protects you when you´re hurt Marvellous warrior whose fight has no end



Meticulous controller of God sound Catches the crowd´s attention round after round



Emcee An Emcee is conscious An Emcee is conscious, responsible is conscious, responsible, talented conscious, responsible, talented, creative Social Agitator


STARDUST From the Bowels of Stars, we were conceived, Our Commencement is the Breakout from Death And together we’ll certainly share the Same End.

Chemical Reactions Nuclear Interactions Physical Destruction They all set in motion What life has transformed Can not be reformed Neither can Life be staged Nor Reality be disengaged

Temporary our time has been Meaningless our Actions could be And yet we attempt to stop life from being unknowable And yet we try to take reality away from the ungraspable Blinded we Search for our Nameless Tomb Mutilated we Seek to return to the Womb.



In a pale blue dust spot We mercilessly float Within that same dot we destroy and thrive Inside the Earth we conquer and survive Grasping what we think is Tangible A blurry Future Not Feasible

Lost or perhaps hidden We make sense with the given Senses of our limited Mind The Finite tools of Humankind.




They both realized words were stronger than sounds, They knew the monument of desire Is sculpted by phonemes and pitches Carved in wishes Unfinished thoughts Unexpected words.

And almost undetected The Unavoidable persistence of lust Got Embedded Deep in their brains Unleashing the filth from the chains The Coitus then became a Must

Futile were the attempts of escaping, The Bestial calling Of Sexual Roaring When Live Corpses Melting In a dual mass of sweat, Passion and fluid.



So they both conjugated their Urges in a continuous tense of non-grammatical cohesion, They replaced semantics by lasciviousness and meaning by Libido.

Two Human hands multiplied in Excitement and Coverage Grabbing almost violently Passionately electrifying the Bodies

Tongues were imprisoned and released at matching paces And fabrics ripped-off for skins to be their new attires.

A Mouth-to-mouth tongue Reanimation in the junction of her appetite followed. Choreographic convulsions humidified the Entrance to her Chappell, Distant bells moaned with her voices an Invitation to finally enter the Temple The Awaited communion of concupiscence was finally being held.

Sweat smoothed the Bodies Fluids Lubricated the Cavities Saliva moisturized her lower lips For him to drown in those sticky seas. His teeth felt how Numb Her Clit had become



A harmonized assemble of flesh and wetness synchronized the pieces of a soaking puzzle Opening a flood of warm Rivers running down her Sweaty Legs. Complementary movements of sex-driven synchronicity took over the unmeasurable time of their dance. Their primitive Courtship Ritual of the Non-Procreation Mating as a satisfaction of their desire.

The Rite came to a dramatic Finale Breaking the dam of her Valley Explosive Spunk Fountains Nipples erected as Mountains.

Rigidly loose, they both laid Filled with Each Other Replaced by the Other Satisfied Momentarily Irradiated Temporarily‌ Satiated.




Rage is not Sevicious Hate. Rage is not to Abdicate Rage is not Unjustified Hatred Neither that far from being Sacred.

It burns from Inside Lighting a Rebellious Fire. Roaring uncontrollably, Sparking Non-conformity A flare of insubordination Inner-Liberty Orchestration.

Rage as a Reaction Unchains formidable Actions It Rises Courage n’ Bravery As weapons against Slavery.



It is in no need of laws That can regulate it Nor any meanings That can encase it

Rage’s a profound consequence, Of The Uncivilized inconsequence And the Humanistic Deprivation Of our Same Human Reflection

It’s shaped as Tool and Shield It enlarges the Human Field The Non-Divine Weaponry Allied against the Adversary

Rage: It’s been the driven Force Of Strifes and Riots the Source Bloody Conquests n’ Revolutions Savage Uproars Contra Institutions

For writers it’s been the Ink and Paper Of Sculpturers the Chimmel and Shaper



It’s echoed as Beats and Rhyme It’s captured the moments in Time.

Rage has been the realest way To scream loud: We’re not afraid When there is Nothing Else But Art is the only message Left.

The Controlled Rage of the Buddha The Conquering Rage of the Lion of Judah The Eloquent Rage of Malcolm X The Anachronic Rage of Sub Marcos ES!

Rage, as Perpetual as Melancholic Is both Spontaneous and Symbolic The Fury that Not even in Death Can be taken away from our Breath.

Redacted rebelliously poetic Own Creation: Parthenogenetic In the darkness we are a Blinker We wrote it as ONE Free-T-hink-er.



Paying tribute to the ones before Paving the way for the Ones to come There’s nothing more Honesto… THIS IS THE RAGE MANIFESTO!




Wake up, wake up for your dream Wake up, that boy love does not feel No more sadness and cries in yourself No more! Some men only searching sex

Women can work and men can wash What you say is important for the world Respect women because they create life Respect because now she has a different thing at this time


REBELS Rebels because we are curious for all Rebels, now we need to know To listen to us some adults pretend They say something so that questions end

In this age, you feel terrible with your body or face You suppose that you look fat and don´t eat food like cakes We are involved with our first love But we don´t know anything about this world


MY LOVE Rap helps me let my emotions flow When I feel bad or sad, my mind lets it go This art is a light to leave the darkness It´s like playing in the park or helping a garden

For me Rap is Jesus or something like that Because this motivates persons who feel bad As Christians believe in God Rappers believe in Hip Hop



You know what is this? Think in your mind It’s when tears don´t come out of your eyes you are good with you and the other people because you know that nothing and nobody is bigger or more little

You can say your opinion about Peace But also listen to me Breath and look around you, just relax You don´t need to put a mask




Today I was thinking about you I remember many things that happened before We lived beautiful emotional moments And our lives were empty of love

We can let it fly around the world We were invincible because we were together We lived in the danger of the justice We cross the walls of jealous people

Even some day you carried the relationship And decided that you couldn´t do more time The persons change and you change too Said to me good bye and everything disappeared

Every day I was thinking of you and missing you And today I was alone and feeling misery in my heart Understand that I have to continue with my life And I can let you fly so far from me cause I spill my last tear for you.

El Maestro



In your eyes I see the bright of the universe When we are together is something like explosions of the sun I touch your skin and we feel the soft and electricity inside us things come to us very soon and take the power of our hearts

The minds are thinking and lose control at an instant of the world Nobody exists at the time when you and I share our moments Every neuron inside our brain moves fast and every minute is like an hour Energy is born with the contact between us and the poetical movement of our bodies.

El Maestro




This e-book is the product of the first cycle of The T. I. Project II, which is an alternative educational project that aims to enhance soci...


This e-book is the product of the first cycle of The T. I. Project II, which is an alternative educational project that aims to enhance soci...