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Auto Glass Austin is located in Austin Texas Magic Glass Repair is a family owned business. Relying on word of mouth for their advertisement Magic glass is proud of their customer satisfaction statistics. Magic glass offer a limited warranty and are certified and insured. They began, conduct and maintain positive relationships with insurance agents and stands behind their reputation of accountability.

Choosing Magic Glass Repair means you are guaranteed that the work they do for you will have no shortcuts involved. They are dedicated to the safety of you and your family and recognize the role that window replacement and repairs play in your safety. Your windshield is just as important to your safety as your airbag or seatbelts. Your personal safety is involved so take care of your window repairs or replacement as quickly as possible. Magic Glass will gladly advise you as to how to take better care of your windows.

Windshield repairs Austin recognizes the fact that the smallest chip or crack can create a major safety issue in time. Windshield repairs are attended to immediately. Statistics demonstrate that within 3 years 90% of chips will spread across your entire windshield. 50% of cracks or chips will completely deteriorate your windshield in less than 3 years. In an attempt to delay the degradation until repairs can be done, keeps your windshield out of the direct hot Texas sun as much as possible.

Windshield Replacements is a delicate task. Windshields are placed by using an adhesive. This adhesive must be placed properly into its fitting for safety. Magic glass repair is aware of this and takes the time to fit your windshield properly. That is only part of the good news. They come to you to make the repair. They will be dispatched to your work, home, school or the local mall to make your window replacement. Also as part of their services they leave you without the problem of dealing with the insurance company, they file all the paperwork for you.

Auto glass Repair Company, Austin Magic Glass Repair is the number 1 company in the Austin area. They service any make or model car. The longer your crack the more irreparable they become. The average time to repair your cracked windshield is approximately 20 minutes and as with windshield replacement they too come to where you are. As far as your insurance company goes, most will pay for windshield repair.

Magic glass repair also repairs other glass in your car. This includes vent windows, passenger and driver side windows and rear passenger windows and your rear windows as well. Your rear windshield provides support for the roof pillars, be sure to carefully take care of that as well.

Your windshield supports your car. If you are in a collision and your windshield should pop out then the roof of your car will collapse. Your windows are very important to your safety. Magic glass repair takes the conditions of your windows quite seriously. So you should take your windows seriously.


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