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A year of motoring bliss Clive Gosling’s 993 is one year old. Well, actually at time of writing it’s 11 years, five months and 10 days old, but that’s beside the point. It’s one year old to him … I have always been a car wanderer, getting bored and moving on. The list is endless and I wouldn’t want to divulge many of the past beasts for fear of ridicule. However the Porsche ‘affair’ began in March 2006 with the purchase of a Baltic Blue 944 Turbo which was awesome, admittedly with a bit of tweaking from Promax Motorsport. It signalled the beginning of a new car age for me. It was bought as a main driver to sit alongside my Triumph ‘high days and holidays’ Stag. A car so unreliable and so badly put together it was cool. Prior to getting the 944 I had become a member of TIPEC just to get advice and join the crowd and it wasn’t long before my head was turned by various 911s at meets and events. Now is not the time to go in to the ’44 vs. 911 debate, but simply put: I wanted one. I decided that by selling the 944 and the Stag I could get a 911 as a daily driver. Wow. I knew it made sense; my wife just couldn’t see it. To be fair she still can’t see it and marks today as the first anniversary of the affair with my mistress. The 944 sold for the same money I paid for it and the Stag for more, leaving me a nice fighting fund to seek my 911. I had already decided I wanted a 993, mainly because I loved the look, the sound of the air cooled engine and the fact that it was the 911 least likely to leak money in depreciation. After much searching, where cars described as immaculate had had more hits than Elvis, I found the current Porker: a 1996 (thus varioram) 993 C4 at 911 Virgin. It was tidy, in ok condition, mechanically sound and as I was using it daily it didn’t make sense to lash out on a top condition one—fellow parkers in the miniscule bays at Milton Keynes railway station would soon have seen to that. What it did come with was a Porsche embossed binder with every bill listed and a monthly owners report, which sadly I still fill out, so it was obviously loved. So after trying to get my head around 911 Virgin’s ‘Millennium Bug’ price and the fact that if I paid it and the engine fell out after one minute I wasn’t covered, I paid near to the retail price, had a whopping service and check over done within said price and a daily driver it became. I was happy and I wasn’t even put off by our now

illustrious chairman’s comments that ‘its not as good as thy 944 thee know’ (he’s from the North!). So the first three months of ownership were uneventful. A bit of ‘tidying’ here and there (such as a few panels re-sprayed), was how I sold the bill to the chief accountant, and that was it. The real fun began on the day my boss in London failed to see my marketing genius and we fell out big time. He was and I believe still is American, so for fear of being sued we will move on. A new job meant more miles and clearly that would have trashed the 993 too much for my liking so the obvious thing was to wave goodbye to the Porker and re-invest in a cheaper Stuttgart masterpiece and a daily slogger. If only it was that easy. One dull Saab later and the 993 is still in the garage, promoted to high days and holidays. As I say the fun started with our American friend’s decision and a certain comment: “Why don’t you go in for pride of ownership at Thoresby?” That was it, the future was clear. Time to devote some love and attention on the car to get the looks matching the performance.

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The magazine of The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club (TIPEC) in the UK. Issue 67, December 2007.