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School Budget Propose Position Cuts The Owego Apalachin School District has presented their proposed budget for 2011-12 school year. They are proposing to eliminate 45 positions. These are in teaching and support staff. Why is it that there are never any proposals to eliminate administration positions? How about the administrators taking a pay cut. Other places to look at saving money is in the district newspaper (and its staff) that is produced and mailed out at a cost that the taxpayers just can’t afford anymore. The district hasn’t even figured how to mail at an affordable rate, they are still using standard business class instead of non-profit class, costing the taxpayers thousand of dollars extra each year. That’s ok, it’s not their money! After all the same information could be given to other newspapers in the area

and would be published at no cost to the district. And what about all those buses running around with few or no passengers, let’s save a little gas. Maybe it’s time to change some schedules to merge bus routes, or work with other districts. Some districts have even gone so far as to create positions for retired politicians, what a waste of taxpayer dollars. It’s time to cut the fat, give our children what they need, a good education. After all it’s for the kids. After years of hearing school officials use the expression “it’s for the kids” I figured out what the mean by that. They mean to say “it’s for the kids to pay for later.” Anyone who has children who are now grown up and are now tax payers, your kids are now paying. Next it will be our grandchildren who will pay.

37th AMBA Blood Screening Event The 37th Annual AMBA Blood Screening Event sponsored by the Susquehanna Chapter, New York State Women , INC. (formerly Owego BPW) will be held May 7 and 14, 2011. This community project started in the Spring of 1974 when the club held the first AMBA Screening in the Grange Hall on Glenmary Drive. Soon the Grange Hall wasn't able to accommodate the growing participation of the community. The club then moved the event to the Owego Methodist Church and used their Fellowship Hall. As the low cost AMBA screening proved to be great value for the people of the community and continued to grow, it moved to the Owego High School on Elm Street and finally to the Owego Apalachin Elementary School, on Christa Mcauliffe Lane.

The AMBA screening is a valuable tool with results mailed to you and your doctor; blood is drawn by licensed phlebotomists and analyzed by certified lab technicians. Patients are comforted to get back a normal blood work level report or finding abnormalities such as anemia, high blood sugar level, poor kidney and liver function can be identified. Early detection allows for attention to potential illnesses before they become chronic. The Susquehanna Chapter, New York State Women Inc. would like to thank the community for it’s support for 37 years and your ongoing support. The $5.00 donation that is collected goes into the club’s general fund and is the basis for which the organization can give six High School senior’s in our county a scholarship.


Benefit Spaghetti Dinner A benefit Spaghetti Dinner will be held on Saturday, April 30th, from 3pm to7:30pm for the Ribble Family who lost all the belongings in January after a trailer fire. The dinner will be held at Candor Fire Hall 74 Owego Road, Candor, New York If you would like to help and can't come mail all donation to: Candor Fire Company Auxiliary, P. O. Box 866, Candor, New York 13743 For more information contact Christina Shaylor 972-4427



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HELP! The Rabbits are taking over!

Rabbits … Rabbits … and more Rabbits!


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Church at the Treadway “To Know GOD and to Make Him Known”

EASTER SERVICE 10 a.m. Let’s just say it’s . . . Church for the Whole Family! SUNDAY MORNINGS AT 10 a.m. Visit us at Click on “Church at the Treadway” (607) 785-8579

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